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Mancona hatch now Finished!! Aug 2017

Kevin Abbott

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I have been building my Mancona hatch for about a year now ( hmmm edit, 4 years) and have just realised i haven't put up many pics

I originally built my first mancona for billing 2002 after seeing a mancona on a dutch site, i wanted one bad[:)]

I painted it gold and was ace, next to the mancona coupe is my wifes exclusive coupe we restored at home.


Boy, i miss that mancona coupe . I have never had a car that had that much attention everywhere i went

I took it to billing in 2002/2003 then the car started to fall apart around me so i cut it up.

I kept the parts in my loft as i knew the mancona had a strong hold on me and in 2005 i picked up an auto trader and as luck would have it a hatch was for sale.

It was white, quite rough but with a huge history and the owner had owned it for the last 10 years, it was up for £900


I looked round the car and it needed lots of work after fred in her local garage did touch up work for many years

She had reciepts for thousands of pounds[B)]

So i offered her £300 quid, i said i didn't want to offend her but the car needed lots of work so i'll walk away and leave my number.

3 week later she said come and get it.

This is where the car started to change.........

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flippin' eck Kev, I know you've got awesome skills but I never thought you could build a De-Man-Lorean and go back in time![;)][:P][:D]

I'd echo Robbies thoughts there, it does look very cool, good luck with the hatch, tho you clearly don't need any.[^]

South Wales Rep

OMOC 5643


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Hi Pete, yea it was the one i did the Ascona front end on the hatch, so the front was gold and the back was white. Loads of fun and attention from plod with that combo[:P]

A mancona has been done with the 400 kit


And here is a pic of one i like lots from the webmancona.jpg

ohhhhhhhh Mancona

I'll upload more pics from my latest Mancona hatch when i find the pics before i show the mods i've done to the car since then[}:)]


OMOC 4076

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Cant remember if he got a set or not Kev must ask the next time I see him, i have his email but hes hardly ever on the net so not that useful lol.

The twin lights do look really well,

Just as well the parts aint that easy got for that conversion or I,d be starting a shopping list [:(]


OMOC N,Ireland Rep



OMOC 5706

... ed&search=
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Kev,only one thing better than quad cibies,SIX of em,that car looks factory mate,did you do it all yourself,not just saying this,but that has to be one of THE best looking motors i've seen really does look ths bollocks!!(i can say that cos Joe said it)absolutley love the colour/decal combo really fantastic car!!!!do you still have it?

Paul Ansell omoc 5963 (Birmingham)

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The gold one is mine and i hope thats the one you said looks the bollock[:P]LOL

The rally one is george Mc Niells car and i agree looks ace.

The great thing about doing a Mancona is that they look factory cars and at a show you will always get someone saying " i had one of those "

Then you can point out you have put an Ascona B front end on a Manta B, at this point they glaze over[:D]

I'll add some updates when i see my mate at weekend as i can't seem to rip the pics i put on the Mancona website and get them onto here.



OMOC 4076

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LOL, i love my Mantas but once you have had a Mancona you scratch and search for parts like never before[:)]

The missus won't kill you!

Go for it mate.

Hmmmmm, i may even have a spare pair of wings, bonett and lights...............

Front end is hardest to get.

I'm running the new Mancona hatch in a smooth look so no front bumper and i won a grill spoiler off German ebay,i found a new lower front panel too.

Colour will be titanium, green glass, red pipe grey interior, humungous wheels as the big arches allow +10 et wheels.

THis car has taken over from my 240 cossie car and i'm pushing to get it to the plains of Billing ( what year though! )


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What? A how to Mancona.

Hey proposal for AGM, class for Manconas[:P]

Who will second?

Light the fuse and sit back[:o)]

Seriously, i'll list the parts you need ( after iv'e collected some more of course)

Am i right in thinking they stopped making the Ascona in 1981?

No wonder parts are hard to get, i bet 'a' parts are easy!


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Robbie,if you do decide to build one,will you please consider moving home,to somewhere like.................BIRMINGHAM,i could then come round and dribble while watching you build it.I make great tea and coffee,but i'm crap at mechanical/bodywork stuff!! Just ask the wife you mite be surprised lol,cheers

Paul Ansell omoc 5963 (Birmingham)

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if you want to see just how much time and effort kevin and i put into our manconas check out http://www.mantamorfin.com

and by the way we are 2hours from birmingham coffee/buttys and tissue's are allways at hand for unexpected drool an extra pair of hands are allways welcome.

Bed and breakfast will be catered for when the garage is built. also little known fact the white mancona was once a 1800 hatch ideal mancona material, after the inital usable parts have been donated.

No mantas or small children were harmed while making this mancona or any other mancona's.


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quote:Originally posted by GARY

if you want to see just how much time and effort kevin and i put into our manconas check out http://www.mantamorfin.com


Thats some impressive stuff [8D]

By the way, is it you I'd speak to about all those juicy bits for sale on mantamorfin? [;)]


OMOC #5988

hmackay at opel-manta.com


I hae a few guid reasons for drinkin’

And yin juist entered ma heid

If a man canna’ drink while he’s livin’

Hoo the Hell can he drink when he’s deid!

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little known fact number 2,

my Mancona the one with the grey bonnet buldge was a 1800 Dutch import with 61000 miles on clock and not carefull milage, i had nothing to do with the organ donation it had allready been harvested.If you've looked on our web site you'll see how rough it was. The FOR SALE items on mantamorfin need up dateing but i can tell you from memory what i have left,

more good news on the garage front Kev if your reading this![:D]


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This is when it started to change......

The interior was the non recaro geography teacher brown, hmmmm.... niceSUC30027.jpg

So not wanting to waste anything Manta i removed it with clinical precision and then put it all on ebay. seats.door cards. carpet. dash. headling the lot, even the bloody brown clips in the boot.


It went to the local tip, the lot. They moaned at the tip as i was throwing car parts

I stripped it all out and fitted a single monza recaro, it was fun with that and it could carry loads of stuff ( but not people[:P])


As you can see the floor wasn't rotten it just needed the usual attention on the jacking points. I just cut the jacking points off as i wouldn't jack the car up using them so replaced the steel with 16g

The battery tray was well past it's sell by date so i cut it out and added the one i cut out of my wifes exclusive

Looking down you can see the removal of the jacking point too on this pic




I was still using the car as a runner at the time so progress was slow.

The a posts were repaired and so was the chassis legs on both sides


It soon became time to chop it's face off and Mancona it[}:)]

This is what i removed in preparation to become a mancona


coming next, how to Mancona[:)]

Many A Night Tinkering About

OMOC 4076

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  • 1 month later...

So one day i went over to Garys and we decided to Mancona it using the gold Mancona parts i had been holding onto.

The front end was cut off back to the inner wings and about 6" removed from the front of the chassis as Asconas are shorter.


It's not shown on the above pic but the chassis was removed from the front so it was flush with the crossmember.

The next pic shows how much shorter a Mancona is


The hatch was on standard spring so they had to go but just look how high up it was before when you compare it with Garys Mancona!¬


The trial fit of the Ascona front end and wings/bonnet/lights/ bumper took a couple of hours to do and was only held on by a few small welds and screws but transformed the car into a half gold half white jacked up strange looking thing.


I drove the car around in the gold/ white combination with no interior just one seat for a couple of months until i could bear it no longer and had to ship the other project out of my garage and give this my full attention.

It was fun driving it around as i had loads of people asking me if i was doing it while or gold and the police who loved to pull me in it coundn't believe i had insurance, so i carried all my docs with me.

I just had to put different springs/ shocks on it and the bbs wheels i had on the other Mancona.


My cosworth powered manta was shipped off to storage and i could put my full attention into the Mancona



Many A Night Tinkering About

OMOC 4076

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