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  2. Ooh ooh, any chance I could somehow get a copy of it?! 🙏
  3. It includes roadside repairs which will be handy 😂
  4. After watering the front garden and walking back down the driveway, I noticed that somebody had dumped this in my garage: The cheek of it!
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  6. I have a frontera with the engine in if you need photos Also have this
  7. If your working from the gte manual the feed and return are the wrong way round in the diagram. So worth checking
  8. I'm getting poor pressure on my Frontera fuel rail, with little or no fuel getting to the injectors. I've replaced the pump with a Senator B 3.0 one, and I can hear it running on startup, but the engine starts but not run after a few seconds. I suspect the regulator but not sure; question: is the fuel line input just under the regulator on the Frontera rail, or is it the one on the rear of the rail wtith the 17mm bolt? the Haynes manual I have is for the GTE but i'm running the Frontera rail on a 2.2 Carlton head with big valves, sitting on a 2.7 bottom end. its doing my brain in, so need advice, PLEASE..
  9. Hi Danny, sincere apologies for high jacking your thread, but did you produce a template for your headliner?
  10. I’m not sure the word perfection should ever be used when referring to my car Herman - but thank you anyway.
  11. I am a long way off MOT. The headlining has now been removed and is now with the upholsterer and being made. I have just got my plastic caps for the headlining bars to sit into and hopefully have it fitted this week. Then it will be off for painting.
  12. Again well done, another step to perfection 👍
  13. Managed to grab some time during my lunch break today. Good news the water and clamp bodge seems to have worked and the edge of the parcel shelf board is fairly straight again: After refitting the pod top covers, a quick spruce up with some dashboard cleaner has it looking a good deal fresher than it was: And back in the car and connected up - sounds great too!
  14. yes,and mk1 cavs do too even base models.just needed fuse and relay plugging in.switch connector hanging loose in pod cover. must admit thou that rears dont all seem to have it.my two didnt or wasnt obvious so just ran a wire from light switch to rear fog switch and then to back of car for foglamp. did try the mod years ago to put a bulb in the cluster but didnt seem bright enough ( mot man didnt like it either) so fitted the standard one .i personally dont like the minimalist look so rear fog,overriders,and mudflaps all round on mine !
  15. yes thats my method.always worked for me .saves any mess of oil splatter etc.the actual measured clearence difference between a cold and hot engine is so minimal that one turn down afterwards is not 100% important anyway.even if you went to one and a half ( think mine are around one and a quarter)but one turn is the official amount. idea is if you work on one at a time and wait then theres no chance of any valve damage or burning seats .
  16. getting them rechromed has always been an option as we all know but they are usually stupid prices. they were when i enquired and this was many years ago. as i have always told people .ebay is a fantastic place and everything you want eventually pops up.no need to pay the daft prices that they sometimes come up for either.within the last 5 years i have found new headlights for both my cavs and carlton and at very good prices. i am still holding out waiting for some brown velour viva gls seats which will pop up eventually and currently looking for a perfect fittable omega bonnet in silver.
  17. Did see a car SOS programme, it was a birmingham, midlands company, Think the other car programme, with drew and that other guy, it was either the mk1 golf or mk1 mr2. Headlights restored. And it wasnt expensive. Cant remembet the company name now, but did write it down, somewhere?
  18. Yes mate. This is what Chris (cam.in.head) sent to me ages ago: "They are set so that when the tappet is fully open you adjust as accurately as you can all the slack in the rocker arm out of it and then one full turn to the adjustment nut. The tappet then looks after itself. I turn the engine with a spanner or socket (clockwise only) until valve number 2 is fully open (tappet fully lifted). Then making sure that the tappet is fully expanded, I adjust the arm down until all the slack JUST disappears and the rocker arm goes tight. Turn the nut ONE turn down and wait until the tappet adjusts itself into its body and the arm goes slightly slack again on its own. If it doesn't adjust itself down onto its body after a reasonable time (5-10 mins or so), then it is seized and never going to work. If the tappet adjusts itself down, all is well and you can move on to the others. Adjust each one down as a pair i.e. Open valve 2, adjust number 1 - Open valve 1, adjust number 2 etc" It worked very nicely for me - no mess and everything is very quiet. I hope that helps.
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  20. Few headlights and some reflectors on Ebay right now, mainly seem to be from Germany so not cheap.
  21. Did anyone get any results either finding alternative reflectors that fit, or getting existing ones refurbished? I cannot get a response from Dany Manta despite trying numerous times, and I'm fast approaching MoT time - with very shot, early reflectors. All ideas and tips gratefully received!
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    Getrag help

    All been spot on. Much quicker shift as well 🙂 As mine is an A series i used the bottom part of the original shifter, cut it off and grafted on the top half of the standard A series stick (obviously loosing the reverse pull wire) so it fits and looks just as it did with the old 4 speed in. Got a 5 speed knob from Opel GT source in the US so it looks original but had the correct selector pattern on. 🙂
  23. My son made this for me, had the same problem as you so I tolled him to make the opening smaller: I used some tape to close the gap in the middle, I still used some rags to keep the engine bay clean but it was not necessary:
  24. It just worked so well before but yes going to make that hole a lot smaller Cold set method ?.
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