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OH Dear!!!!!


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That's the one mate. Just hope I can get it all to come together.

Cost is the big thing for me, I always do my cars on a tight budget, as I've found it doesn't actually take a lot to do a car properly.

BUT on saying that there are always certain areas where money has to be spent and regardless of cost it has to cost whatever it costs.

If all this works well, I should have a storming little motor, which will be very reminiscent of my old red b series.

The mechanical and fabrication side of things is not too much of a problem, I would be a liar if I sdaid it was dead straightforward, but it is do able, it is the elctronic side of things that I believe is going to be the headache.[:(]

With the lighter evenings on the way, I shall see about tackling this an hour at a time and see how soon the body shapes up.

So this should hopefully turn into an interesting topic for people to peruse at their leisure. [:)]

Edit:- forgot to say, the good running 1.9 is going to go in favour of a 2.0S due to the lower compression ratio of the 2.0S.

East Midlands area Rep. email opel2000@ntlworld.com

Shiny bits http://www.customsolutions.me.uk

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Had a little bit of time on my hands, coupled with the fact I've been trying to clear some stuff out, so.......

I fitted the new rear spoiler and the new bumper, and new No. plate lamp (total cost £8.20 from Billing) Spoiler was £20.00

And a set of the Cseries rear lights rather than the red surrounds on the B series, but they were shagged anyway, thanks to good buddy Chris Tee for those.

Also due to the fact I had just bought a new interior, the only place I had to store it was on the car, so it now has new carpets, door cards, seats, etc. including the dash.

So after a few hours of pottering about the interior and arse end is now looking like this.





Also the Scabby rusted up Rostyles have now gone, and been replaced with a scabby set of ATS alloys, again i just needed the stuff clearing out.

Along with a scabby GTE front bumper I bought off of Ebay (the seller of this item got my first neg feedback ffing w4nker) But mangaged to do a quick and quite surprisingly solid repair to get the mounting bracket back onto the bumper.

Next up on this project is going to be the removal of the engine and box in readiness to start repairing the shell itself, not actually been able to fire the engine up again, but when it was running it was running very very well, so there is going to be a good 1.9 engine up for grabs soon.

In the meantime I'm going to be sourcing the parts for the supercharger and ECU system and making sure I can mount it all correctly.

The hardest part of this is going to be coming up with a tensioner system for the drive belt.

Shiny bits http://www.customsolutions.me.uk

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Well this is the supercharger.

It is an Eaton M42, and should be good for approx 220BHP depending upon engine efficiency, and mapping.

I'm expecting this to push out somewhere between 150 to 180 BHP on the CIH lump.

Sounds a lot???? well this is where forced induction comes into it's own, there are huge HP gains to be made from forced induction, plus I'm going to be doing some of my head mods which saw me gain 30BHP (allbeit coupled with other items i.e. exhaust etc) in the past from a carb'd 2.0S

Dead excited about this project just wish I had the facility to get stuck into it all right now, but simply intending to do an hour at a time when I get home each evening, can be surprising how quick the work disappears like this.


As you can see from the pic Dizzy is well in the way, so a DIS setup will be used, there will be a throttle with a Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) at the arse end of the Supercharger (SC)

When throttle is close this will simply cut off any air into the supercharger and should hopefully remove the need for a bypass/blow off valve, (not 100% sure just yet) there will also be a MAP sensor fitted into the GTE plenum chamber, the ECU will read the Manifold Absolute Pressure and the ecu is mappable for ignition retard at various inlet pressures.

Cream injectors from will be used to ensure adequate fuel flow. and again can be altered for opening duration.

Standard fuel pump should be up to the job but I have a horrible feeling I gave all my fuel pumps away[:(]

Still have a lot to look into but it is all there and readily available from the breakers and a lot of stuff I already have myself, and other stuff, such as brackets, and the plate to bolt onto the outlet of the supercharger to take air to the intercooler (for those that don't know Compression causes heating of the air, compressing air basically forces all the atoms and molecules in the air into a smaller area and they bounce about off of each other causing friction and therefore heat) so this will need cooling down through the intercooler.

Lot of bang for buck here if it all works.

The CIH simply has so much room on the side of the engine to allow fitment of this, it really is the route to take.

Of course for more bang for a little more Buck, you could fit the SC off of a Merc, again this is an Eaton Supercharger of similar design but larger.

Shiny bits http://www.customsolutions.me.uk

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quote:Originally posted by opel2000

Cream injectors from will be used to ensure adequate fuel flow.


I've heard of water injection to prevent det but not cream injectors - where the bloody hell did you come up with an idea like that?

surely the heat will cause it to curdle and leave all kind of mess in the combustion chamber[;)]



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Interesting idea there Clive, and something i don't think anyone's actually done on a manta with the CIH engine.

Be interesting to see how it runs, and what the engine makes [:)]

Sills?, what are those bits of rust laying on the floor then?

BOJ, Jodie, Chicken$h!t

Spares, Racer in waiting, GONE! [:(]


OMOC 5714

http://www.clockservicing.co.uk/ For any clock repairs try here.

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Good luck with it Clive! A good distraction I would imagine!

By the way Ian N, Andy Collom had a supercharged GTE hatch in the 90's. Looked bog standard from the outside but went like stink! I'll try and find some pictures and post them on here. I believe Roy Fellingham now has the set up as the car was totalled in an accident.


Andy Turner a.k.a Fat Southern B'stard membership no: 3783

"its all going flat cap and walking stick instead of Rally jacket and bottle of beer....."

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I hope you didn't just remove the heater box on my account Clive.

On the recent mention of turbos, what's the possibility of a supercharged and turbocharged CIH, like that new VW Golf GT, daft idea I know but it'll be a first I'm sure!?

Nice to see another previously unloved b-series being restored to a better than original condition. I think it looks more daunting when stripped down a bit that in the original pics, but the fact that it'll be a masterpiece in the end is reassuring [;)]

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Seeing as though, Dog that next door is looking after ffing woke me up, followed by the bloody postman, when I was just dozing back off.

Followed by bloke across the road who works nights and hates noise and being woke up early, he seemed to think he would have a peaceful morning messing about on his car and running his motorbike engine up on the front.[:(!][:(!][:(!]

MR. angle grinder is about to attack the shed on my drive.

Proper work on this car starts Today.

Noisy useless bast muppets.[xx(]

Shiny bits http://www.customsolutions.me.uk

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"give it what for joe


Sorry, you've lost me there Ashley.

I think your pictures prove that it's rare that a Manta will be bad enough to be beyond saving these days Clive. When I look back... I'd better not!



Please log into this site from the Home page folks. It helps to keep it as the first Manta site listed on Google.

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TBH Joe, I nearly scrapped this fecker yesterday, mainly due to the fact that I did not expect the amount of work I'm uncovering.

Originally I had all the time in the world to do this car. But now I really need the engine bay and front end finished asap.

Simply have to do the work Clive, oops I mean Joe [:)][;)]

Shiny bits http://www.customsolutions.me.uk

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quote:I did not expect the amount of work I'm uncovering.


Did anyone ever?

It's an inevitable stage in any project[:I].

You know you've got the skills to do it, all you need is the time[;)].

If what I say can be taken in 2 ways and one of those ways get you angry....I meant it the other way

e-mail : mark_gunning@yahoo.co.uk


OMOC 5817

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Ah looks like a Manta..... or at least like several i've had ago at!

When we picked this one up i thought there would be a lot of work but i didn't doubt that you would get stuck in and have it sorted out in no time.Having seen this one close up in its 'original' state i'm really looking forward to when you have worked your magic,Clive.

Just think,you could have tackled the Austin Maxi that sat infront of the Manta,now that was ROTTEN!!!

How many bottles of Bud are you upto now with this restoration?

When people add the cost of restorations they think of parts,materials,consumeables etc But the real cost includes Fags,Beer,Sticking Plasters,Marriages........

I've got piles of all sorts of Manta parts,i might even have something you need!

surplus parts bought,whole cars considerd. M/B 07947 640505

OMOC Member number 2658F

Ian Virco,area rep,Beds Herts and North Bucks.

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Well I actually found a bit o' time this eve to get a bit o' welding done, to say I've been a bit busy of late would be an understatement.

Anyway, a majority of the bigger holes in the inner wing area got plugged this eve.



What was irritating as hell though, was, welding away and getting nice smooth seams, then all of a sudden, NOTHING, just blobs of weld sitting on the steel, it was so damn obvious the weld had not penetrated and could not for the life of me figure out why it was doing it.

The lack of penetration at some points was just so damn bad I simply took the hammer to the welds and beat them off and started again, after giving the welder a kicking and having a break I went back and all was fine.

It was not the welder overheating I just haven't got a clue what was happening.

Really wish I had more time to get stuck into this.

Shiny bits http://www.customsolutions.me.uk

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