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B535 CNV & C987 UFK - Red GTE Hatchbacks

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Hi all I thought it would be nice to post up some pictures of my first Manta. I owned the car during 1989/1990. I sold it to a young lad of 18 - expect it got trashed as he lived in the MK area and I only saw it a couple of times after selling. It did cost me some money at the time especially after 6 months ownership when the majority of the front of the engine went into self distruct on the A34 and cost me well over £750 back then to get it fixed!:



And yes that's the other Manta C987 UFK which together with the Corvette Stingray 1978 5.7 V8 sat behand, belonged to one of my old friends.

If anyone owns, has pictures of or has seen either car, please let me know (No not the Corvette, they handle like a barge, but do look great!).



1987 2.0 GTE Hatchback

1970 Opel Commodore Coupe

Old Mantas never die, they just get faster !

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