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  2. Exactly. Still not as popular here. Thinking of going LS2 for my Monza
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  4. Surely an Opel will reject Ford oil? I don’t want to come out in the morning and see it puked up all over the floor 🤪
  5. It really depends. LS engines come in different sizes from 5.7 to 6.2, NA or supercharged etc. Everyone does the LS engines so I chose this engine and transmission to be different. I'm sure my life would have been a lot easier if Id gone that route as so much off the shelf stuff available. .
  6. Looks good. I wish my one looks like your one. Do you have any spare parts 😁
  7. Any plans on finish ? Original, modified, remember you have Google translate, lots of manta A owners here too, some nice cars, look for Manta A hotrod in US. Happy building, plenty of advice, parts, banter and craic on here, and welcome 👍
  8. if the regulator was faulty it will read full when only half full.if the tank is full it will still read full ! needle cant go any higher.
  9. This for sale topic may not yet available be for your usergroup
  10. I have been using a genuine Ford oil made for Capri 280 ZF LSD axles...
  11. First thing I did was filling the tank and the gauge read full tank so I suppose the dashboard voltage regulator may not be the issue? New mechanic will check with the infrared. Previous one didn’t have one…
  12. Period Castrol LSD oil is B373 The more modern fully synthetic recommended by some LSD specialists is Morris Oils Lodexol XFS 80/140
  13. dont know if theyre any good to you but there are some std VL239 front pipes on ebay now.
  14. looks a very good example .shame about the rear end damage but may only be the bumper reinforcement.
  15. Despite the running issues whether fixed or not, it's a good looking car. Is it a £15K car, presumably not, as it has been for sale from that vendor (as mentioned above) for months now.
  16. This for sale topic may not yet available be for your usergroup
  17. IanG

    Cavalier Coupe

    So, Sportex are aware the downpipe won’t fit an auto box car but don’t offer an alternative. Will have to go to a fabricator to get it sorted, meanwhile have been in the garage this weekend and fitted new HT leads and coil, check the plugs and still running too rich so backed the mixture screw off a bit more.
  18. as mentioned earlier .the usual cause of high temp guage reading is the dashboard voltage regulator and this also gives a high fuel guage reading too. if the engine runs fine and the top hose stays cold until up to temp then the thermostat is not leaking through and the hose should then go hot as it opens followed by a slight drop on the guage.if you point an infra red thermometer at the therm housing it should be around 92 deg C. every car is slightly different (manufacturing tolerances of thermostat,sender,guage,regulator all make a slight difference to the reading. one of mine reads dead on half way ,one reads between half and 3/4. both with 92 deg therms.
  19. I think that’s the stuff I’ve got.
  20. Outward appearance, the 1.9 ‘might’ have an Opel logo cast into Block. Whereas the 2.0 will probably have a GM logo . But otherwise they are physically the same external look.
  21. Used to get the Castrol oil that was specifically for LSD, but there are plenty available modern oils now that would far exceed minimum specifications from that era.
  22. He claims it doesn't konk out on him, wonder if he's given it a good hour plus drive 🙄 does it have 666 in the chassis number perhaps?
  23. I think I saw that on an episode of B&C the current dealer brought it up a level. Pity there isn’t photos or an update of that work.
  24. “Common all garden GTE” was that a special green edition? 🤪
  25. It’s hard to get A definitive answer as everyone’s experiences are different and there are loads of factors to consider. As you say a clogged system will give you trouble for sure. First step is to give it a really good flush, ideally high pressure or take it all to bits so the rad, heater matrix and all the hoses can be checked. There has been some recent discussions on here about thermostats and the merits (or otherwise) of using coolant rather than water, so I recommend you look them up. Remember the boiling point will be much higher in a pressurised system. I was worried as I was always between 100 and 105 C but the car seems happy. (Note: mine is a V8 not a cih so see what others suggest temperature wise). I need to use an infrared thermometer gun on various parts of my engine/radiator/hoses to get a true picture.
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