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  2. hi Hooby, i bought a set of these last year from the same firm, but have yet to install them. let me know how you get on fitting yours so I have an idea on what to expect when I come do mine. cheers.
  3. This for sale topic may not yet available be for your usergroup
  4. https://www.edelschmiede.com/shop/Prop-shaft-spring-Getrag-5-speed-transmission-240-265-Opel-cih-spring-cardan-shaft
  5. As per title I'm after a 5 speed output shaft spring. Regards Josh
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  7. This for sale topic may not yet available be for your usergroup
  8. Thanks for the info , I shall e mail them Thanks again👍
  9. I think it is but someone may be able to confirm this for you, or send a message to edelschmiede. They are very helpful and knowledgable.
  10. Thanks for the link, is this correct for the 1.8 5 speed ? Appreciate it
  11. Red, yellow and blue available to further complicate things. https://www.edelschmiede.com/shop/Speedometer-drive-transmission-yellow-19-teeth-seal-installation-set-Opel-cih-OHC-Getrag
  12. Excellent work. Give CAVALIERCOUPE a message he’s usually cutting a hatch up. If you need any spare 1.8 engine parts let me know, I’ve loads. But no sumps. Mainly alloy parts see forsake section. I do like a 1.8 hatch. Great engine and easy to get running well.
  13. If I have 3.67 in the diff and 205 60 13 section tyres would yellow be the right one? Where can I get one Thanks appreciated
  14. Slow start to the rebuild. Got the old girl fired up and running though. Nice smooth engine and the auto box working good. Starting to to pull parts together that I will need, Looking for a good drivers wing and a roof panel. Would take a roof panel either with or without sunroof. If anyone knows of any please let me know.
  15. and as far as i can remember its bh247 for early models without location slot and bh248 for 76 onwards . just checked now ,there are a few on .
  16. mine are 411 mm tip to tip so your 420 sounds near. i would again suggest ebay. always buy all my stuff from there. if the hoses are faulty the seller or ebay should sort you out anyway. and maybee buy from another seller. plenty of choice
  17. Hi Dan, Thank you for getting back to me with the reply, i have sent everything off and also sent copies of the auction results for the last 2 GTE coupes that have sold. 1 a GTE and the other an Exclusive coupe the same as mine. That sold for £19.500 and £22.600 respectively. I just want to ensure that i am covered properly in the event god forbid that anything happens. Many thanks, Chris.
  18. Hi all I'm after pair brake hoses for my cavalier I got some from Germany but the connectors are to small 15mm spanner size, got a pair correct ones off ebay old stock right connectors 17mm but hoses are corroded. Any leads or specialist be great also the length if possible in mm ones I got 420mm in full length thanks keith
  19. Hi Pete, Yes that is still the case with NCB, after lapsing a policy with us we do provide the next insurer with proof. Similarly we do contact insurers on behalf of our new policyholders requesting proof of NCB, thereby saving the insured time. Hope that this helps. Dan
  20. Dan, can you confirm the NCB situation. I recall many years ago, I had a modified car insured with you, I had full no claims bonus when insuring with you, and when I went to Co-op you provided a letter confirming I had still had full NCB. Is this still the case?
  21. This for sale topic may not yet available be for your usergroup
  22. Yes. These mounts allow engine to sit higher in the Carlton at there is more clearance in the engine bay.
  23. Found this pic on internet: Thought the same cause the oilsump and dipstick are on the front of the engine
  24. Ive figured it out. These mounts are carlton CIH 2.0/2.2 mounts. So im going to need manta ones. I have found a picture of the 2.2 i rebuilt for my Rekord and it has the same mounts fitted.
  25. Hi Chris, Thanks for the message and there shouldn't be an issue with a valuation as long as it is in-line with others or realistic. Our insurers will use a variety of yardsticks for gauging a valuation but in the vast majority of cases we usually agree with x 7 photos and the completed form. Thanks, Dan
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  27. Whose the certain member off here who has bought it? Must have some money to pay that amount for it 🥴 Hopefully it stays in the uk🤞
  28. It only went to £56900 on mine which was is strange. Collecting cars auction site also keep adding minutes at end, doesn't really seem right or fair if you are bidding and winning, just gives people more chance to out bid you.
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