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  2. Looks good. Coming along nicely. Not seen or done any Brazing for years!
  3. Interesting, but a lot of work. There are still axle options out there. Steel torque tube with upgraded shaft is good for 300bhp they claim. After this a different axle is worthwhile.
  4. Interesting project, been looking at those bmw rear setups wondering if anyone ever fitted ­čĹŹ
  5. I will get a few pics Thursday for you
  6. Yesterday
  7. i once had the fibre glass moulds for a xxx pac ford capri full body kit you would lay up the glass fibre inside the wing panel/mould ect with a release agent was easy to do tbh alas they council lockup i had got broken into and they vandalised/smashed them
  8. I was under the impression that some one else bought the so called original moulds from germany. Rallytech mould is also from a genuine 400 kit.
  9. Yeh, arent moulds made from an original kit, therefore you could essentially make a mould of anything? Not sure what you mean by presses, are there two sides of these moulds, if so it can still be done. The original mould would have been created from a clay mockup.
  10. Martins kits are from the original Irmscher moulds, I think he bought the presses etc. for them. Not sure on his Ascona 400 ones?
  11. do you have a pic of your set up in situ by any chance mate
  12. This for sale topic may not yet available be for your usergroup
  13. Pretty much yes I went coil over rear so did away with the spring pan set up and modded the axle for 5 link
  14. is it just a case of fitting link arm boxes mate
  15. I'm running and atlas in my 400r width wise it's running 9j X 16 wheels plus 20mm spacers and fill the arch nicely, do also have 9.75j X 17 which also fit
  16. Quite a haul there, did the parts come with it? Don't think I have seen a gold coupe in the flesh for 15 years!
  17. so I acquired this with the intention of chopping it for parts,mainly the roof skin and some cuts for my ascona build and the crashed exclusive I have, as owner said its rotten and I bought it blind without veiwing. It arrived yesterday and it's quite bad but looks savable. I cant bring myself to cut it. It will have to go in the corner for a while, until I've decided what to do with it ­čĄö
  18. Yes i read it and have pmd Danny Ok will do that. Sorry i thought it was ok to reply in a thhread that was all about a kit from Martin.
  19. that looks like a weapon bargain for someone right best i start cming up with a plan
  20. Heres the bm 3 series surframe setup! Missed out on this! For the price of a kit, shell and revos at the time, was setup for a volvo T5 too, included, something tells me there was steering setup issues! Gutted! Where did it go? Manta looks, quattro sound!
  21. Im surprised no one purchased a 'really good kit' and produced their own molds to mass produce. After all, they are all copies except the original irmscher. Problem is with these, they are only made to order, driving costs etc, would imagine a good kit with bonnet would be 1k plus? Maybe 1.5k? I was talking to an old guy recently who mentioned some exworks 400 kits where produced in Northern Ireland, think this was the period when cars where in their hay day, and received accident damage. Some where kevlar. i think my replica has one of these kits. With flanges turned in. Ive never seen an identical kit, just wee subtle differences. Seens an advert for them from around 1984 85 advertising them, old rally mag. There has to be loads of different variations out there?
  22. Why not do it on line on a small scale, seen a few already, owner submits 4 photos, some had a structured text format, make, model, modifications, future upgrades, it give owners the chance and lets face it a reason to get their cars out, clean em up, practice their best photography, most have decent cams on their phones, it could be done nicely with a bit of thought and a good club behind it. As for the NEC classic, they should change to format, broadcast car owner interviews, product adverts, product demos, list is endless, and again all the tech is here, and excess available to everyone, just look at the live music formats happening online via zoom etc.
  23. Its like anything! Anything can break, or anything can be of better quality, think it depends on the condition of the item. As for axles, see atlas, volvo, simitar, bmw IRS subframes, subframes with original floor sections. R33 skylines. Jag IRS, I think with rally, fast road, a strong atlas, as its supported and upgraded by motorsport upgrades and variation of parts selection, and has been developed to its full potential. https://retropower.co.uk/category/projects/completed-projects/ I always wanted to try a 740, 940 volvo axle, story is some ex works 400s upgraded to these to eliminate commodore axles failures. Although at best the where only taking 280bhp. A manta drifted for years on a gte axle welded solid and receiving 400bhp Start a project thread and build up your axle, plenty here with help and advice.
  24. Message Andrew Abbott on here, he has a full kit It may also be worth joining the club and posting in the correct section to get noticed more?
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