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  2. Great to hear Ian. It is also great to plug these companies that can help out with parts, so thanks for that.
  3. Ouch, that is some bad corrosion, however most can be repaired with patience I guess.
  4. No problem, will take plenty of pictures and measurements as soon as it is all here. I am pleased that you are interested in this, as 2minds of ideas are better than 1 😀
  5. I'm definitely going to have to upgrade the prop as it's away too thin to take the torque of the Saab engine plus the welds are poor at the flanges so I'll see how you get on first with the rx8 one. I might upgrade to the same setup as yourself if it's easy enough.
  6. That seems rather Brash, what is the issue, high postage?
  7. Ordered them last night Ian, with the high postage!! I;m leaving this club, not going to be treated like this after nearly twelve years. at 85 years old, I can do without this hassle. I'll just keep in touch with you an Herman. Julian.
  8. Good Morning Herman.

                                                       I'm being completely ignored with this club, so after eleven uears I am calling it a day, and want the money I paid them two months ago refunded.  So I was wondering if you would send me your email address, so that when I want some advice I can contact you?  My address is jack@bestbite.co.uk.

     Cheers Mate.


  9. Yesterday
  10. You're not wrong. It's a 3.0 24V lump that's in it.
  11. Yes they are carbon. it will need to be sent off along with the se6 one to make one up. however, I have been looking and think I may have an alternative to create a 2 piece. Using an IS200 manual propshaft, gearbox is the same I believe, just the mounting flange is different. I will be able to make some measurements once it’s here as I still have the Redtop engine.
  12. Tidy looking car. I think I seen this car at a rally at Ingilston in Edinburgh about 3 years ago. Think it was a 3.0 that was in it. Could be wrong.
  13. Be good to see how easily the rx8 box and prop work. Wouldn't mind a 6 speed upgrade for mine. I've got the omega box fitted now and it sits further back as well. Am I right in saying it's a carbon prop on rx8?
  14. going to change the flexi as its at least 18 years old but first going to make a small section up to bypass the flexi dont have much time at mo as working and its my turn to work this weekend .
  15. Well, even though I won't need them for a while I could not resist buying these Recaros for the Manta. Cost me the equivilant of about £170 but they are in mint condition. Not sure how old they are but the plastic side trims on the recline adjusters say "Made In West Germany" Now I need to find mounting rails and runners to suit the car.
  16. Tonight refitted the spot lights to the bumper and rework the wiring Painted the underside of the bonnet Will wax oil the front chassis legs before l refit the bumper The wife has some time off looking after her mum so may not get a lot done over the next week or so Will remove the masking as don’t need the masking tape hard to come off and damage the paint
  17. I believe this is something like the fate my car has suffered. It’s the offside on mine that seems worse, that is unusual for cars, so I suspect at some point in its life it was parked with the drivers side over grass. quiet a difference in the rot between the two sides.
  18. I am quite surprised with the overall condition so far. That passenger side might prove to be a bit more challenging as the car sank into the ground on that side while it was sitting in a field for 15 years. Chris Herman, if you and Mrs Peeters ever fancy a trip to Canada I can offer free board and lodgings in exchange for guidance on the Manta. Of course it goes witout saying tender steaks, cold beer and nice Canadian wine would be on the menu. Chris
  19. Had a similar problem with an old fiesta years ago - turned out one of the brake flexis hoses had collapsed , it had perished internally even though they looked ok , I’m no mechanic so that’s all I’ve got - good luck
  20. dont worry too much about the pressure .the valve is there to reduce the pressure if you brake hard . if you sort out the pedal travel all should be well.
  21. Nice pics, like the Ascona-B! Just wondering why they put a zetec in a GT???
  22. Looks very well, confirms my opinion the B1 models are robuster than the younger B2's.
  23. That is in decent condition for its age 👍
  24. Nothing so much happened on the car as such, but more preparation. RX8 gearbox and propshaft is purchased and on its way Shell is booked for the acid stripping and primer, earliest is beginning of October sadly 😔 so this will delay rebuild somewhat. So hopefully I can do a deal on another car 🤔 Saab donor 2.3T car sorted 🤪
  25. Yesterday I spent the day stripping under seal and paint from the sill and wheel tub areas of the Manta. The A Post on the drivers side looks good, couple of small holes blue other than it looks and sounds very solid. One small hole is the side of the wheel wel and a second hole that looks like a burn through. Burn through? Sill and lower door all solid as is the rear wheel tub, I will need to fit a replacement wheel arch panel as the outer skin has some issues. Lower rear quarter and spare wheel well also turned out well, just some rust on the front lower corner that need some attention. Chris
  26. Hi Julian, If you go to your Auto Gearbox thread, you will see a German supplier that Herman suggested - I used them.
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