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Can it be done? PART 2!!


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Last years project is still going strong, but I have decided to start work on the new Manta. The car has been sitting at the back of the house looking sorry for itself, and I was expecting the worst when I began to strip it down, but I needn't have worried.... It's one of the most solid Manta's I've ever seen!!! I knew the rear arches and sills needed attention, but was amazed to find that's about it! The footwells and a-panels are as good as they get. small patches needed both sides above the rails. Jacking points are perfect. small hole on drivers inner-wing and chassis rail, but nothing remotely serious! Roof is the only let down, but I'll sort it one way or another. I'll post some more details soon, but I'm starving and need to get some dinner! In the mean time, have a look at these pics. The last few were taken of my current car, the other day... It's still looking great and has been used every day since Billing last year (snow and all!!)












































1980 GT/J 2.0 SEH Road Car (soon to be 16V)

1978 Berlinetta 16V Rally car Project.

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You can't beat an early 'B' (although Clive might have a slightly different viewpoint just at the moment![8D])

Any chance of a few more pictures please Callum....[:o)][:D][;)]



Please log into this site from the Home page folks. It helps to keep it as the first Manta site listed on Google.

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ok, time to bring you up-to-date on the situation with this project.

We picked up this manta from a guy on the next road to us, who knocked on our door after seeing my car. Turns out he is a real enthusiast and even used to run a club for classic Opels. He is more into Mini's now though, and offered us this car with a bootfull (and I mean FULL!) of spares (some really useful stuff too, not just old unwanted tat) for £50! Couldn't turn that down!

Anyway the original idea was for my brother to use it for a spaceframe, 4x4 Cosworth 400 Replica project, but after some thought I have decided to use this car to basically re-shell my car, leaving my shell for the 400 project.

The reason for this is that this shell has less rot, is more-or-less un-welded and has no accident damage, so is an ideal blank canvas for a mint shell. My car has more rot (although it's all been welded up) and a bit of a rippley quarter from an accident, however the spaceframing will remove the rot, and the 400 kit will mean the smoothness of the rear quarter is not such an issue... Make sense??!!

Also this car has loads of history which is nice. Original invoice, plus stamped up service book, loads of receipts, all tax discs since new and MOT's since 1994. It's done a genuine 76000 miles.

Anyway, the plan is to strip the shell, replace the rear arches, and patch up the few rusty areas that need doing. Then use parts from my current car to build it up. The only issue is the roof. Yes, it has a sunroof, but amazingly, this is in very good condition, and there is not really any rust spreading into the roof from below. The problem is it used to have a vinyl roof, and some rust has formed under that, leaving the roof badly pitted, and with a few tiny pin-holes. I have 3 options....

1. fit solid roof skin.

+ nice smooth rot free roof.

- loads of work and I'm concerned that I will not be able to get it looking perfect.

2. clean/treat/fill and repaint existing roof.

+ should get a nice smooth roof with a rot-free sunroof.

- loads of work again, and may not be able to achieve good finish... also may rot easily in the future.

3. clean/treat roof and get it re-vinyled.

+ will have a nice factory-look rot-free sunroof, and very little work.

- Will cost to get re-vinyled and do I really want a vinyl roof?

At the moment I'm tempted by the re-vinyling ideas. I think if the rest of the car looks right it may not look too bad. Imagine the pics of my current car above, but with a black roof... I think I'm normally put off cos vinyl roofs go hand in hand with all the chrome edge-trim and narrow wheels etc!

What do you think??


PS: sorry ... thats a lot to read!

1980 GT/J 2.0 SEH Road Car (soon to be 16V)

1978 Berlinetta 16V Rally car Project.

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Something like this

Maybe I can make the vinyl roof fashionable again!!

(or maybe not)



1980 GT/J 2.0 SEH Road Car (soon to be 16V)

1978 Berlinetta 16V Rally car Project.

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I'm thinking of going back to vinyl on my SRB. Done it on my Cav and I think it looks cool. How about signal yellow with a brown vinyl roof [xx(]

OMOC #5826..... 79 SRB coupe - 'interesting project', 79 Cav saloon - 'another interesting project', 1993 Senator 24v. Yakshimash.

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