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Just tried the RAC website and their vehical search and the Cavalier comes up so it must still be in existance as i believe they use the DVLA data base so if a car was scrapped it would no longer show up,

here is a link to the page on the RAC site -


When i first typed this in i typed GJH887W and this came up as a Chevette that must still exsist,so the dealer who sold your Cavalier must have bought a block of registrations and at least two of the cars still survive!

Edit- Been back on the website and tried every number between the above two and they all show up,all these cars cant have survived so i tried a Cavlier MK 2 I scrapped years ago and that shows up yet it says the information is from the DVLA in a sidebar.

Just tried the DVLA website and your Cavalier comes up there with current status 'unliecenced' so i hope that is upto date and the car still exsist but is off the road,i'll put the link to the DVLA page which has to go at the bottom such is the way the post works when editing it.

I've got piles of all sorts of Manta parts,i might even have something you need!

surplus parts bought,whole cars considerd. M/B 07947 640505

OMOC Member number 2658F

Ian Virco,area rep,Beds Herts and North Bucks.


Its a bit involved,first at the bottom of this page go to the fighting vehicle crime section and click on vehical identity check,this open a page with a lot of yellow and orange on it,at the right there is a do it on line section in that click on vehicle details enquiry,this opens a new window on the left of which are road sign style sections,click on vehicle enquiry and then when that comes up click on next and that gives you the page to enter the car details.cant do a direct link,that code for it is that long it wouldn't come up on this post.

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Ian, the DVLA site won't show you which cars have been scrapped, it'll just list them as unlicensed.

omoc 5660,Cambridge & The Fens Area Rep.

"He who fights and runs away, will live to be thrashed on another day"

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many thanks Ian, and many thanks for the advice on the suspension. Went for the spax in the end. Very happy for the price i paid.



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