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Ascona - XE Project

lewis p

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Barring natural disasters or anything else nasty and beyond my control I should be picking the car up at the weekend.

I have managed to find the last hundred quid i needed and intend to install this car in the heated garage and clean it/love it etc, then I want to drive it to local shows and Billing 2007.

not likely to sleep much tonight, too excited.

Must say that Lee (delmastiff) is a top bloke who gave me a fair chance to buy the car once I said I wanted it and was finding the money.


-----empty spaces, what are we living for ?-----

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Guys I am a bit gutted that I am having to sell, but sell I am. Thanks for the kind words from Chris and Paul I like to think that I am a decent bloke to deal with and I can say that you two guys certainly are [:D]

I am pleased that Paul is taking 'Jade' on and that she will get a well deserved trip out to Billing next year. I'll come over and say hello to her [;)]

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quote:Originally posted by Robbie

Paul you will need a transporter to get all the mantas to billing, you could nearly have your own show.

If i could get a 2 door scona in that condition I would be seriously tempted [:)]


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id="quote">id="quote">I know of a VERY GOOD 2 door scone, left hooker for sale
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Where are you based? I am sure we can sort something out with the wheels and steering wheel, it would be nice to put them back on the car.

E-mail me privately and i will return mail with some pics on the rostyles.


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I am down in Cornwall, 8 miles from Lands end !!

I like the wheels that are on the car to be honest but it would be nice to have the originals to go on for shows etc, I have no idea what the standard Ascona steering wheel even looks like !!

my e-mail is paulmanta "at" googlemail.com

I would mail you through the site but that seems to be broken at the moment.

-----empty spaces, what are we living for ?-----

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I fink u shud slam it on 19s m8....

Then stik a valva in it, innit....

I'll stick to plumbing.[:I]

If only I'd had

a. A grand.

b. The room.

But I haven't, so I'll simply have to drool next year at Billing.

You'll be wanting a towbar for it for your trailer tent though Paul. You'll never get a mattress in the back of that![:D]



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