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  2. You will have give the heads up just before is on the TV Do you know of the manta that they did
  3. I had a fairly good one I thought, but the lad said we need a perfect one to scan 🤷🏻
  4. This for sale topic may not yet available be for your usergroup
  5. Some of the pics of my i240 from the CAR SOS shoot that I took on the day of filming. I've now had the go ahead to post pics as the handover has now taken place. Been a great experience to be involved in something like this and I can honestly say what a great bunch of guys Tim, Fuzz and the whole production team are. Looking forward to seeing the show aired next year. 😎
  6. If only i had more room... It was harder doing the roof as well this time, as last time it had the vinyl!! I know what you mean, got overspray on the boot which was looking so good, now has a slight mist on it. But as you say, at least i can do it again. That's my Saturday taken up 🙂
  7. If you'd like to scan mine, you're welcome to. The main damage is to the outer circle, which would be easy to recreate in CAD once scanned. Alternatively, I could take measurements and make a drawing (I won't promise a cad file as it's been months since my PC was turned on).
  8. That’s looking good . Did paint a Manta in my garage ( sticky) very little room on the side Doing the o/s rear 1/4 look ok move back a bit , turn on the tap,water all over the paint which was still wet Not happy .had to do it all again
  9. Yeah, not much room there to get a good look down the panels as you move down, so it will be difficult. Bloody great results so far 👍
  10. So it seems that between my test with the compressor from the hire company (which only worked once then kept blowing fuse's, and they still haven called me back about a replacement!) and the one i bought, i had manged to wind the air pressure up which made it have more orange peel!!!! So today i did a bit of playing around while i waited for the garage to warm up as it was a super nice and sunny day! I turned the pressure down to 20 psi, added and extra 5% thinners to the mix and its coming out real nice now 🙂 I got 2 runs on the body, but managed to get 3 good coats on as i think i will be flatting and polishing the car as im never going to get every panel like the nose cone. Its quite hard painting in a garage which is not much bigger than the car!! I will repaint the boot tomorrow as not happy with the edges on it (Which i suppose is an advantage of having bough the compressor, i can just do stuff as i want now.) and although the wings have more orange peel than the rest of the car i think i will leave those and flat them. If i had a double garage and some better extraction i recon with this gun and a bit more time i could get every panel looking pretty spot on. Andy
  11. Try Martrim or Segal, both used to keep a whole range of auto vinyl made by Wardle Storeys in Earby.
  12. Don’t sell the manta keep it ,you have waited this long just hang onto it , if you do you will want £4,000 to £4,500 if he wants it he will pay as we all know the the coupe will sell for a lot more
  13. I have been looking for 2 years Matt. All I need is 1 NOS or extremely good condition used one so I can get them scanned and 3D printed, but omg these are rare things 🙈
  14. It's all good we are in direct contact, if we do a deal it gets pulled.
  15. I'd like to fit some GLS armrests but only have one of the plugs for the upper portion of the handle and it's not in great condition. Any chance anyone has a couple kicking around? Cheers, Matt
  16. The front seats in my Manta A are used up, and in need of repair. (Interiorcode 741) I have been trying a few local places, but no one has materials that matches the red imitation leather used in the seats. Anyone tips where to go next?
  17. Just reading from the owner over on Facebook that there is an £8500 reserve on it.
  18. Just got some lads round chopping the ridiculously tall conifers down at the house we bought and they are all admiring my Manta....even with its wings and bonnet off, want this red hatch but not sure I can let mine go and I don't really have space for 2!! it's moved house with me 3 times now. He's coming round to see mine on Sunday, see if we can do a deal.
  19. A couple of years ago perhaps, but not now. I'd say £7500-£8000 is on the ball for the condition etc. It might go for a bit more if there's a few keen punters after it.
  20. Dash is not a big job, it's finicky mostly. Main fixings are just slacken and slide it out, but them hoses can be a pig. Glass rubber has a lip that sits over so don't trap it.
  21. Entrants list...some interesting cars will be there... https://www.kophillclimb.org.uk/entrants/entrants-list/
  22. Only advisory seems to be a worn suspension arm/bush. It is very nice bodywise, interior is very good other than the split dash top, never replaced one is it a pig of a job or routine? The thing is there are still things to do to improve it such as under the bonnet, fog light conversion, oval tail pipe and of course underneath which makes it oddly appealing to me 🤔 If it was just 5k maybe even 6 and not plus mine I'd have bought it already.
  23. That's a nice looking A👍
  24. Yesterday
  25. Exactly, 3K is a low end respray - they will skip on some prep, not do galleys etc , so your definitely likely to do a better job yourself.
  26. Knew i was never going to get a super smooth finish doing it in the garage but as you say i got a couple of good cots on the wings and 3 on the boot so i can give them a flat if i need too, which i think i will have to, as even if i got a couple panels nice and super flat im never going to get the whole car like that. And at the end of the day its a million times better than what it use to be like and as the paint is quite cheap i can even do the odd panel again later on. I recon i will spend just under a grand on it (taking into account the cost of the gun and the compressor) which compared to the cost of getting it done professionally is at least a 3rd of the cost and i have the stuff to then spray the old Lambretta that im also restoring so well worth the investment. And i know then even if i paid 3K plus for someone to do it that there would be bits i was not happy with!!
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