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87 manta hatch


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bought this hatch last year off of flea bay ,but only got to get it back to me manta haven here across the pond last week.

it is a one owner with only 45.000 miles on it.

been stood for the last few years in dry storage.



now to get her ready to drive i have to replace all the bloody fuel lines [:0] & i think the fuel pump is bursted aswell [xx(]



anyone know where i can get the steel fuel lines for the underside ?

at least i got all the engine bay fuel lines sorted, so theres not as much fuel getting out as quick now[:)]

brakes are a little bit stiff ,but when i get the leaks sorted i can solve that [^]

jim nolan

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That looks a good one Jim. There's some unusual stuff outside there too. Is that your yard (or are other folks really bad at parking in the local supermarket [:D] )?

For the fuel lines, if you don't want to use steel ones (or can't get any), you can buy 8mm or 10mm microbore copper central heating pipe to use instead. It's easy to bend and of course it won't rust. For awkward corners and joints, it can be soldered together using capilliary fittings or connected with compression fittings.

If you'd like some and can't find any locally, let me know and I'll sort some out for you. (I'll bet Robbie knows where to get it though [;)])



Please log into this site from the Home page folks. It helps to keep it as the first Manta site listed on Google.

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quote:That looks a good one Jim. There's some unusual stuff outside there too. Is that your yard (or are other folks really bad at parking in the local supermarket )?

LMFAO [:D][:D][:D]

I would also echo Joe's post above about the Microbore copper pipe, cheapest solution you will find and will work an absolute treat.

Personally I didn't get on with it, as I struggled to route it between the Torque Tube brace and the floor pan, but then again if I could have got the car high enough it would have been easier.

If you don't go for the hardline type of fuel line I would simply go to a motor factors and get about 8 metres of High pressure rubber fuel line.

Forgot to say.......

That is one clean looking manta, hope it is as good as it looks on the piccies

Shiny bits http://www.customsolutions.me.uk

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You should have no trouble replacing fuel lines and pumps after your experience with Paul, Jim! Lovely looking car that too [8D]. Which one will be coming to Billing?

OMOC #5826..... 79 SRB coupe - 'interesting project', 79 Cav saloon - 'another interesting project', 1993 Senator 24v. Yakshimash.

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How much work does this one need to get on the road then?

it needs fuel lines the whole way down to tank[xx(]

will go with the copper lines now me thinks.

needs new fuel pump assembly,3 bits of rust to tackle. on the back panel at wheel arch,on passenger wing, on the roof a perfect inch round scab of rust, brakes are a bit stiff,4 new tyres, a good service & a good t cut & that should be it[^]

then i will present it to her good self, & hope for the best [;)]

the yard with all the cars joe is unfortunately not mine.

but belongs to john flynn in carlow town. he is bringing in cars from england at a bloody fast rate[:0]

he collects & delivers cars both ways,3 lorrys a week.

& he stores cars as well but only for a while , theres a good few left there now that the owners havent picked up & dont want now ,so john then sells them on again[:0]

jim nolan

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looks like a goodun you have there. looks identical to mine except mine has stupid stickers randomly placed everywhere, hopfully these will be removed on wednesday night tho and will look as smart as this one nearly. never thought of using microbore copper before, just replaced the fuel lines on my astra van when i put a 20SEH in it, i used some copped nickel or something that cost £30 odd quid a reel! i know what i will be using from now on!


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