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  2. This for sale topic may not yet available be for your usergroup
  3. Ha ha.... if you do get it for 100 quid I'll take it off your hands. I have nowhere to put it either 😂
  4. This for sale topic may not yet available be for your usergroup
  5. Yeah that roof! think the fact it’s an auto and the roof will put a lot of people off. Not saying it will go for 100 though. Link for others https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Opel-Manta-1-8S-Berlinetta-Coupe/133200834184
  6. It will not go for £100 if it does happy day Don’t know what l am going to do with it (if by some fate l get it) fingers doing stuff without the brains working
  7. Front axle officially finished now. New Vented Audi discs and GTE callipers fitted, tried and trusted upgrade setup that is well worth the money 👍 Brembo pads from the local factors, £23.81 😁 So thats; Modded Audi discs £80 from David Howell, Calipers from FB market place cost £70inc postage, and £23.81 for pads. Total £173.81. , About the same as Merc charge me front pad replacement in my GLC! Absolutely a bargain of an upgrade to the Manta.
  8. Yes but you did not have the contacts we used to have in northwest area.
  9. Wow lovely ! also, can I buy that 4slot grill part?
  10. Today
  11. Newton Abbot though 😯 and that is a pretty rotten roof....unless you can drag it back yourself you might be better adding the cost of having it delivered to the 100 quid and you will be halfway to buying the GT hatch that Liz is selling 😉
  12. Hehe I can see what your doing 😁👍👍
  13. 1984 sliver hatch on eBay Have put a cheeky bid of £100 roof , front panel, have got corroded, will be more to do
  14. This for sale topic may not yet available be for your usergroup
  15. Wow can't believe i haven't updated this for so long! Although i have been cracking on with the car. So metal work all finished, i then i had to fit the kit properly, although it fitted well there was still a lot of fettling to be done just to make sure the kit fits where it should and gaps are spot on. Heres the full kit i bought First test fit to see what was what! I used a different bonnet that i had as this fitted a lot better, the other would fit but needed a lot more work. As i had decided to fit the lamp pod, (always had a soft spot for spotlamps). I picked up a pod but really should of looked into this more, the one i got was in 2 sections but the mould quality was poor so took me a lot longer to fit how i wanted it. First job was to cut out the front upper panel between the lights Then offered up the lamp pod, well that was a laugh almost welded the front panel back in again😡. Well after lots of shaving twecking etc i got it fitting well This was only half of it as i now had to fit the lower section into the bumper, can't recall how many times i measured to make sure it was spot on, once cut and fitted just with tape at this point. It would take lots of prep to get it looking well with the bumper, before that i fibreglassed it into the bumper. Here it is fitted with just i pair of lights to see all was ok, don't get me started on the fabrication needed behind to get these lights fitted! Fitted the rear end back up and the Irmscher spoiler sections to the top of the 1/4s, always do a test fit before paint as easier to put things right now if needed. Then it was onto a case of getting the first coat of 2k primer on. So first coat on with a good dust coat to show up any imperfections when sanding down. Ok so after spending ages flatting the whole car down including the kit etc i then gave it a 2nd coat of 2k primer. I haven't done the engine bay as yet because this will need a bit of fabrication work for the engine, intercooler etc and new pedal box. This is the engine i'm fitting!!! I'll update the thread sooner next time🤞
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  17. This for sale topic may not yet available be for your usergroup
  18. This for sale topic may not yet available be for your usergroup
  19. Always hard to know what to go for when there is not that much info out there. Lots for other cars but all a little scarce for the old Opels 🙂
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  21. Yesterday
  22. Hi mate, feel your pain. the Carlton disc is 246mm same diameter as the std Mayan disc, hence why you need the (very rare) Carlton Caliper. I have just gone the Audi 80mm disc route, however the callipers are not as easy to track down as they used to be. With that said, I after much looking at the brembo catalogs, I suspect the Vectra A 4stud wheel cars also use the same Caliper, but I can’t confirm this as yet! what I can say for sure is the SAAB callipers from the 9-3 donor do bolt right onto the the stub axle, but they need a 280(plus a bit)mm disc that has had its centre bore made bigger on a lathe. But the callipers can bind on spring and there is a better Caliper choice for this disc. The discs that would work are Sierra Cosworth discs.( message Shaun400r has he did have a kit for sale based on this setup). However, there is also another mod that uses Volvo 4pot callipers and modded Honda prelude discs. http://d-petrakis.com/volvo240/ If all this is way too much, you can get a Wilwood kit for Carlton 246mm discs (Inc discs) for around £480. https://www.motorsport-tools.com/wilwood-vauxhall-chevette-manta-brake-kit-dynalite-4-pot-calipers-246mm-disc.html
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  24. Thanks, every little bit of info helps keep the thread complete mate 👍 I am for sure, had I stumbled on that earlier I may have chosen it over the MS. Thanks fir the input mate
  25. Yup. Think it was innovate lc2 with Bosch sensor.
  26. Looking good and as you say good to have some info for others who are thinking of running it. Got my Omex and will be writing that up on my blog in case anyone is interested in that system. Andy
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