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  5. You must be gutted after the time you were looking for a car then the work you done on it. Was good watching you work through it. Hope things work out. All the best.
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  7. This for sale topic may not yet available be for your usergroup
  8. looks like i might need one of these if anyone has one laying around? Thanks Andy
  9. Obviously looks like it could be an issue but not seen anyone having issues with it before. It looks to be in there pretty solid so not sure what would cause it to come lose. It looks pressed in there. The BMW used the same 240getrag so might be worth a bit of a search to see if any BMW forums have much on there about it coming lose before you start drilling holes in the casing!!
  10. Hi Wayne, I'm truly sorry to hear this. Family must always come first though, above absolutely everything. Fingers crossed, things work themselves out for you soon and you can find a way to keep the car you searched so long for. All the best matey
  11. Evening all. A bit of general pottering around this evening. 1) Did some 'spot priming' on some of the small areas that I have been tidying up of the last couple of days. Once that has dried fully I will wet sand it all level with the surrounding areas of course. 2) Then I bit the bullet and gave the front spoiler its first top coat...
  12. Hey Herman Thanks for the pic, looks like i need one of the original A series ones then! Time to put a wanted post up 🙂 and i will have a spare B series one for sale!! I think the extra holes are from the modification to take that gearbox mount that Thomas and Splendid parts sell as the bolts locate further out. Thanks for clearing this up as it has been puzzling me 🙂 Andy
  13. Hi Andy, this is a pic of a original 4-speed support of a Manta-A: And this is a original support of a 5-speed Manta-B: Looks yours is the same as the "B" with extra holes in it.
  14. Hi Guys Just putting the gearbox support back in and im not sure the one i have is correct for the a series? When i bolt it up to the two mounting points it does not sit level and it looks like the offset is too much? Any one know if maybe i have one for a B that might be different to the A setup? Pics or links would be great as finding it hard to work it out from the odd pic i can find for the 5 speed conversion kits. this is what mine looks like, same as Hermans but he has a B series?? Thanks Andy
  15. ok, got some pics for you. The pics that manta mal has (the German ones) are with the back end of the box with all internals removed as the pipe locates (looking into the box with the shifter on top) to the left and right into the casing. So you might have fun relocating the pipe with the box complete and just the front casing off. I have loaded a whole lot of pics on my blog as i have the back part of a box as a spare. Its quite hard to see from the pics as its hard to photograph, i used a torch so hopefully you get the idea. http://www.theopelproject.com/?p=1779 Its quite easy to strip the box down, had mine apart a few times and the only hard bit is when you locate the bell housing back on its a real fiddle to locate the 3 selector shafts (top right) back into the box locations and helps if there are 2 of you and you just take your time, dont force it and jiggle them back in. You can see the holes they locate in from this pic (top left on the view as you look in. if you need some more pics let me know as i might be able to remove the gears and get a better look at it from inside. Andy
  16. Got a bit of a family problem at this time. Looks like the garage will have to be turned into a room. so manta will have to be sold when the paint is done The Bandit (which l have had for 16 years) has now been sold ,gutted
  17. hopefully its in the pipeline for several panels to be remade
  18. This for sale topic may not yet available be for your usergroup
  19. Awesome find! Can they remake the pressings from these then?
  20. In negotiations for him to sell to ex pressed panels or going to buy it for the clubs panel remake project
  21. Thanks lads - I really do value all of the advice given.
  22. ....and give the car a good wipe down with tack cloths before starting, then your good to go, looking forward to see the end result Ian.
  23. Not sure if I'm allowed to copy this item from a face book group.. Could help a fellow member.
  24. Thanks for highlighting this problem / links where to find more info. First time I've herd about, this oil tube falling out problem. Anyone else come across this before? My standard 1.8ltr Manta 5 speed gearbox , has not been fitted in the car yet, so my be worth me securing this tube in place. Looks like it is possible to drill, tap a small M4 thread and insert the securing bolt, without taking the gearbox apart?
  25. Just to add to Iains advice above, before masking go around the whole car, every joint, seal etc and blow out with an air line. What i always do as well is blow the floor of the garage out after i've swepted it, make sure this is done the day before you paint, then wet it before you lay on the first coat (making sure not to splash any on the car)!
  26. So after digging around on this site (opelgt) found out this tube ( internal speedometer gear oil transfer tube) is to ensure oil gets to the Speedo drive gear as the tube is made of steel (press fitted) and the casing is aluminium they expand at different rates so has a habit of falling out.any one with a five speed box I would advise looking into this Google search "getrag vibration" site name opelgt.page 1&2 there is a fix for this with pic's but text is in german.from what I can work out it's just a bit of over engineering with poor foresight.
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