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  2. Sorry dude, that is going to end up on the other Irmscher Manta I’ve got lined up. I’ll let you know if I hear of anything though....first shout.
  3. OK, thanks mantaray - I will see how we go. I quite like the idea, just a bit nervous about it.
  4. The VBOA ( Vauxhall Bedford Opel Association ) meet is at Sywell Aerodrome, Northamptonshire. over the weekend of 6/7th July. ( the old Billing show, if you remember them). Don't worry if you don't think your car will be show worthy. All cars are welcome and appreciated, we don't all have deep pockets. https://www.vboa.org.uk/events/49-national-rally-19
  5. Hi mantaray, Many thanks for your kind words, much appreciated. Where/what is the VBOA meet? If it’s a show, I’m not sure my car would hold its own amongst the beautiful cars I have seen on this forum!
  6. Great work, you're getting close now. Would be ace if it was possible to make the VBOA meet in July. This thread is also an inspiration to read, not only do you find time to work on your car but you also manage to keep this thread updated.
  7. A part time workmate is trying all kinds of entrepreneurial enterprises, the latest is that he & some mates have hired an old bank vault & putting together an Escape-room/escape game. They wanted to set the scene a few years ago & wanted a 'period getaway car' and don't remember Manta's running around so it seemed like what they needed so asked me to use the car. This was the main actor forgetting his lines hence the script on the windscreen. I imagine that there will be a 5 second clip of the car arriving or leaving. Not quite mega media but it was a bit of fun last Saturday. I meant to write more with the photo, ooops, it seems a bit obtuse without context!
  8. After a really long day at work (04:15 to 17:00) I have to be honest and say that I really didn't fancy working on the Cav too much... However, I forced myself to get out there and I'm now glad I did. I'm now happy with the shape of the 'C' post area. The primer is still very wet in the above photo, so its a bit tricky to see exactly whats going on, but its OK for me. Have a good evening everyone.
  9. Lol does that mean you don’t wanna use the twin? Because I haven’t started cutting up the Astra box yet.
  10. Last week
  11. Not a great deal done this evening to be honest as I got home late from work and I have (yet another) very early start and long day ahead tomorrow. Anyway.... the last / reworked part of the NSR quarter is nearly done. I just need the stopper filler to dry off and then we can get it all smoothed out. Hopefully either tomorrow or Friday the primer will go (back) on.
  12. That's the problem with parts like this. They are few and far between and lots of people willing to pay top dollar now for those rarer bits. I have been on the look out for a replacement Irmscher Back box for my i200 for (quite literally) over 25 years, that is how rare they are. I managed to pick up a BNIB Irmscher Twin tailpipe rear box a few years ago but I really wanted the original single pipe one for my car. As Evo03 said, you could get one made to exactly the same spec for half the price but without that Irmscher end cap, it is just another aftermarket exhaust.....you may as well buy a Jetex as they are very similar. Getting the tail pipe section from any Irmscher system and having the Coupe box made up is exactly what I was going to do until Carl found this unused one.
  13. I know mate, I was first to respond but couldn’t get cash over as I was on holiday! Gutted, but found one for an Astra which I will modify for £80! Was hoping to find a twin system for the commodore with those tips but even rarer than rockin horse poo!
  14. Fantastic work! really great to see the workmanship going into this.
  15. A tiny backwards step this evening. While I was finish sanding the NSR quarter I wasn't happy with the lines of where that panel meets the roof pillar/C post, it just didn't quite flow right. So I added a small amount of filler so that I can take my time until I am happy with that corner. That is one of those places that immediately grabs your attention, so it has to be just right. Once that is done I will be ready to start adding topcoat! I plan to start with the 'difficult' areas first i.e. the door shuts, inside the boot, underside of the boot lid and bonnet, wing bolt rails etc etc. Then once those are done I will go for the whole exterior of the car. With any luck I can start with the White at the weekend - the weather is forecast to be warm and sunny, so that is an unexpected bonus!
  16. Problem solved, panic over. It just needs another couple of coats tomorrow evening now.
  17. Yes all primer, if that was rust treatment hopefully the person that help make it can see it didn't work. There are many places on the car that just have a dusting of top coat and no primer at all. The hydrate 80 is just brushed on, gives a blue ish colour but goes much darker when dry and etches very strong to the metal.
  18. Ah, come on, its not star dust........ how about getting it measured, and getting it remade in stainless, its only metal after all...... have a local exhaust company that can make any size, any spec, to suit anything! Lets face it, if you do find one, its over thirty years old.
  19. Can you photograph the hydrate 80 being used? What i meant was do ypu reove all primer, down to bare metal, everywhere. Its not primer actually, its rust treatment by opel, the static plunge bath. If you ask me, opel could have plunged them a few times
  20. Ha ha, how true all of that is - cheers Chris. So after getting in from work, it was straight out to the garage to get the last little bit of sanding done on the NSR quarter. Once I was happy, it was out with the primer. Thats when I hit a problem, it reacted! I think it must have been some of the new paint that I had tried for a colour match a few weeks ago. Obviously I didn't sand it all off - bugger! You can see the affected area on the top face of the panel, just back from the door. Oh well I can flat it back and give it some more primer tomorrow, I'm sure it will be fine in the end - very frustrating though...
  21. Hi Ian. Regarding the seat material I wouldn't worry. Everything EVETUALLY pops up on eBay that you want I tend to find.i assume you would pop a cover over the drivers seat anyway to protect it so no one realy knows what's under there !. Sounds like you are getting very close now and have gained a lot of experience / skills along the way. ( remember when you started ,you didn't even know what was inside an alternator but now that will be baby stuff to you. )! Trouble is you will then want to do another resto .mind you it's still a full time job maintaining a classic .you never realy FINISH a car as such it's an ongoing maintenance/ repair/ service / improve lifestyle that sets us classic nutters apart from ordinary everyday folk. We actually enjoy it and they can't understand us.! All part of the fun .
  22. Rare as rocking horse poo.....best place to look is German eBay, and they don't appear on there very often Im afraid. I did pick one up last year but had to pay £250 for it. Nice though.... :-)
  23. Yea i think I’ll just fit a rubber of some sort to the top of the bumper afterwards. Thanks for the info 👍🏻
  24. Thanks. I weld completely around the plate on one side and on the other depending if its structure or not i will weld again all the way around and over lap the metal by about 10mm, if not structual i tack the other side 20mm apart so as not to get any raised areas. I always treat unseen metal if not already coated, i use Hydrate 80. Thanks for the heads up on the chassis legs, hopefully once treated they shoudn't need looking at again🤞 Yes i always remove all the body paint as you never know what is hiding underneath, this one has very bad micro blistering. Hope this helps.
  25. Hi mate, Nope, no luck on the seat material yet I'm afraid. To be honest I've pretty much made up my mind its going to have to be a replacement seat or complete cover. Your welcome to the door bits, its nice to see a bit of the old girl helping somebody else out in some small way. Cheers for now.
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