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  2. Andy, garage looks the part, yeh i know the want to just get it finished.I was two months every evening breaking 200 blocks by sledge, and moving two 8 wheeler tripper loads of wacking stone in place, i could walk on my arms by the end of it. Good examp!e of a lift too, and could be wall hung when not needed.
  3. Hi after 3.89 cwp and 4.22 cwp wanted
  4. I've got one of these scissor lifts in my workshop. It can be moved around when not in use and is very handy for doing nearly anything on a car. Only issue is it blocks the floor under the middle so no access for gearbox or exhaust. But i made 4 tall wheel stands so i can drop it onto those to be sat on its suspension up in the air so i can get bellow it. Its great for access to the sills/ or inside while still in the air Might be another option as i would think a 2 post ramp in a small(ish) grage would get in the way a lot around the car and it doesn't look like you'd be able to use its full lift height with the roof. You can also pull the ramp outside and use it there if the floor is fairly level.
  5. Last week
  6. I saw LHD and my excitement level quickly elevated then I saw the price and rapidly lost interest. It is a cracking looking car, it would turn a lot of heads here in Calgary.
  7. Looks very smart! https://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C1184105
  8. It looks so much smaller now that I've painted it all and panel out the roof. 🤔 I have a couple of other units too Herman, and 2x 45ft HGV trailer and the back half of my office too. There never seems to be enough room, no matter how much storage you have 😂 I really could have done with the concrete being grind down to a smooth finish, but the damn thing has taken sooooo long and been stressful so just want it finished now.
  9. Forgot this: The bearing of the second gear-shaft is also something that can fall of, when you lower the gears into the house fit first this bearing in the house so the conical shaft will easy slide into the bearing.
  10. just be patient when putting it back together as those three main shafts can be a little bit of a fiddle to locate back into the casing. It should just drop back on once all located, no need to force it. If you can get a spare pair of hands when putting it back together it will be a great help, but did mine on my own!
  11. inferior rubber most likely i would say. most of the original rubber parts that gm used is very high quality and seems to last . pretty much everything except anti roll bar post rubbers,side window ledge seals and underbonnet insulation. id say,put a std but genuine gm rubber housing on ,maybee reinforce it if you want it a little firmer and your good to go. another gearbox rear seal whilst its off. propshaft should already be balanced unless its bent ,lost its balancing weight,or un equaly painted !.and like you say check joints for wear (unusual) and just make sure its postioned cleanly and squarely into the flange recess ( ie the wire bridging strips between cups are straight and not trapped behind one cup .this can definately induce a small but noticeable vibration.
  12. http://chomikuj.pl/baranek110/bmw/rozne/SAABBMW_adapter_1,5660802389.pdf I think the bmw box option is a good choice, but I don’t know dimensions. However I won’t be tweaking the power on this coupe, but I will build a big output b234 fir the black coupe. Seems 350bhp is very easy to achieve. Stock pistons, rods and crank are all forged 👍 b235 is only good fir around 300 as the internals are a bit different (same crank though) I currently have a b234 with t25 turbo (Trionic 5 management, out of 9000) and B235 with T25 turbo. (Have T7 , But it’s a bit of a pain to use stand aloneness)
  13. mine neither. but then they are used all year round mostly anyway. pretty much never been garaged in 40 years and sometimes this is better anyway as you get a good airflow around them. in spring they get a full pressure wash underneath and any bits attended to as and if needed
  14. You can use bmw gearbox with adapter from e90. Need the thick flywheel. also rx8 6speed or 5speed (stronger) with an adapter plate, already have this combo available, look into black coupe thread as I posted some pics. just remember the 1.8 and 2.0 box is the same apart from half the gearbox casing that incorporates the bell housing, so it does not bolt off as such. some have welded a cut up auto box bell ring to another bmw etc other box but this would make your gearbox too unique imo. Better to be able to replace the whole thing.
  15. Thinking out loud, wonder if anyone has used a 1.8 bell, on a getrag bmw box? Diesel bmw box is stronger, Strongest gm box for 1.8,xe, v6 or saab, is a carlton box, then release the power!
  16. I use captain morgans for central heating, cant afford to heat a whole garage, bottle of captains is cheaper. Centeal heating for the soul. Is there anyway of using a log burner without fitting a flue? Also tempted to start cutting captain morgan bottles into pint glasses, selling them, and using money to........buy............ more captain morgans. Seen a garage made from a lorry trailer, complete with curtain sider. Cheap as! I also use curtain siders to cover projects waiting...........some motivation........ 100% waterproof, dry as snuff, not to kind to paint work though, but its not relevant.
  17. Unfortunately my car doesn't get the chance to hibernate (no garage) and is left outside whatever the weather.
  18. Ems

    Torque Tube Donut

    Thinking about it I never had any problems with the original donut on my old 1.8. The axle had a full rebuild before I put it on the car, haven't thought of balancing the prop. I'll check the universal joints for play. As the input bearing is noisy on the gearbox there's a chance that the one on the output side has worn too which might create a problem. Alternatively as said above it could just be inferior rubber on the donuts.
  19. Glad I could help you, on top of the gears you will see a lever with a pin, it fits in the "sliding bars" but if you turn the gears upside-down it will fall out: you can see it on this pic above when dismantled. Grts!
  20. Thank you for the information Herman, the pictures and descriptions make it look easy! Is anything from the inside likely to fall off when the front of the bellhousing is removed?
  21. Some pages of the workshop manual, they are in German so if you need some translation just ask: This were all the pages you need to change the bearing, some pages show more cause they are a part of complete overhaul. I took some pics of my work: Screwdriver points to the bolt of the rear drive axle, unscrew this bolt complete: Tube of the clutch release bearing; 6 small bolts and out. You can change the oil seal: Springclip that holds the input shaft bearing, release it with a special pair of plyers, not circlips! Contact of rear drive lights and plunjer with spring. If you put it back make sure the wheel is horizontal: If the seem of the two parts of the body has got no gasket, close it again without gasket. Otherwise you need to compensate the thickness of the gasket with shims in the gearbox. Succes!
  22. you can of course fill the voids with silicone to beef up the rubber if required. im pretty sure i added some strips of rubber around the outside too but cant check at the moment !
  23. The lift has got 4 arms that can be turned with rubber blocks. You can lift the car both ways, depends where you fit them. It is a hydraulic lift, the oilpressure is given by a unit with an air pump feed by a normal aircompressor. Yes and the temperatures: Getting cold so I use an electronical petrol stove with a CO safety, the gas-line to the garage is not ready yet to connect on a gas heating stove that is suitable for small rooms.
  24. I put the front two jacks on the bottom of the chassis swan necks (with the load spread over 12" or so of 3 x 2 wood) I dont use the jacking points. Hopefully the more spread the better, its not bent in half yet..... 😂
  25. Thanks, will keep an eye on that. I did want to order from the OMOC shop, but is out of stock, although got a recommendation in a wanted post. Be great if anyone has them in pdf for correct size though 🙏 Yes rebuilt 1.8 box, but the power /torque will be limited under the danger zone.
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