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Mancona hatch now Finished!! Aug 2017

Kevin Abbott

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The no response comment was angled at kev as he knows I have gone through the ringer on another matter that was centred around one way into a black hole communication problem.....

Yeah let's be honest it's not exactly easy with the site in its current format, loading up pics and doing the write up all takes time.

I know I got a bit pissed off with the photobucket and broken links, I gave up in the end, especially after getting weird comments.

Then we have to do the actual car work! Funny how important that bit is aye.

I am following this build as it's of great interest too me, keep going hard out and hopefully we can see some pics as well.

Keep up the good work!


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I loaded them to my website last night.

Os front floor all finished,


Ns floor finished


And the front end all done, floors chassis rails and jacking points (and a cobweb hanging from the ceiling that i didn't see when taking the pic!)


Onto the boot floor next.

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I've been meaning to sort some photos out for a while but i just never seem to get around to it.

There has been quite a bit of work done recently, so here are some pictures

So the boot floor looked like this, the original plan was to fit the Calibra plastic fuel tank Under the floor.

But the Calibra tank would hang down lower then the standard Manta one and also being wider wouldn't leave room for the exhaust to pass either side.

So the decision was made to return the floor to standard and use a manta tank


So out came the 9" angle grinder


After the first rough cut a lot more smaller cuts were made slowly working the hole to match the new donor boot floor panel i'd cut from a scrap car a while back


The 2 chassis rails that had been removed to make space for the calibra tank were refitted


I also cut away the seam/lip from the bottom of the back panel as rust had got into it and was pushing it apart (common hatchback issue)

New pieces were made up to join the inner and outer panels together


Now i'm sure i took pictures of the new boot floor being trimmed and trial fitted (it did seam to go in and out many times) but i cannot for the life of me find them.

So there is a little jump from the picture above to the next one


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All welded in and a couple of layers of treatment on and it looks much better


As is common with hatchbacks there was quite a lot of rot around where the rubber bung goes in the fuel filler neck


So i cut it back to good metal


The i spent quite a lot of time looking at it and thinking how to tackle it before breaking out the CAD (Cardboard Aided Design) and making 3 new pieces

With all 3 pieces welded in and ground it looks better


More so after its been treated


Currently all the welding to the floor is finished, i have a couple more bits to clean and treat then i'll be painting the floor and seam sealing it all before the stonechip goes on


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Nice work David, looking good ;)

Can the horrible crappy triangular bits with the tie down holes in at the back end/sides be removed?

They look ugly hanging down from the rear..

What do you need from us next?

GTE tank, LET engine?

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C'mon David, put some updated pictures up. The work you have done looks great and we have seen it close up.

Where do we go from here?

I want to see the car finished. It's been a project of mine for 10 years......

I can't finish it.. Andy can't finish it

You can finish it...

Let's get it done

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Dave seems to be a top bloke, and very good at his work, but his communication is a let down. He was going to finish my car 18 months ago after I visited his premises, but he never got back to me :')

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Kev if you or Andrew want an update the best thing to do is ring me between 10am and 7pm any day of the week.

Asking a question on your topic on the forum isn't going to get a quick response as i don't get on here that often to look through all the different topics.

As for your comments above at 1:57am the other morning, the car has been here since June 2012, so a little under 2 years, but for the first 13 months it sat waiting for Andrew to be able to come across and look at it.

Because remember it originally came to me so i could wire up the engine correctly, run fuel and brake lines, fit the tank and add a power steering setup. which should have been a few months at most

Until i stripped it and mounted it on the spit we couldn't see the amount of welding required. So it sat waiting for the ok to do the chassis rails/ jacking points and floors.

I started on the front end welding and then the plans for the tank changed, twice i think. Ending up with returning it to a standard boot floor.

So that's all done including the filler neck and lower back panel.

There is some nasty rust in the NS A pillar and i talked to you in january about getting a good repair panel, which you had and were going to get across to me with the tank ASAP

Haven't seen it so far.

Yes i know i could be ringing and chasing these things up and that is one of my downfalls, along with having 3 big projects in at the same time all of which snowballed into much bigger jobs.

Including the Alfa thats still here and i haven't heard from the owner in a year :unsure:

As for the money your brother has spent, don't forget that £600 has gone towards parts for the car.

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Weird post? This could be the result of the forum upgrade a few years ago, i know that whoever was the last person to post on a thread before the update became the person credited with starting the thread, other weird things could have happened.

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Kev just be looking at your build very nice car great job done just want to ask you about your bodykit is it a mk1 Astra gte that flare the arches how did you fit it did you use the stud that come with the kit or fibre glass them on ! Also are the light are they off a BMW and how much work is there to make them fit

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