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  3. Hey guys could this possibly work? Adding link mountings to the diff itself. And then to the torque tube crossmember. Then using a link to connect both. Remove centre bearing cage from the crossmember to allow a propshaft with a bolt on centre bearing to fasten onto there https://ibb.co/bz4G95K https://ibb.co/KwxxgMY
  4. so when you guys build a fast road/rally manta what rear axle are you using i have seen commodore but i think ive also seen something regards ford atlas axle if so what width as they come in different 50 53 ect i know thewhole ford thing is frowned upon but tbh i dont care about that if its a better stronger upgrade being ford has been mentionedit seem daft not to mention the cosworth so has anyone converted to cosworth sierra rear subframe/diff ect just an idea and lastly is the atlas asfitted to capri mk 4 cortina ect a stronger axle than the manta or the commodore?
  5. D234 BNV Unfortunately not mate, I make what i can and just try to purchase any used sections if it's a large section. Second hand if need be
  6. I think the problem was a lot of clubs had pulled out & traders were reluctant to spend a lot of money for a stand if attendances were down. Also i think the organisers knew in advance that the government was about to announce further restrictions. Lets hope we can celebrate 50 years of the Opel Manta delayed till next year.
  7. Wonder if its a dealer selling it or just someone looking to make a quick profit? Suspect a dealer due to the high price. I noticed its just down the road from me in Bristol.
  8. Thanks Buz, doctor said it is a rather big rip so it was necesarry. Asked if I could run again after healing but he said only on soft ground... So the pain is better than yesterday but didn't sleep a lot. And on the couch! Worst is I can't do anything on my cars, that special piece to fit the sunshade in the roof of my truck arrived so I'v got work to do. When my wife arrives back from work I'm gonna lay down on the couch and moan so she will serve me whole evening😁🍺
  9. Hope everything went ok with your operation Herman
  10. Last week
  11. That's the one! To think he struggled to sell it for £6500 before reducing the price further. Still looks to be sitting a bit high at the rear too!
  12. Hey Charlie, am back from the hospital. Thought I would be more mobil but know why the said to fix crutches. Try to buy your medication (painkillers & bandage) before the operation, will make everything easier😕
  13. PS autoteile sels a copy rockercover gasket in rubber, I used it but start leaking also. But I used it with the alu GT rocker cover not with the steel original one: http://www.ps-autoteile.de/de/opel/ascona-a/ascona-b/motor-und-kupplung-104/gummi-ventildeckeldichtung-8mm-kadett-b-ab-bj-1971-600.html
  14. Unfortunately I can't recall his name at the moment, but a familiar name on here for sure. I'm sure Rapierdave will know who I'm trying to remember.
  15. Was thinking that, gold from scrap! People look at some cars and are overwelmed, its only metal work, a bit like sculpture only you are following opels template. Which can be difficult when hand forming from sheet metal, when repair panels aint available, also if you hadnt the skill, know how or confidence, it may not be worth paying for the service. Have you ever thought of doing this, BMW / OPEL. Might save the worst shell, old m5 needed! Heres the link, legend! https://www.driftworks.com/forum/threads/opel-ascona-m5.164017/page-2
  16. Great to see this getting fixed, see if i can insert some scaled drawing, may help you, if not will pm them? Andy have you ever produced a panel with ridges from an old panel, using the old panel as a form, guide or mould. Its a boot floor im trying to reproduce, any techniques would be much appreciated, its not opel.
  17. Watched all the videos, that refinisher tool, as really a glorified grinder, the head does the work, a variable finishing tool would be better, but the power usually on full wack. You can control power to a grinder wirh a light dimmer switch. Looks like dirty, dusty work, and hard work at that, That laser, i want it, its like being a super hero, amazing. After a week of removing that rubbery underseal from a car body, blow torch, scrappers, blades, thinners and first go a glass blasting, what an experience that was! Of course ive never tried it before and apparently a car body is the hardest thing to do bar the inside of a sphere! Its amazing the new tech out there for every process, i was told about an expoxy primer, ordered it, started putting it on underneath of manta car body, which was cleaned and prepped, left it a few days, what a job, it even looks tight, flat and factory done, really hard to remove too, should be a good thing.
  18. Green cable on the coil plugs with a kind of double plug is tacho
  19. Fair play Andy, I know a lot of chaps are definitely routing for you to save this 1.
  20. No problem.you are very welcome. 👍😉 Take care and keep in touch.
  21. hi, I've finally plumbed in my MS1 v1 I've had sitting in my garage since 2006, and will be setting it up on Saturday via the latest TunerStudio MS which now I've registered; question: how do I connect the tacho MS lead to the Manta? looking around the engine, there's no obvious place.
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