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  2. £39000...would rather have a used DB9 for that money... blasphemy maybe but at least I'll look like James bond.🔫
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  4. Brand new manta, 000097km, jump on it, are you ever gonna see another one! You can sleep in your car but you cant race your house!
  5. hav a mint lhd its time warp in germany .lookin for dash board aand bits to go rhd ...also an old irish reg pre 1987 ..sorry that was meant to be scrap old irish car ..any help would be great
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  7. Yes he has some history in paper form. I was just wondering if it was a known car to the club. And history of who was involved in the build. Im off to collect it in the morning. So I'll see what paperwork says.
  8. It’s been a while. So I have most of the puzzle now sorted. I have a few last bits to get such as new brakes, pipes and other minor items and then the running gear is all done and ready to have the car lowered down onto it. Next is the engine the strip and fit all my new parts along with a freshen-up
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  10. Thanks, I'd seen the adverts. Im more interested in its past, who drive it, who built it, specs etc...
  11. Car and classic advert https://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:khijz0mmn28J:https://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C1194181+&cd=11&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=uk&client=firefox-b-d
  12. Nice car - I'll have to get myself another rally car sometime to take away the temptation of converting this one.
  13. Seems it's an unknown car then, with the lack of any replys or info ?
  14. It's been for sale for a while and will probably be for sale a while longer at that price. I'm not saying it's not worth it just that there can't be many Manta lovers with a spare £39k.
  15. It is nice though! its a lot of money but on the other hand - is it? Its a brand new Manta, the only weird thing about it is that it has green glass and not bronze, maybe they totally phased it out by 89.
  16. Yes found that one 97km Looks spotless https://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C1173085
  17. Had a look on Honest John Manta for sale at £39,000 . Very nice car but £39,000
  18. That hatch looks like a good buy to me. Nice colour too
  19. Hi Martin, Manta has been on Trade Me for a while now with not much interest and no bids. Haven't seen any Mantas for sale in NZ recently except for a similar year / model non-runner with quite a bit of rust that was for sale for ages at $1500.00 Difficult to say how much the vendor has in mind, I would hazard a guess the reserve would be somewhere around $7000 - $8000 but who knows. As there seems to have been little interest may get it for not much more than the starting price. I have always had my heart set on a coupe but must admit I keep looking at this . Thanks for the welcome Gary
  20. I do like that white exclusive on those wheels👍
  21. 3 very tidy looking Coupe's and one not so tidy for sale in the Emerald Isle: https://www.donedeal.co.uk/motor?words=Opel Manta
  22. Pud the wood, I'm racking my brain on your identity. John Wooding by any chance? I was in sales but spent a good deal of time with the guys in the workshop. I'm still in touch with Kim and his wife Sandra and visited with them the last time I was home in October of 2018. I'm also still in touch with Alan Sharp and also visited with him during my 2018 trip. I'll send you Kim's contact info in a private mail. Here's an oldie for you......
  23. Hi and welcome to the forum Derek is also in NZ he seems not to use the forum anymore but I have him as a Facebook friend https://mantaclub.org/profile/4783-opelmantagsi/
  24. That's a tidy looking car. Interesting being an 88 GSi Hatch. More so in Dolphin Grey if I'm not mistaken. How much do you think it will go for? Starting price is circa £2.5K.
  25. I have a nice coupe for sale on here in the cars for sale section. Still needs work, but is probley as good of shell as you'll find for a project car. And I've priced it to sell.
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