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F511 JAA White excl coupe - Hull

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One of the red coupe's in Hull is mine. If you'd been driving past Skidby on Mother's Day you would have seen me broken down on the roundabout on the nearside lane with two police cars and an AA van pushing it onto the verge!

One thing about driving Mantas - it's never dull

I'm hoping to go on the Hull-Filey road run, and the Hull-Brid road run in June / July - hope to see lots of Mantas there!

OMOC: 6010F

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Thats one nice looking manta roy.If i see it out and about i`ll let you know.

Matt-do you live in hollym by any chance?Im from withernsea but now live in Hull.Give me a shout at garth1983@hotmail.co.uk if you fancy a chat.

Trebor-Now ive got the exclusive and my license back i`d be up for acouple of runs out.when is the filey and brid runs taking place?


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Hi Gareth

Glad to hear that you're up and running with the Manta!

The Hull to Brid run is happening on June 10th, I've lost where I found details of the Hull to Filey run (unless I was thinking of last year).

The last pub meet before summer is happening tomorrow (29th April), Matt and myself are going in convoy, might be cool if you want to come, I went before I was a member, and decided to join after going.

OMOC: 6010F

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Hi Gareth

I've sent you an email with my mobile number if you want to come. We are meeting at the Fox and Hounds which is in Copmanthorpe, off the A64 near York.

We are meeting at Copmanthorpe at 12.00, but setting off from Hull at 10.30.

Give me a call if you can make it.


OMOC: 6010F

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wow it is the same car! I bought it from a guy in bradford tho and im sure it was in 2003. Ill habe to check, it did come with a load of history. His work was soo shoddy its beyond a joke, funnily enought it was shown in the club mag one month ive still got the copy somewhere.

Thanks for the info roy!


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As a post script to this I saw this car a few weeks ago on the back of a low loader at the NW Pub Meet - sadly on it's way to be broken / chopped & crushed the next day.

As rough Exclusives go it was among the worst I've ever seen, well beyond redemption.

Such a shame, looked so good only a few years ago.

Carl [:D]

1984 GTE Coupe 2.0XE16v - B623RWW - currently being reshelled...

1988 GTE Exclusive Coupe - E862BAO

1996 BMW 328i Touring Alpina Cosmetics Hartge Power - Parts Chaser/Manta Tower/Daily Driver

OMOC Member#5937

E-Mail Me - mrcarlos@mantagte.co.uk

Into MySpace? Check me out......



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