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  2. Anyone fancy a get together at Newark Auto Jumble on Sunday 6th June? Bacon bap and a brew Good to meet a few East Midlanders👍 Ian
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  4. Yes! Exactly that part. I have a console but the bit I need was all hacked about by a previous owner.
  5. Yup doesn’t look faded at all. Probably never seen a shiney GM paint job before 😂
  6. This for sale topic may not yet available be for your usergroup
  7. It does look very nice overall. The comments re the paintwork are a bit strange, as it looks spot-on colour wise in the photos.
  8. Shocking, I would be looking for my money back at least with that.
  9. What the hell did they do! Can it even be corrected!
  10. Is it the bit that holds the tape cassettes, that are removable to a hidden area!
  11. Hi Andy, thanks. I actually left the original lower bearing in. It was ok, and I didn’t want to start introducing potentially another issue before I found what was causing the knocking noise!
  12. Fin, what lower bearing do you have in yours? i thought it was the newer ball bearing one? Just make sure that is in there tight as they can move apart and add a bit of play, unlike the old felt one that just wore and add the play 🙂 Andy
  13. No reserve auction sells to highest bidder. Starting bid is 7500 though 😂. So it’s sold from one dealer to the next. It’ll be back up for grabs next time for £8000.
  14. Thanks for the offer. I bought one off TJM, he lists them only for the B-series, but on the Dr Manta site he lists the same part number for A and B series. I haven't got it fitted yet, but it looks dimensionally OK for the A-series. I'll update if and when I get it fitted, just for the next guy who comes across the thread.
  15. Sold for £6795 plus i assume buyers premium on 27th April this year so a bit odd that it should appear on Ebay two weeks later for roughly the same price. Comparing the pics from the auction site & the now pics it looks like the car has been fully valeted. Advert is very honest almost too honest. Its a nice example of a 1.8 Exclusive
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  17. Surfaces again https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Opel-Manta-GT-32-000-miles-timewarp-ex-show-car-very-low-mileage-/133756892062?_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49286
  18. I can see this being a short term fix until I can get it in the air on the drive but loaded as per David’s advice. Good to have that confirmed including the bending bits too. Cheers 👍
  19. I'm after a decent centre console cubby, with or without the tape holders for a GTE. 86 ish Needs to be clean and not drilled or modified. Dark grey. I have a console just not the top front bit that clips on!
  20. The older B looks are not really my thing. I'm not sure what I'm doing next to be honest. I have the accident damaged dolphin gray coupe to do then I think that's me done with them to be honest. Ive listed my 2 door ascona project for sale. I'll just keep improving on what I have.
  21. Disappointing report time had the bonnet back from the Louvre stamping, had the shop that was doing it let in the top set of stampings. the work is really not up to scratch. Wish I’d of done that myself now. Wouldn’t have minded but the cost was a lot indeed for what I have ended up with. A lot of work to put right. Distortion I can understand but this cut and weld up of the scuttle edge is appalling!
  22. Had to start this thread from page one! What a journey. Cars a credit, well done, perfect in every way, and you did it the way you wanted it, colour, spotlights, wheels. Always have a car planned out in my head even before i start it, and usually never deviates. Think you need to experiment with lamp pods on next project, and do a b! Oldskool, chrome bumpers, lamp pod, 6 cylinder bm engine!
  23. i suppose theoretically you could fit a hatch centre and rear to a coupe accidentaly but not the other way around and certainly not a mix of the 2 models. the pipes would clear the axle correctly in either case but are bent totally different to clear the fuel tank.( and bent/ hung different at the back box) so it would be a bugger to get right if at all. i dont think this will be your issue but it could be a badly made part most likely however as mentioned earlier by mantasrme it sounds like you just need to readjust the centre and rear sliding joints.dont assume it needs to be fully slid into the joint ,adjust as required even to the point of bending the back box hanger rod if req. ive seem many a back box with this part welded on wrong or damaged in transit / bent. the lowering shouldnt be an issue or cause .clearance should exist through all suspension movement extremes.
  24. Shine is fantastic 😎 bet there are some serious head turns when you go out and about.
  25. I've had this on a previous car. An easy temp/semi permanent fix is to strap some thick rubber over the pan hard rod 🙃
  26. Needs shown to the previous owner, shows he made the right decision.
  27. That car is stunning mate.
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