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New A Series Project - New Member


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Former member and Manta owner here (pre-internet times though) and happy new owner of OBN 18M.

Got off ebay on 10/06/07. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll? ... B:EF:UK:11

Documents say Model: Manta 1600, but Engine size: 1897cc. Has got recaros, extra clocks, black headlining, a webasto roof and 185 tyres. No idea what model - L, S or what - be good to find out if possible.

First Manta was a mint 1600 A series Mark Kinnon helped get me from Shrewsbury back in 1990. I brought it up to Ayrshire, Scotland but 1 year later had an unfortunate meeting with the back of a BMW. It was sold as it was -hadn't the heart to fix it. (Buyer's name was Robert from Ayrshire area if anyone knows his details - he's apparently just finished it over a decade later but I've failed to find him)

Anyway, well chuffed to get another A - will look after this time once brought back to life - its not been on the road for 8 years but kept in a posh garage and looked after.

Decent example for the money (hope don't regret saying that when work starts and we get underneath properly). Also lucky to get a good pile of extra bits -an engine (tuned 2.0 ascona untested), some glass, lots of lights back & front, rostyles + set of revolutions, some shafts, 2 gearboxes and some badges (let you know what I won't need once I'm finished).

Obvious rot will need sorted - may need a drivers door/skin and both lower rear arches. O/S/F CHASSIS RAIL may be fixable though welded before, a seam on the spare wheel tray is rotted on the outside and drivers side floor has some rot. The carpets are ford capri, wood panelling on centre console is gone and driver seat has small splits but apart from that interior is good.

Plan for now is to keep almost original and get sorted properly for next year. Trying just now to get on the road - this year - for the few months of summer we get.

Also want to get in touch with any A series owners up North and find out if Don Mavor my old mentor is still kicking about...


Brian W

Beith, Ayrshire, Scotland

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Nice car and good luck with the project. Im also an A series owner and live up north {northumberland} but im from Glasgow so im up ur neck of the woods a lot[:D]

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My A is a work in progress. I'm in edinburgh, but car in Strathpeffer! (hence the slow progress!)

If you need any engine bits, I may be able to help. Bought pile of bits for my 1.6 and then got a 2.2 to shove in!

Your new A looks good from the outside, but then with all A's you never know till you look underneath!




OMOC #5988

hmackay at opel-manta.com


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Good to have you back on the Manta scene Brain [:)], looking forward to seeing the project preogress, looks like you have a lot of work ahead are you planning on stripping the car right down to a bare shell and rebuilding it.


OMOC N,Ireland Rep



OMOC 5706

Please dont shoot me it,s only an opinion not a demand

Email robbie @ mantamagic.com (without the spaces)

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Do you think it may have had an engine transplant if the documents say 1600 and you have the 1900? Not much good if your plans are for originality but great for cheaper insurance purposes [;)]. 'M' Plate, It's about time tax exemption was bumped up a few more years don't you think[^]

All the best getting her back up to scratch mate.



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Hi bdublu, welcome to 'the' place for Manta nuts!

You mentioned Don Mavor,till about two years ago he lived in Toddington ,Bedfordshire (just near junction 12 of the M1) He has emergrated to southern Ireland and i havn't been in touch with him since he left,he is still into his Mantas though taking his very nice modified B series with him.

I've got piles of all sorts of Manta parts,i might even have something you need!

surplus parts bought,whole cars considerd. M/B 07947 640505

OMOC Member number 2658F

Ian Virco,area rep,Beds Herts and North Bucks.

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Cheers Ian for info on Don Mavor - you never know if some good guy who helped you years ago is still going to be about the same cars. and good to know you've got some bits mate - I'll be starting the shopping list next week.

On the engine subject the 1900 has been declared to dvla... (actually 2.0 litre now as 1900 packed up in 1990's. Were all 1600 manta's just the 'S'? Happy it has got all the SR bits though and you can't be too fussy about originality when yer the 10th owner...

and aye I agree about tax exemption - it should roll onward, year on year... - so nae free tax and nae cheap insurance for me.

I was hoping after the first look that I could avoid a complete strip and rebuild but after looking at mantaman's car I'm thinking it may be the only way to go.

I'd like to take the vinyl off the roof leaving the webasto the only vinyl bit - looks great on the burgundy V8 A I noticed on the site.

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Meant to say 'MANTAMICK's' manta (orange 16V) - that kind of strip and rebuild sure would give peace of mind long term though not something I could handle myself time or skills wise. Did you do most of work yourself?

Be good to catch up with you sometime Mick, not been down your way in a while tho. My A is over near Carluke at the mo (not quite as bad as yours tho Shug! - thats miles away man) - I'm in middle of moving house to get a proper garage and more room - need to try and rent somethibg local in the meantime.

Just won a free MOT today so going to start there - give it a free dvla once over at least

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The 1600 engine was optional on the SR and Berlinetta, with the 1900 optional on the S. As the new club A series registrar, I've looked through the club records, but there's nothing on your car. As you may know, a lot of Mantas get modified over the years, and a lot of the As didn't have their model type on the logbook. My own 1900SR is just down as a Manta Coupe.

omoc 5660,Cambridge & The Fens Area Rep.

"He who fights and runs away, will live to be thrashed on another day"

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Must say i was keeping an eye on this A as i've always wanted an A so has the wife, also it was only 20 mins down the road from me, but unfortunately we have just brought a new house so no money at the mo and no time, havn't even got time to do any work on my hatch. Looks a good buy for the money. You'll have to keep us all posted of your progress, nice one and good luck.

3494%3A%3C884%7Ffp37%3B%3Evq%3D32%3A8%3E764%3E%3B%3A%3A%3EWSNRCG%3D32355%3B%3B%3B53459vq0mrj Midasmesh giving it rear wheel action in the Staffordshire Moorlands. OMOC 5285

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