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  2. Spotted that this morning wish I had some cash to sort them out!
  3. Have sourced one closer to home cheers fella 👍
  4. Hi David, those 6 bolts are ordinary 8mm ones, won't be that difficult to find. The ones that bolt the exh. manifold on the head are M9x1.25 and Edelschmiede has got them. Grts, Herman
  5. Hi 79 Manta 2.0 SR Coupe “Auto” looking much better than it did but now stuck for parts !! Anybody know where I can source replacements bolts . I had to cut the seized exhaust downpipes off my Manta and in doing so now need the 6 connecting bolts that join the exhaust to the manifold . I believe I read they are M9 x1.25 but have tried everywhere with no luck . Secondly I need the pre-silencer downpipe section as well as the old one was rotted out . If I can’t get a second hand unit would a Sportex downpipe fit ?. I have the two rear OEM boxes and can make the section in the middle .Want to keep it as close to stock as possible rather than fit a complete Sportex My last query is mine is an autobox so will the Sportex unit fit past the auto box . I’m happy to build the centre pipe section but don’t want to mess with the standard Sportex downpipe section . Any help would be appreciated David
  6. Ian you're way ahead of me on my Cavvy. Really interesting to see what you've done. I have the same problem you had with bumper strips. Did you find any one who has replacements as mine both have splits and dodgy repairs (bolts and self tappers through the strip) Cheers Andy
  7. Thanks a lot. Bought it. Really appreciate that 👍
  8. Cheers, having one of those
  9. Yesterday
  10. Hi You will need a RHD manifold. The reason for the pattern LHD manifolds being readily available is Manta s were more popular in Europe and have a larger spares availability. Your best hope is to find a good second hand RHD manifold in Britain. Your on the best site to find one.
  11. Try this link, i bought one last year and fits the pins spot on. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Sealey-4-Piece-Car-Door-Hinge-Pin-Extractor-Removal-Tool-Extractor-Set-VS801/311596359195?epid=11017008001&hash=item488c971e1b:g:bmQAAOSw9OFZKDPd&frcectupt=true
  12. Hi guys, iv come across a really good door for next to nothing. Dumb ass question but can anyone give me a link to tool I need to remove pins? Iv searched through forum but links you’ve given on past posts are now obsolete. Thanks, sorry for boring post 😂
  13. Nice one, really appreciate your input - that’s a great idea! I will have a root around in the rafters of the garage tomorrow and see if I have anything suitable to make one of those!
  14. Hi Sorry didn’t understand . I have the RHD manifold on the car which runs north south on the car as you rightly say . My question is why can’t you buy a stock exhaust for a RHD car ? I assume you meant buy a LHD manifold that runs side to side . If I did do this will it fit when turned and fitted on the steering wheel side of my RHD car Just don’t understand why you can’t buy a pattern exhaust for a UK car . And the bolts are impossible to find . Any suggestions on sourcing ? Anybody got a used presilencer section that I can buy as the other boxes are obtainable as they are not handed Dave
  15. Hi Lhd manifold has flange running left to right. Rhd manifold has flange running front to back. Your best bet is to try and find Rhd manifold.
  16. Hi I need an stock exhaust for a 79 Manta srb Coupe 100bhp) auto Every online seller seems to be in Germany and tell you that their product “should” fit a LHD or RHD . When you press them for confirmation they just say they “can’t guarantee it fits”.so I’m wasting my time I don’t want to have to change manifolds or alter a LHD unit . I also don’t really want a Sportex as I believe they are really loud and as the car is stock a 3” tail pipe would probably look a bit boy racerish ( no offence meant ) So can I source one in the UK for a RHD car ? . I also need the M9x 1.25 bolts as they either bent when they came out or snapped off ( took hours to drill 2 out ) Aprreciate any help , please David
  17. H-400

    New swan neck

    Hi Ian, looks as it was planned. The things with the GSI were looking good but want this car running to take it to GB for summerholiday. So I hope time is on my side... The Insignia will be no problem, I will order the parts tomorrowmorning. Got some days over to take free cause I am 11 months from retirement. Maybe it's time to take them...
  18. Ian Excellent effort as always. I hope you don't mind me offering a bit of advice which you probably know anyway. I found that a long flexible straight edge real helps when trying to flat out large panels. I use a piece of hardwood ripped at about 1mm. Put lots of filler on and then bend the hardwood to the curve of the panel and pull it across. It takes of the high spots and shows the low spots. I struggled for days on my last project on a badly creased front wing but found an advert on YouTube for a 'blade'. I just made my own as described. Also, I found a dusting of black spray as a guide coats helps find the high and low spots. Anyway, you're doing great and I can't wait to see it finished. Skip forward to 8 mins and it shows a nice demo.
  19. IanMc

    New swan neck

    Typical, that's cars summed up really isn't it? The moment you think you are winning and getting on top of things, one of them kicks you in the nuts and reminds you who is really in charge of your life Look on the bright side though, at least you had the time, skills and the tools to tackle the job yourself
  20. After some more relatives popped in this afternoon, I managed to sneak in another crafty hour on the Cav before the BBQ came out again. Some more sanding and stopper filler later and we have this now: Some more sanding tomorrow evening should see this panel just about done I think. Shame I didn't pay this much attention to detail the first time round... Anyway, all in all a good long weekends work I think.
  21. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/opel-manta-x2/333167184797?hash=item4d924fcb9d:g:7OYAAOSwTo1cvffE
  22. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/opel-manta-x2/333167184797?hash=item4d924fcb9d:g:7OYAAOSwTo1cvffE&frcectupt=true
  23. H-400

    New swan neck

    Hmm, lets say the Insignia had some influence on my plans: The right rear brake caliper got stuck on the highway and heated up the whole disc/caliper/bearing. So I had to take everything apart: The discs and the pads were not completely worn, the electric handbrake does his job so after resetting the cilinder of the caliper with that special tool I will check everything. The whole system was filled with a lot of debris and rust, maybe that was the problem? So no Manta-update.
  24. I’ve never arranged a courier, no idea how. Think I tried once and gave up 😆
  25. An exclusive coupe shell on e bay at the moment, worth a look. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Opel-Manta-GTE/183782830381?hash=item2aca4f712d:g:tCQAAOSw6JNcvIsu
  26. Note this eBay listing is titled Vauxhall Opel manta so does not show if you just put Opel manta in classic cars
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