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  2. Welcome to the club mate....
  3. Another day on this today. Tom is removing ancient body filler, we will beat the panels s straight as poss then re skim and re shape best as we can. The car has most definitely had an interesting life, and lots of bumps and bashes along the way. πŸ™‚ Another day on this today. Tom is removing ancient body filler, we will beat the panels s straight as poss then re skim and re shape best as we can. The car has most definitely had an interesting life, and lots of bumps and bashes along the way. πŸ™‚
  4. Dum Dum works well if you can find it. 3M makes a nice (but expensive) alternative: https://www.spraygunsdirect.co.uk/3m-body-caulking-3m-body-caulking-strips-6-x-300mm-box-of-60.html Nick
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  6. I know kev! been a long time ive been meaning to join! haha
  7. Welcome Kyle, if you need any advice you are on the right spot. Any pics af the Manta?
  8. I know dan! been meaning to join for the last 2 years! ha!
  9. Great stuff, making stuff that we can use and doesn’t cost an absolute fortune. Good on ya. I took my drivers door card off (so I could fit englemann mirrors and found my guide sat in the bottom again lol. Deffo need some glass adhesive.
  10. so far from having a little look on here, there Is so much information and good advice! il most likely spend hours on here myself! ha!
  11. Welcome Kyle, πŸ‘ I not been a member myself for long, but they guys here are very knowledgeable and some if the older posts are wealth of info. I have spent hours reading old posts on β€˜ how to β€˜ along with projects threads, really great reading 😁
  12. This for sale topic may not yet available be for your usergroup
  13. Hi, my name is Kyle pattinson From barrow in furness Cumbria, im 21 years old and have an Opel manta. Just joined the club today, I am sure I have met a few of you on here from vboa shows but hope to meet some more people in the manta scene πŸ˜ƒ I am new to this so wil probably take me a while to get my head round the site. Thanks for letting me joinπŸ˜ƒ Just a quick friendly hello 🀚🏻
  14. H-400

    New swan neck

    Thanks Ian, but that video will have to wait... The smart-phone was ready, tried the contact and as usual I heard the humming sound of the pump for one second as it has to. So I gave the pump power via the fuses to make sure the feul lines are filled and to check them for leaks. After a few seconds I heard something like a knock and the pump stayed dead. Checked ofcourse the electrical system but there was power. New filters, new lines, new feul so there must be something blocking the pump. I ordered a new one at Thomas Edelschmiede, my local parts shop is closed cause of corona...And went for a long walk together with the Missus to clear my head. Did some smaller jobs: The fine threadstuds of the backpanel were getting loose, gleud them with a washer and a fine nut: One of those spots to check, noticed nu rust but got to be sure: And while we are waiting for the pump I started working on my truck: The roof must go off! (Sorry, off topic) The roof leaks and the total height of the truck is too high, those French moneymakers of the "Peage" will not empty my pockets! And the pump has arrived: Have a nice day and stay healthy, Herman
  15. Ok, that's useful. Thanks for taking the time to do that. Standard o rings probably aren't the way to go then.... I'll order some on line. A couple of places had them listed and they weren't too expensive from memory. It's frustrating. I thought I'd got everything together. Many thanks again. K.
  16. I'm sure I have some so I can see what they are like and measure them. They are indeed 11.5mm diameter. They are also square section.
  17. They could well be. They came in the head gasket set and were in the same packet as the inlet seals so I assumed..... That means I need some o rings then as there were none in the kit. Any thoughts on the ones I listed? Thanks for your response. K.
  18. They look more like injector seals.
  19. Hope everyone who sees this is healthy and well. Could someone who knows these CIH engines help. I'm just starting to but the head back together. I have valve stem oil seals for the inlets and flat o rings for the exhaust. The problem is the o rings don't fit in the pace the Haynes manual suggest. I.e. in the lower grove in the stem. The flat o ring I have is about 12.5 mm across, the recess in the retainer is about 11mm. I've checked online and others are about 11.5mm. So it looks like the ones I have are a mm too big. My question is: What exactly does that seal do? It doesn't appear to be sealing anything as it doesn't make contact with anything along its stroke. Can I use any o ring assuming the ones I have are no good. Thoughts on using the old ones I took out. They look ok. How critical are they. I have new inlet ones so will obviously use them. This is for the exhaust only. Cheers. Would something like this be ok. Would appear to give me the 11mm I need and I think nitrile is ok in oil???
  20. Tartan Recaros... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Wingback-bucket-Recaro-Seats-GTI-RS4-R32-RS3-S3/202895532507?hash=item2f3d8421db:g:LNEAAOSwD3peNlb3
  21. Excellent news. Yeah i think you would have really struggled without a jig on some of that. It does make the whole process so much nicer and gives a much much better finish
  22. Last week
  23. My father owned a white opel ascona b which he has since sold on to a man in Ireland. I would love to know if anyone has seen it since.
  24. Few more hours on the black exclusive tonight. Swan necks pretty much done now. Still some little bits of flatting to do with the finger sander, but I still didn't manage to get my compressor here yet. Try again tomorrow πŸ™‚
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