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Stradacabs S/R Berlinetta-The next chapter!


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Hi James, excellent work there! Interesting cos we seem to be doing the same work on our B's. Just had mine back from bodyshop after the same rear arch repair. Roof is next but this wont be done in time for Billing. Have you seen Paulmanta's post on the SW convoy?



Black SRB Coupe

Impreza WRX Prodrive

Scudo 2.0TD

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Thanks for the replies!

Paul, I know I need the roof brace, just wish I knew before I got p*ssed off with the panel adhesive and cut it with the angle grinder.[:(!] Whoops! And it wasn't the first time I was told. Welded it back together now.

Calcol, ta for the Autotiele website, I need to get my German dictionary out, couldn't find it after a quick search unless you can post the link?


On Darrens recommendation I'll post some photos of my new project this week.(It's to keep me busy until I start the roof)


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Time to get SGH back on the road for summer, I was going to proudly arrive at the local meet in Swansea on the 13th in it.

I should have known something was wrong when I drove it over and the osf brake was binding (I thought the performance was a little flat!) I had to stop halfway to let the disc cool down.

Cause the SR is my summer drive and not a project I think I've forgotten that it is nearly 30 years old and needs ongoing upkeep too. Its just been so brilliant I guess I thought straight to the MOT station and get a ticket. What I also forgot was that the osf leg was right on the edge last year. I'm amazed that for a car thats done less than 1500 miles since, and stored under cover/ garaged how far its blown.


I've pulled it apart tonight, this is the worst side, and was quite badly gone. Most was hidden behind the arm. As my 1 year old son will be a passenger in 2008 I'm glad to get on top of it now really.

I'm away for a few days then back to work, wanna use it so need to crack on, but I'm not too confident on making the 10 day retest!!

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She passed on Saturday morning!!

That was a pants job, both sides needed plating when I checked the fail sheet. I had drop the exhaust downpipe and both of the subframe arms.

It was a slag getting the grinder in to cut out the rot, coupled with the car only being 18" off the ground so plenty of sparks/ rust and oil in eyes, hair, ears etc and the mig burns up my arms makes it look like I've got a serious heroin problem now.

I'll tax it at the start of May for our second show of the year at Pencoed.

Also fitted rear seat belts tonight, never really liked the clutter before but I've got in the habit of using them when I travel in the back of a car now and I can put the child seat in the rear too, so its sensible Dad time for me!

Hopefully this will be a straight forward driver for this season while I finish the GTE and work on the Ascona

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