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1993 Ford Orion, Cosworth.


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Hi all, just thought i would give you some information about my other project now i have some decent photo's

The car (originally 1993 1.6l zetec) is having a 4x4 Cosworth engine and escort cosworth running gear, the Wheel base is now also 1" longer than standard, and it will hopefully be running nearer 400bhp when complete.

Ill let the pics do the rest of the talking...

http://testarea.silvesterhost.co.uk/index....lery=adrenaline (fabrication pic's are nearer the bottom of the page)

The main aim i'm going for is to make the engine transplant look like it came out the factory like that, so we are trying to keep the existing suspension turrets etc. the work is being done by a chap that used to build drag car's who set up on his own and now does alot of this type of work (http://www.adrenaline-race.com)

Stuart Silvester


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That is one serious project,looks very well thought out and profesionally done.

Now if it was mine i'd try and keep the out side looking as much like the original Orion as possible,no one would suspect a car like that of being a road rocket so i'd be able to wipe the smile off quite a few faces with it !

I've got piles of all sorts of Manta parts,i might even have something you need!

surplus parts bought,whole cars considerd. M/B 07947 640505

OMOC Member number 2658F

Ian Virco,area rep,Beds Herts and North Bucks.

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You've started something now Mick. Don't give you address to anyone anymore. You'll have crowds of angry peasants trying to burn you on the stake.

OMOC #5826..... 79 SRB coupe - 'interesting project', 79 Cav saloon - 16v sleeper, 1989 Senator CD - I've been converted! But it's for sale! Yakshimash.

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Thought i'd give you another update...


new turrets + rad + intercooler mounted


closer shot of the turrent and subframe mount, and bulkhead mods


a boot floor!!!!! the fuel cell is under this floor roughly where the original wheel well was. Filler is to be modified to retain original filler cap etc.

Eta i beleive is paint underneath and engine bay sometime at the end of next week.

More pics Here

Stuart Silvester


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Seems the post order got slightly messed up

Here are some more upto date pics.




Ignore Bogwarts GT/E skirt on my bonnet :lol:


Only changes since these pics are the wings/lights & doors have been removed, and the inside/underneath & enginebay painted in a grey basecoat. The engine bay is getting painted next (in final color with laquer). I'm collecting the car end of April/Start of May then I'm setting on getting the new engine fitted.

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Thought I'd post some updates from over the past 10 months (not done alot on it though!)








Been shopping biggrin.gif


First pipe made !


Second pipe to the rear of the car


routing of pipe to rear


rear t-peice


removed all the pipes again and painted the tunnel and all the new bolt-holes




Had to move the front pipe brackets so they were in a better place


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