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My Manta A series project *updated*


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hi guys

right, bought this from ebay recently, and going by its history on here and with the description the seller gave i thought, yeah, worth a punt. Well i won it and went to collect.

Again seemed ok so paid and drove off in it 4 miles up the road the engine blew....piles of blue smoke and well, u can imagine.

Got home eventualy. Bought some new alloys and booked in for a respray

Bodywork guy found a host of ****. Some of the panels were stuck together with filler and the doors were rotten through. There was even hamerite on the body paint....requiring it to be rubbed to bare shell.

Under the "roof" was complete rust and glue and needed 2 full days to get right

anyway....heres some progress pics. Should be done by this Thurs or Fri

first pick was how i bought it.


and now some of my progress pics

new wheels b4 going to body shop










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Thats common on an A series, they can look 100% and have really nasty tin worm, those doors are going in the usual places and go along the bottom as well.

Sorry to hear about the engine [:(] but good to see the car is getting the tin worm cut out, should be a cracking car when ur finished [:)]

loads of dinitrol and waxoyl required once sprayed


OMOC N,Ireland Rep



OMOC 5706

Please dont shoot me it,s only an opinion not a demand

Email robbie @ mantamagic.com (without the spaces)

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I was gonna take a look at this myself once upon a time. Am I right in saying it was in the northwest ?

No offence, but I'm bloody glad i didn't after your little norror story. [B)]

OMOC 5885

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I take it you want to blend into the background?[:)] My yellow Viva got sooo much attention it was embarrassing. At least the A is a sexy looking car that deserves to be gawped at [:D]

OMOC #5826..... 79 SRB coupe - 'interesting project', 79 Cav saloon - 'another interesting project', 1993 Senator 24v. Yakshimash.

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i just think these old cars look great with bright pastel colours and there so cool compaired to todays cars they just deserve to be looked at.....or maybe im just attention seeking..[:I][:I]

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Tell you what mate, when you look at the age of the car anyone should expect to find nasties under the paint/panels but to be totally honest with you that looks as though it has been a bloody good buy.

Just how old is it? 35? 34 years old?

One question though, why the remote brake reservoir, and was this the car advertised recently with the 16V engine in.

And sorry to to mention this but has the body chap left the screens in and the c pillar vents? If so WHY?

And the front grill and the fuel filler cap.

Shiny bits http://www.customsolutions.me.uk

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yes it was advertised with the 16v engine

And to a degree ur right about an old car having probs, however, they were not mentioned and lots of things were omitted in the description

The front screen was removed, but the rear one left in as its been glued in with some severe stuff and the only way of getting it out was breaking it.

not sure about the grill or cap though but when i collect it and check it over, if im not happy hell fix it.

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quote:i just think these old cars look great with bright pastel colours

If thats the colour i think it is its no pastel colour, Signal Yellow by any chance?

Got a friend who's got a unique MK 1 Cavalier in that colour and its not just Yellow its


I've got piles of all sorts of Manta parts,i might even have something you need!

surplus parts bought,whole cars considerd. M/B 07947 640505

OMOC Member number 2658F

Ian Virco,area rep,Beds Herts and North Bucks.

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That car was local to me and I was sorely tempted by it - glad I didn't bother if the engine was about to blow up.....although I do have 2 spares so it wouldn't have been so bad, just more work.

As for the bodywork issues - they are nothing, I'd be well happy if thats all I found when stripping down for a full spray.

You'll get noticed with that colour! Are you North West based or did you travel?


1984 GTE Coupe 2.0XE16v - B623RWW - currently being reshelled...

1988 GTE Exclusive Coupe - E862BAO

1996 BMW 328i Touring Alpina Cosmetics Hartge Power - Parts Chaser/Manta Tower/Daily Driver

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E-Mail Me - mrcarlos@mantagte.co.uk

Into MySpace? Check me out......



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Im just North of Newcastle actually. The day i got this was a long ass day. Had to get flatbedded home by RAC. Ended up being late to pick up the kids. Was not happy

never mind. The cars sorted now, so just looking forward to summer driving in the brightest car in Northumberland. Maybe see some of u guys at Billing this year

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ok all done...sort of. Its painted in VW orange. The same orange that was used by VW to paint cars in the 60's.....cool




Ive also had the engine cover painted to match thge rest of the car. The underside of the bonnet and boot is satin black just to break it up a bit

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MantaMick......All that hard work to prep and paint has really paid off. Looks cool in that colour too.[8D]

Does look a sand colour rather than true orange.

With so many modern cars on the road today in silver, then I think bright alternatives or retro colours works well on a Manta.

Purple was also the 'in' colour, on some cars in the 70's, It's not a colour I would use.

Am thinking of yellow for my 'A'. Then, if after spraying, it's too 'in ya face' bright, will add a black vinyl roof. [;)]

Mal...OMOC #6022 malalsal@aol.com H9OP6tnFJvCgw3kz3xgONVPRv4v9t6WR0060.jpg Start your Manta restoration today........ before it's too late!

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  • 1 month later...

Just got my seats and centre console back the other day. Had the seats recovered with cream centre. Centre console done in full cream with a new cream gaitor

Also had a shagpile carpet fitted[:D][8D]





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Maybe not. I might have found somewhere to keep the car so if i sort it out ill be keeping her. I do not want to sell her at all and putting her up for sale made me feel sick and still does. Even the missus went mental ...lol

But as im sure ull all agree, its good to keep old cars in a nice warm place and not expose them to the elemants....which u get a lot of in Northumberland

So chances are it will be pulled[:I]

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Well, i decided to keep her in the end and just enjoy her for the summmer and see hwat happens after that. I am loathe to part with the car given ive put a lot time and effort {and cash} into the project. Its just worrying me that i dont have a shelter for her at present apart from a car cover

As regards Billing,im not sure if ill be going as its the same weekend as a kids day at Loudoun Castle in Ayrshire which is also having a classic/retro car show. And it means i can take the kids and missus and have a family and car day at the same time

heres a link to it


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