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  2. A starter motor but not the dipstick. But a starter motor is fantastic. If you do have a dipstick that would be great. Thanks
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  4. Welcome and great to see another new Manta owner find the forums 😎
  5. And Will Walls laterally if the same car.
  6. yes its only a breather. just checked mine also for you. it sticks into the boot floor/ chassis section and sealed with a putty solution.only goes in an inch or so .nothing exiting below on mine.
  7. Never seem that on the boot lid on an A series before. Might be a one off.
  8. Thought the other guy found a dipstick? I know I’ve got one somewhere…..
  9. Did you manage to find that dip stick, still looking for one. Thanks The starter motor arrived today, i can strip it and rebuild it now thanks. Let me know how much I owe you please. Thanks
  10. Just the look of that car looks awesome. Hope you’re going to keep it looking that way. Black with gold highlights really suits it.
  11. I did some more research and looked more at the car, The flares and front valance are like the TE2800, Stienmart parts I believe. The rear end has a bigger lip on the trunk that blends down the back of the rear 1/4's. I have yet to find this on any other Manta A's. Anyone seen this anywhere else? https://www.icloud.com/sharedalbum/#B0zGKQPy6GcUVrq;38C6D961-5D8F-4887-9098-853248B0A73A https://www.icloud.com/sharedalbum/#B0zGKQPy6GcUVrq;BAA77B2D-66E1-45C2-ACCE-EEEB94FB535B
  12. Is this the F plater that Keith Mayman used to own? Glad it’s gone to a home finally!
  13. Nice Pics, Herman. Looks like a great trip. Makes me want to head over that way with the A as soon as things are easier!!
  14. Don't forget to add the bonnet bulge for the real authentic look :-)
  15. Great read and a great experience by the sound of things.
  16. Hi everybody. Well I'm back after three weeks in the south of France, the French Pyrenees. We did this with the GSI, so no airco, ABS or power steering. This while we 'v got an Insignia Sports Tourer full option standing in the garage 😁. The 1140km to our destination was without any problems, was as usually confronted those candle lights of the Manta are not the same as the AFL xenon beams of the Insignia. At one of our first local trips we crossed an Astra GSI that flashed to us, and a few minutes later he was pushing in my back;flashing his high beams while his indicator was blinking. So we stopped and had a nice talk. The guy is one of the chairmans of the Retr'Opel Club Du Sud. Some pics: He asked if he could take some pics to put them on their Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/rocs.club Scroll down and on the 14th of juli you'll find them. The GSI with a French old timer, the Citroén Ami based on the 2CV: And on another trip with a Renault 4: Driving into the mountains: And together with some friends with their bikes, in the hairpin curves they couldn't follow the Manta but when the road was straight they catched up: Some pics my wife took on our location: Again on a trip: Our last day in the morning while I was packing the car with luggage, it was raining: The journey home also without problems, in a 2 hour traffic jam the engine stayed cool thanks the special radiator I fitted and never had to use the electrical fan. We did 3500km's with the Manta, noticed a drip of oil on the valve cover but never had to top up the engine oil. The high torque of the 2.4 is nice to drive in the mountains but noticed (before also) the 2.4 needs some more feul in the high revs. So gonna fit a B1 GT/E feul pressure regulator and fiddle a bit with the spring of the AFM. The consumption on the highway was 7,8 liter/100km while I was pushing 130Km/h crono where possible. Found after an inspection a drip of oil on the cover of the rear axle. We had a lot of nice comments while parking the car with shopping etc. and some French men asked me what car this is. The Manta was solled in France but never as popular as in our countries. Enjoy the pics, grts Herman
  17. Thanks all, I'll let them oh know what happens. I haven't had time to give Diane t a recent n but I have a bottle of Wynnes. It day 350mls to 20l of petrol and do 100 miles. I'll give that a go this week.
  18. Welcome to the club 👍
  19. Hi and welcome to the club You will find members are more than willing to help you out Enjoy your manta
  20. Hi All, I have just purchased a red 1988 Opel Manta 1.8GT with 32,000 miles. Great condition (but will require at least a top end respray at some point). Looking forward to getting to know the car and visiting the site. Cheers, Steve.
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  22. Andy: Yeah I think it is the TE2800 body kit. Once I get the car running and driving I will be tearing it down to the bare shell to put in a new cage and do bodywork. Once the body is good I will one pulling molds from the body so I can reproduce the fenders and rear end stuff. The car will get vintage raced so it will get dinged up LOL.
  23. They come upside on here. They are the right way round on Facebook Can not even find settings
  24. Nice car, has to be a setting on your camera, or you can flip them all 180˚ and save them!
  25. Viva headlights? Nice car, shame about the lost history.
  26. Drive it for a while to use the juice up, before refilling, was running outta time to use, so went ahead with mot, thats when it went wrong, right outside mot door, turned a blind eye, so it passed, it did drive normal but wouldnt tick over, a fill of juice cured it ! Weird, think yours might be an air leak!
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