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  2. Yea it’s a Martin kit .there definitely a great kit .
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  4. Wooo.... thats alot, one good thing about it, plenty of cold air round your redtop, You can get a aluminium strip fitted to some mantas as standard. Sits below headlights and above bumper, it only about 8mm deep. Try finding one, try finding a straight one. Honestly never seen this much space before, is it a known kit?
  5. Another early start today. After my run it was out to the garage to do some sanding (yawn... ). Everything was going pretty well until I realised that I hadn't quite added enough filler to the top of the arch flare. So that quickly come to a halt and some more was chucked on. The good news is that everything else is fairly well sorted now, so once that has dried and sanded I will be ready for some primer - assuming I can get the shape correct of course I'll report back later.
  6. Fitted 400 wings and front bumper yesterday evening, seems to be a good gap between bumper and light s /nose cone . Seen other manta s with no gap . Any info greatly appreciated.👍🏻
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  8. Got a bit more done this evening. The areas ahead of and behind the arch are pretty much finished now, but I found two problems... 1) The arch itself was nowhere near flared enough (I made a cardboard template using the profile from the other side to compare). 2) There was another dent in front of the arch on the upper section of the panel (just above the swage line). My green marker lines show you where the problems were. So both of these things meant I had to mix up some more filler to try to address those issues. Oh well, it will dry overnight, so I can tackle those tomorrow. Have a nice evening everyone
  9. Or you could check out my thread mate. I had the same problem back in November 2018.
  10. Armed with some more sand paper and a few dollops of filler I just had another little play: Slowly but surely this panel is coming around.
  11. A useful couple of hours sanding this morning. The shape of the 'rough' parts of the NSR quarter are really taking shape now. Typically I have run out of sand paper again, so I.m off to buy some more. When I return I will be adding what will hopefully be the last few dollops of filler and then we can get into final sanding, filler stopper etc. With a bit of luck this panel might even be finished this weekend.
  12. And they say being over the hill is all down hill not when you can carry out a hobby and get a 1st class manta
  13. Mike.

    Mike's Manta.

    Thanks for your comments, A Manta GT/E for me has always been a real desire of mine since I was 17 and never being able to own or afford one in my younger days (plus a mid life crisis thrown in..... nearly 50 !) has ignited a passion and real interest in this restoration, I have gained for the first time a hobby of which I can loose hours in the garage and love every minute, it’s been so far a huge learning curve, welding, mechanical, trim cleaning and restoration and a vast amount of time searching for spares. My kids are both up and working now, one time served and one through university so I can now devote my spare time to my Manta without feeling guilty of not spending enough time with them. I must admit it started off with the idea of getting a good example for a runabout on the road with an mot, something tidy enough but as time went on and progress is made on the Manta it’s a case of when I’m at this stage I need to do this right, or at least the best I can, then before I know it it’s went from an idea of a decent example to quite a comprehensive restoration. I have had to pay for some professional work which I haven’t been talented or skilled enough to do or brave enough to tackle but I knew that there would be those bills and issues to deal with, and this so far has been three years worth of work, so a slow drip feed of money instead of all spent in one lump sum which does help. What I don’t want is to be welding for every mot so that’s why nows the time to tackle this right in the hope I can run it for years and enjoy it. I’m hoping to do the North Coast 500 run this summer and possibly the North East 250 plus some classic car shows. I’m waiting for it now to go back into the bodyshop for its final coat of paint, panels, doors and bumpers on, hopefully in the next week or two. 👍
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  15. That’s looking like one of the best Mantas around.lot of work and money put into the Manta
  16. Hi Terry, Re: the wings - as long as the progress is forwards, your doing OK! Re: the shed - I hope its a nice day! Re: the Chinese Buffet - that sounds great - enjoy!! All the best!
  17. In the time you have done all that I have managed to rust proof 2 inner wings, I STILL need to final paint them. Thought I'd get that done this weekend but nope 8AM tomorrow a 8 x 6 Shed is arriving flat pack, guess what I'm doing Saturday still as a bonus it gets the mower and garden crap and bikes out of the garage Sunday, a number of family Birthdays to celebrate, 14 of us at the Chinese Buffet, always next weekend
  18. Nothing done last night as we went out for Dinner, then tonight is Archery night... So, I had better make sure that I am really busy this weekend to make up for this appalling lack of progress
  19. How about a 1978 1600GL in need of a loving home. Sorry just re read your wanted ad so a 4 door saloons not what your after. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F254123906223
  20. Description changed from earlier then as it definitely said coupe. Still could be a reasonably cheep way into manta ownership for someone.
  21. Just found some photos of my Manta taken at a local meet on Sunday.
  22. They don't mention the thread, but worth a try (volvo 240-260): and looks like we can order identicals from a web-shop in Belgium: https://www.pk500.be/ev1314-stelbout-koplamp-fiat126.html
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