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were are they now

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According to the DVLA F729 hasn't been taxed since May 96, and lji isn't coming up at all. This may be because the plate was transferred to a different car.

omoc 5660,Cambridge & The Fens Area Rep & keeper of the A register.

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i bet the old bloke who bought hatchback f729 ows smashed it up as that was undersealed by a firm not long before i bought it and every garage i went to commented it like new underneath rare for mantas.[:)]..the evolution coupe was sold to a man in wigan he was going to put a calibra turbo engine in it still rember rear tyre sizes 285 x50 x15[}:)]

help mid life crisis

want another manta

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just looked in some old paper work

the buyer and his mate of evolution bodykit lji 8367

were called......dave and colin

sure they had a car pitch near wigan pier[?]

carl your area do you know of them[?]

another thought there could not have been many cars with this body kit

cant believe i sold it for £500.00

over ten years ago may be 15 years [:I]

wish i had pictures of it still

i bought the car from a guy in cumbria,cant remember his name[:(]

16v monaco blue manta


E850LRV monaco blue coupe

IN SUNNY manchester

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Gary - I can confirm the Evo kitted Coupe is safe and sound - it's partly restored at the moment and still with the same guy you sold it to.

You should come to the pub meet the owner attends regularly.


Located in Sunny Wigan Lancashire

1984 GTE Coupe 2.0XE16v - B623RWW - currently being reshelled...

1996 BMW 328i Touring Alpina Cosmetics Hartge Power - Parts Chaser/Manta Tower/Daily Driver

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E-Mail Me - mrcarlos@mantagte.co.uk

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thats good news,i will try to get to the next meet[8D]

it was solid and non sunroof but had CIH engine,with a red rocker cover 4" exhaust and deep dish wide compomotive alloys

it used to take hours to polish as the paint job was poor

now i have aged a little ,i prefer the standard body

would love to see the old girl though[:P]

16v monaco blue manta


E850LRV monaco blue coupe

IN SUNNY manchester

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