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my 1979 manta b


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i picked this manta up on friday it came with 25 years of m.o.t original bill of receipt all receipt for work done over the years from wheels to wleding its one keeper from new and came with 7 mouths of m.o.t and tax. this is not my first manta i have had 3 before and love them ever since my bro got one when i was only 4 he still has his now but this is the first one i am going to rebuild so i need all the advice i can get. it needs a new roof skin so far the vinal has bubbled and feels a bit crispy when you push on it. all so the bluk head needs a bit of work on drivers side but not much but in saying that all the jack points sills and most places were thay go has been done in 2005 so all the advice i can would be good thanks how do i add the pics in here


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Looks like one good manta[:P]If the vinyl roof is lifting you will most likely find that the roof skin is okay.When I took the vinyl roof off my A Series, it was bubbly and crispy, but the roof panel underneath was totally solid, so hopefully yours will be aswell.Look forward to seeing it at Billing[;)]

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