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GT/E soon to be back from the dead...


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Over Easter when I had a break from university I managed to get a bit more work done on the GT/E. Here is a list of what has been done, and also what will be done in the near future.

Gearbox cleaned up, new input shaft bearing, new oil seals, and all associated steel brackets painted.

Rear axle rubbed down and repainted, gear assembly and inside casing blasted out with diesel and compressed air, new back-plate gasket, new drums and shoes fitted. (probably going to change the wheel cylinders and copper brake lines also when I go back again, I also have a new handbrake cable to go on)

Rubbed down and repainted all suspension components on the rear (going to invest in a set of rear powerflex bushes at some point over the summer)

Fully undersealed the car after doing some minor ‘preventative’ welding (got a waxoyl kit to rust proof inside the sills and chassis rails when I get back)

Finished preparing and painting the front suspension components, also fit new anti-roll bar links and bushes.

I still need to get the propshaft rebuilt with new unions fitted, im also waiting for my new steering rack to arrive, and a chap to get back to me about a new steering column coupling. Then it will be all ready apart from the engine.

For the engine I still need a set of rings (+0.50), an oil pressure sensor for the gauge to work, a timing chain kit and a set of valve stem seals. Plus new paint for it.

Because the car is now pretty close to completion, I have a pretty accurate idea of what the final spec will be, which is as follows. These items have either already been done or are just waiting to be fit (apart from those bits for the engine mentioned above which I still require).

ENGINE – Fully rebored and rebuilt 2.0 CIH engine, with stage 3 big valve head (+3mm inlet and +1 exhaust), fully ported and skimmed to 11.5:1 compression ratio. Kent OP234 camshaft, uprated valve springs and solid tappets, vernier timing gear, uprated oil pump, new timing chain, new water pump.

INLET/EXHAUST – K&N 57i Induction kit, with modified air box for ducting. 4-2-1 heat wrapped exhaust manifold, and ¼” bore oversized steel exhaust system.

BRAKES - Carlton 2.2 calipers, grooved/cross drilled vented discs, Ferodo racing pads, braided stainless steel flexi-hoses front and back.

SUSPENSION – Spax lowering springs on the rear, and Spax adjustables on the front (im after a set for the rear too).

TRANSMISSION – Uprated clutch, otherwise standard.

Lots more has been and will be done to this car, but these are some of the more important features. When its back on the road I’m gonna be installing a set of gauges in the centre console, and fitting an oil cooler. After this it will be a set of rear powerflex bushes, then just some minor bodywork repairs. Then it’ll be other cosmetic parts like seats, wheels, mirrors, etc.

Heres a few pics of recent work, the pics don't show all of it but half of it at least:















OMOC # 5875 --- 1984 GT/E Coupe (nearly finished, again), 1972 Firenza, Mk3 Cavalier - Ecotec Power!! 'Igor Cavaliera' (Igor Undead)

[}:)][}:)]...By Demons Be Driven...[}:)][}:)]

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If you want the car to last Tom, I'd sell the Waxoyl kit on and get some Dynax S50 (or Robbie's pet stuff - Dinitrol). Waxoyl is rubbish by comparison with either of them.


There's lots of good work going on there by the looks of it anyhow.



Please log into this site from the Home page folks. It helps to keep it as the first Manta site listed on Google.

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Mantadoc - thats a keen eye you have, now my biggest anti-theft secret has been revealed! Noooo! [;)]

Thanks for the advice Joe, i'll look into getting some of that. I know Robbie was pleased with the stuff he used - the money is a bit tight at the moment but i suppose its money well spent if its to stop the car rusting out again!

PeteM - DTM-slag... [:D] Yeah i didnt think the twin DTM looked too bad on it, it was fairly tucked away and not stuck right out the back. Its a bit big though and literally only just squeezes in widthways with about 1/4" either side, its a bit of nightmare to line up so it doesnt knock on startup. I want to change it for a cherry bomb then put a twin DTM tailpipe on the end. It would sound better then too [8D]

Cheers guys [:)] Tommm

OMOC # 5875 --- 1984 GT/E Coupe (nearly finished, again), 1972 Firenza, Mk3 Cavalier - Ecotec Power!! 'Igor Cavaliera' (Igor Undead)

[}:)][}:)]...By Demons Be Driven...[}:)][}:)]

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Hi Tom, Did you find out what was causing the rough running the first time you rebuilt the engine? Or was this why you've gone the whole hog this time round?

You mention gauges, do you already have a set as I've got a couple kicking around let me know if they're of use and you can have 'em for 'nowt? Also Clive (Custom Solutions) can make an inexpensive gauge mounting plate which replaces the tape holders in the centre console. Your GTE's looking well BTW, would it be back together in time for Billing or does university life prevent?[:D]



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Hi Rick, yeah this is why i've gone the whole hog now - no more messing about... I never found out what it was the last time, but if this engine rebuild doesn't work out then i have a couple more ideas, but after that i'll be pretty screwed. I just hope it runs ok when i start it up!

I've got a set of gauges ready to go on but I did intend to contact Clive about a fascia for them (thanks for the offer though [:)]). As soon as the car is running well (IF it is gonna run well..) then i'll make a mock-up out of plasti-card and give clive the dimensions, as im going to want a switch or two in there aswell. I thought about Billing, but rather than rush the car for it i'll have to make next year my first one instead, by that time i'll have the car just how i've always wanted it [8D]

Cheers man, Tom

OMOC # 5875 --- 1984 GT/E Coupe (nearly finished, again), 1972 Firenza, Mk3 Cavalier - Ecotec Power!! 'Igor Cavaliera' (Igor Undead)

[}:)][}:)]...By Demons Be Driven...[}:)][}:)]

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