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  2. Three areas for ariels. Rear quarter panel, front drivers wing, and roof, best option me thinks. I would prefare none, they just look naff, would would a shark fin look better!
  3. They look very similar to my car. The inner steel may be more corroded than the outside but you have to cut away the outside to repair it. I repaired one side of mine and replaced the other side with 40x40 box section. I've still to fabricate the outer part to make it look as it did. I don't think I would go that route again. I think H-400 approach is a much smarter job and probably a lot quicker. You live you learn as they say. If you decide to repair them buy some 14g steel for the inner sections. I think it's only 16g from new but the extra strength can't hurt. There's also a much heavier internal steel around the bottom subframe mount. Luckily mine had survived, looking at the pictures, yours may be ok too. You can just see it in your bottom picture. All good fun.
  4. Look at herman H-400 tread, remade chassis sections available from supplier mentioned, reckhard or something! By the looks of your problem, these will cure it. They are possible to make depending on your skills. Have a template available if needed. What caused this problem is from the engine bay! You will notice a hole in the corner above this area, water channel, into a doulbe skinned chassis, not smart!
  5. Front vented disks of a 86 carlton are a direct fit to manta, running cavalier mk3 gsi2000 calipers, if they are the same as calibra 4x4 calipers. There is a slight overhang of pad, but will never cause a problem.
  6. You got a pic of the bit you are looking for? and what clips do you need for the trim as might be able to help out with a few, got a pic of those? Andy
  7. There's a guy on here called mantasrme (David) he sells the kit with Audi discs and calibra calipers which he has pre drilled. That's what I've got on mine. He might supply the discs separate? Fittings no bother at all.
  8. Not a great deal to report this evening as I got in from work a little later than normal and I wanted to watch the big match this evening Anyway... I did manage to get the NSR quarter wet sanded (which has come out very nicely) and then removed the boot lid - which is next on the list of errors to correct!
  9. Thanks, I'm looking for the end bits of the door seal. They are really in a bad state
  10. Help needed in finding a F##d Focus Mk1 2- door n/s rear quarter panel P/N 1346795, claim to be NLS, but your local dealer may have one...be quick before this ad is removed!!! (its my low miles daily driver which I would like to keep on the road)
  11. Fair bit of body work. I've already replaced the front valence, springs and dampers, but the rear arches and a few bits of rust showing through the paint hint at more work. it's been relatively well looked after in the past and flies through the MoT. Past welding underneath is functional rather than pretty but that's a whole lot of tea to drink before I tackle that
  12. Back on Ebay again for £1000. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/OPEL-MANTA-1-8S-BERLINETTA-RARE-VAUXHALL-SWAP-PX-WHY-RUNS-DRIVES/273807044298?hash=item3fc02beeca:g:RSsAAOSwjedcaFLa A comment on Facebook reckons it's rotten.
  13. East Kent Trim supplies are listing the lower door seal, they might have more.... give them a shout. http://www.eastkenttrimsupplies.com/manta-a-c102x2862099
  14. Hi anyone got any driver door seals drivers side needed but if both available. Need some clips for the chrome over the arches. My regards Robbie.
  15. Paul on here managed to arrange for a group buy including downpipe from Sportex last time (this was for the B though), they may be up for a similar purchase again if you can get people to join you.
  16. Today I set about stripping the last of the sound deadening material off the floors. A pair of front floor pans and jacking points required to repair these areas. I then went to the front of the car and removed the front bumper and mounting hardware, only surprise was a poorly fabricated home made bumber bracket on the right hand side. I then took a deep breath, removed the left front wheel and had a poke around the body rails and swan necks. Here's what I found.... Front section with the under seal removed, looks very nice. Moving back towards the Swan neck not so bad... Moving on down, not very pretty... After pealing back the onion... Verdict, I will be adding inner and outer left hand swan necks to my parts required list. I'll look at the right hand side tomorrow. Chris.
  17. Last week
  18. Hi Thanks so much for your help . Not one supplier has been able to confirm if the downpipe sets on an Auto and manual are the same and that includes Sportex and jetex I don’t have to look for an auto box set then , great . i was about to give up ! I David
  19. Hi I don’t have the downpipes as they were rotted out so I need a replacement set . Do you know if I need a specific set of downpipes to suit the autobox clearance ? Nobody seems to know if there is a difference ? If they are different then I’m looking for a rare used set and off an autobox car . I must say I’m close to selling the project on as sourcing parts is much more of a problem than I ever expected . So Auto/manual any difference in downpipe set ?
  20. Hi. Yes the standard replacement exhausts are now very hard to find. Front pipe can be fitted from a 1.6,1.9 or 2 litre depending on what you find .only difference there is an additional silencer on the 2 litre ones otherwise fully interchangeable. a few years back you could get them at any of the exhaust centres or on line but now it seems to be only old stock by asking around or a good used one. If the actual pipes up to the manifold after the y joint are ok you may have to fabricate a centre section yourself if no one has one.not too complicated a shape ,basically a straight section with a slight bend at the rear. Add an inline box if you wish.( sounds better/ quieter with it).
  21. Manual and auto are same downpipe. In fact the front section is interchangeable between all models .saloon,coupe or hatch with any cam in head engine size.the difference is the 2.0 models have a box in this section whereas the 1.6 models don’t.(1.9 ive seen with and without )still all physically interchangeable thou. if your actual downpipes from manifold are ok as they usually are it may be possible to cut off after the y joint and fabricate your own section.
  22. wanted brake discs to match up with my calibre 4x4 callipers, I had set of 2wd sierra coswoth discs but I gave them to a friend to drill and lathe out the centres and it all went a bit wrong so I am after a replacement set that are goo to go bolt on any one have any or know what may match without all the drilling ect . if all else fails I will go back to std and send my old calliper's into bigg red for overall thanks col
  23. Nice one Maseflight, my last Cav Coupe was the same colour as yours - I still regret selling that car. Good luck with the bumper rubber strips and the rest of the project - is there much more to do?
  24. Ian thanks for the reply on the bumper strips. Might be able to salvage some of the clips and the strip Good work on the quarter panel. Looking at doing the wheel arches with replacement panel on mine. At the moment only brave enough to do planning with tea in hand. Resorted to sorting out rear end
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