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86 gte exclusive


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just taken out of mothballs today after two years off the road [:)]




looks ok after a wash, but as we know theres rust somewhere, tommorow will probaly find some[:(]

still cant get it to start with the key, changed everything bar ingition lead & little black mount at back of the barrel, was bloody pushing it around the place all day[xx(]

ahh well hopefully wiil get some progress tommorow,

would love to get it over to billing this year.

jim nolan

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well unfortuneatly i dident get to billing[:(]

but i had the chance to bring this gte on hols with me to kerry,


and thankfully after driveing from one side of ireland to the other & back, it drove with no problems bar 2 exhaust o rings crumbled off.

not bad for a car comeing out of hibernation[:D]


jim nolan

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In England the government would see that field behind your car in the first picture as prime development land for a few hundred gob-on cheapo "Executive" houses.[:(!]

What an absolutely beautiful place to be, and in your Manta too. Fantastic Jim. [8D]

Now if Billing gets flooded again next year....



Please log into this site from the Home page folks. It helps to keep it as the first Manta site listed on Google.

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