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Heck, may get this to Billing


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Thing is, this is one of the best solid driving Manta's I've had.

BUT I want to remove the chrome and put skirts and spoilers on it etc, and it just doesn't seem fair to actually do this to the car.

It really just needs leaving alone for someone else to get pleasure out of that will not be constantly thinking about changing everything.

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I've been on this forum before fighting the case not to mod decent original cars. I have even had a go at you in the past clive regarding this , so it may come as a surpise when I say 'MOD THE LIFE OUT OF IT'. My opinion has changed slightly, loads of time and money goes into a mod'd car (found that out the hard way), start with a good one. Only thing that is worth considering is if you wanted a coupe. There are some nice mod'd hatches about now.

What about compromising with some subtle mods? You know clive on my car I have recently started to shy away from the blingy stuff and go more for the matt finished items, from the outside you would nearly think the car was standard (apart from the wheels). What about black bumpers instead of chrome? Sideskirts wont look out of place either. Just a few ideas, not saying that is what you should do.

Now lets not turn this into another mod vrs orig debate

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Basically I love looking at this car.

I love driving it, and it is a very very nice Manta.

To find one as solid as this is not going to be easy, but for me to absolutely destroy the look of this car, I simply do not think I can do.

I can get hold of anything and repair it but to lose this cars identity I think would be a hell of a shame.

Totally appreciate what you are saying gunman A hell of a lot of time can be saved by starting with a good shell in the first place, but when I get stuck into stuff that needs serious repairs they do tend to move along quite quickly.

I've only ever modified real old knackers in the past, and as I know I can do this again it just doesn't seem sane to modify such a damn good car.

If I had got piccies took in the remaining daylight this eve, it would have been on Ebay tonight.

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hehe, this is like role reversal from a year or so ago.

You're absolutley right clive. I did say before i would only mod a car that I was 'saving' and if I was in your position may well do the same. What are you looking for now then? Theres an 1800 coupe on ebay .

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