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  2. Hi Ian. Regarding the seat material I wouldn't worry. Everything EVETUALLY pops up on eBay that you want I tend to find.i assume you would pop a cover over the drivers seat anyway to protect it so no one realy knows what's under there !. Sounds like you are getting very close now and have gained a lot of experience / skills along the way. ( remember when you started ,you didn't even know what was inside an alternator but now that will be baby stuff to you. )! Trouble is you will then want to do another resto .mind you it's still a full time job maintaining a classic .you never realy FINISH a car as such it's an ongoing maintenance/ repair/ service / improve lifestyle that sets us classic nutters apart from ordinary everyday folk. We actually enjoy it and they can't understand us.! All part of the fun .
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  4. Rare as rocking horse poo.....best place to look is German eBay, and they don't appear on there very often Im afraid. I did pick one up last year but had to pay £250 for it. Nice though.... :-)
  5. Yea i think I’ll just fit a rubber of some sort to the top of the bumper afterwards. Thanks for the info 👍🏻
  6. Thanks. I weld completely around the plate on one side and on the other depending if its structure or not i will weld again all the way around and over lap the metal by about 10mm, if not structual i tack the other side 20mm apart so as not to get any raised areas. I always treat unseen metal if not already coated, i use Hydrate 80. Thanks for the heads up on the chassis legs, hopefully once treated they shoudn't need looking at again🤞 Yes i always remove all the body paint as you never know what is hiding underneath, this one has very bad micro blistering. Hope this helps.
  7. Hi mate, Nope, no luck on the seat material yet I'm afraid. To be honest I've pretty much made up my mind its going to have to be a replacement seat or complete cover. Your welcome to the door bits, its nice to see a bit of the old girl helping somebody else out in some small way. Cheers for now.
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  9. Brilliant thanks. I'll have a look over the week & update you. Thanks again.
  10. Going great guns Ian, fair play, any joy on the seat material? Thanks for the door bits, will be very helpful, cheers.
  11. Great fabrication, loads done, do you weld both sides of your repairs, like these two patches, outside and inside? When you put your sill on do you treat hidden steel, and what with? Winner on the chassis legs, you can drill down onto them from inside the car and plug the holes, for future treatment. Will you remove all paint including hard to remove grey primer? Sorry for the questions, at the same stage myself
  12. There are two 19mm bolt heads on the baclplate, with arrows stamped into the back plate alongsie. These each rotate a cam in the inside to adjust the shoes.. Slacken them right off - then check that the hand brake cable is free - before tightening them until the shoes just touch.. As you tighten, pump the pedal to ensure you centralise the shoes. If you are sure the other brake is completely freeing off, all should be good.. My reason froe asking is that I once had a similar problem and found the flexible hose had swollen within, so fluid wasn't flowing back freely - but then both should be tight. Good luck!
  13. I don't think my Manta A has rear plate adjusters. It just has a solid steel bar between the shoes. (if that's what you mean?) 🤔 I need to have a look at adjusting the handbrake. 🤔
  14. Thanks for the info yet again. I'll check those things. Thanks for the info yet again. I'll check those things.
  15. I managed to sneak in a few last minutes this evening. We are now very close with this panel. Just a quick sand tomorrow evening over the last few dabs of filler (covering some minor imperfections), then its out with the primer. As you can see I have already done most of the masking in preparation and anticipation Have a good evening everyone.
  16. This is a pic of an original 400 with wide body kit, looks also a big gap. This car has got the alu-strip so it looks not that strange. If you use some shims between the strip and the nose you can make that gap smaller.
  17. I have one but I am very out of touch as to what a good one is now worth.
  18. Does it have rear rotating adjusters on the back plates? - if so, did you slacken those right off, then adjust them so that you can hear the shoes just rubbing the inside of the drum? Also have you looking at the handbrake adjustment lately? Good luck.
  19. Hello Again Fellow Members Here's another head scratching situation that I've encountered today on my Manta A. It's been a nagging issue ever since I took it for it's MOT last November. When the MOT tester was doing his usual checks he found the passenger rear wheel wasn't turning freely like the drivers side. But he passed the car anyway & told me to have a look when I have a chance. I also had grabbing brakes towards the end of last year, so I thought both these issues were due to worn brake shoes or wheel cylinders. Having some Birthday money I decided to spend it on a brand new set of front brake pads, new brake shoes, springs, shoe pins & new wheel cylinders, so everything is brand new braking wise. After finally getting around to fitting all these new parts I thought JOB DONE! But while the car was up on axel stands I thought I'd start the car up & select first gear. I got out & saw the drivers side rotating as it should, but the passenger side not moving at all! I even tried turning it by hand but it hardly budged!!!! Does anyone have any idea's or ever encountered this? Normally I'm quite competent with normal wear & tear issues that I come across on classic cars, but this one's got me really puzzled! Can anyone help please? 🤔
  20. I saw the mantzel patrol car a few years ago and as far as I know still resides in the midlands,It still has the patrol theme going on but is now running a rover v8 lump. I personally prefered it in its Fast Cars incarnation days....in the blue paintwork with the supercharged monza engine and that's the way it should of been kept,and with that in mind and the history of the car with the mag feature would of been a very desirable sellable car,more so than mega manta perhaps.
  21. Got a bit more done this afternoon after a shopping trip with the Mrs. I'm stumbling towards the finishing line with the NSR quarter. There are just a couple of areas to deal with now that I have just added some more filler to - these are the little devils: I think I will struggle to get those finished later, but whatever happens they will certainly be done during the week. Whats the point of rushing things now?!
  22. Looking for a 3 piece spoiler for 400 project. Need to be able to post to Ireland. Thanks 👍🏻
  23. Sunday morning run for the midlands clan to the Caffeine & Machine.
  24. Yep! You don't see many of those! With good reason perhaps! ☺️
  25. Yea it’s a Martin kit .there definitely a great kit .
  26. Wooo.... thats alot, one good thing about it, plenty of cold air round your redtop, You can get a aluminium strip fitted to some mantas as standard. Sits below headlights and above bumper, it only about 8mm deep. Try finding one, try finding a straight one. Honestly never seen this much space before, is it a known kit?
  27. Another early start today. After my run it was out to the garage to do some sanding (yawn... ). Everything was going pretty well until I realised that I hadn't quite added enough filler to the top of the arch flare. So that quickly come to a halt and some more was chucked on. The good news is that everything else is fairly well sorted now, so once that has dried and sanded I will be ready for some primer - assuming I can get the shape correct of course I'll report back later.
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