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My silver i200


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Today I will show you my long time project.

It´s a silver i200 from 1984, which I bought in 1998.

I´m the 3rd owner now, and I could buy it cheap, because the cylinder head gasket was burned.

Here is the only picture before I tore it appart.


Until 2002 I was fighting against the rust and a friend of mine helped me welding. Then we paintet the under-floor with epoxy-filler.


The rest of the years, till now, the car was left in the garage, because I builded a house. But I never stopped collecting special irmscher parts that I needed for the restoration.


Here some pics of the work we´ve done till there.



Good thing come to those who wait. With a lot of help from my friends we did the paint job this summer.



And since two month the silver machine is back home [:D]


Now starts the good part of the projekt.

Greets Alexander

No Fear

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Yes, it should last for a very long time, becaus I will do all that work only once.

When the car was back home I started directly with the assembly.

Ok I know that aren´t important parts for the beginning, but it´s a good looking start[:)]


In the next weeks I continued with more needful steps.

The Manta should stay on his own feet, so I started assembling the front and rear axle.



Also new brake discs, springs and shock absorbers.


So far so good, next time I will show you the wheels.


No Fear

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Hi Alex, that is one excellent restoration you are doing there. I can't wait to see the finished article. [:D]Are you going to the Dutch manta meeting September 22nd / 23rd near Tiel ?? The reason I ask is that there will be a group of us from England coming over in our cars. We have 2 x 400's, 1 x 400 pick up, 1 gt/e coupe, I'll be in my bright green steinmetz kitted A Series and there are also some nonemanta's coming aswell, so if you do go please come and introduce yourself.[;)]

International Liason Officer

Green 24v A Series-24v engine expired

Red 1.9 Opel GT

Blue Centaur

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Hi guys

Sorry, but I won´t show up in the Netherlands. Never been to a Manta meeting yet. Maybye next year, when the car is finished ( hopefully ).

Now some pics of the wheels.

A first try on


And here on the ground [8D]


I built in new Irmscher springs and Bilstein shock absorbers.

As you can see the car is still very high. I hope the springs will get lower with the time, but the most of the weight is still missing.


No Fear

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Looking good definately some heavy duty looking springs, and like you say it will sit lower when some more weitght is on the car like the engine gearbox and drive shaft and even the interior it will make a hell of a difference to the stance of the car. Keep up the good work.

3494%3A%3C884%7Ffp37%3B%3Evq%3D32%3A8%3E764%3E%3B%3A%3A%3EWSNRCG%3D32355%3B%3B%3B53459vq0mrj Midasmesh giving it rear wheel action in the Staffordshire Moorlands. OMOC 5285

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Hello manta-i200.

Good job you are doing on your i200. Do you underseal the under body of the car, is it still in primer or is it finished paint,

Noticed your five stud conversion, what hubs and halfshafts are you using,

I like the spot light pod, are these available in germany,

are parts easily sourced in germany? original and aftermarket

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@Brady and Robbie

Yes I will unerseal it with wax.

The hubs and shafts are a special irmscher conversion. They sold it for using 400er rims without changing the axis.

The spot light pot I found at ebay, no idea who made it.

And parts, yes - forget the GM-Dealer - sometimes they don´t know what a Manta is, and how it looks.

Therefor we have dealers who sell only cih-parts, sometimes only for a special model.

A few years everything was a lot easier, bur I think that is the same in your area.

But know back to the project.

I haven´t done very much the last time, but step by step things finding their place again.



Last week two frieds helped me to assemble the doors an the boot lid.

They were hard-working [:D] maybye because of the beer I offered them when it was done.



In September there was a special fare for old Opel parts where I luckily found a pair door-panels without loudspeaker holes.


I think that looks much better. And who is listening, in a car like this, to the radio?



Now at least the back of the car is getting closer to the edge.

The next step will be the engine, getting some load in the front[:)]

No Fear

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[:0][:0] o a genuine Irmscher kit for the 5 spoke conversion, think thats what on my I240 they are soooooooo rare [^]

Love the clips round the window they do the job well, think I need a load of them [:)]


OMOC N,Ireland Rep



OMOC 5706

Please dont shoot me it,s only an opinion not a demand

Email robbie @ mantamagic.com (without the spaces)

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Yes, it should be the same used in your i240.

With that Kit you can use the original parts ( Ball bearings, axle joint, etc. )

Mine has brake drums at the rear axis. The only problem is to find original brake discs for the front. For the drums they used Commodore drums, I think.


No Fear

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Man I just love this guys garage - is that a built in hi-fi on the back wall?

The car is mint-ness in metal, gives us all something to aspire to....

My garage always looks like a bad argument between a chinese laundry & a scrapyard [:I]

Carl [:D]

1984 GTE Coupe 2.0XE16v - B623RWW - currently being reshelled...

1996 BMW 328i Touring Alpina Cosmetics Hartge Power - Parts Chaser/Manta Tower/Daily Driver

OMOC Member#5937

E-Mail Me - mrcarlos@mantagte.co.uk

Into MySpace? Check me out......



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Thanks for all the compliments, they keep me going.

The hi-fi is good if they play always the same songs on the radio. Then I work with real good music[:D]

Today it was time to bring the engine back on it´s place. It is the original i200-motor with 125PS.


For the beginning it will be okay, I think. Maybe there will be more horsepower in the future.

With two friends it was very easy to do the job, look and see.





No Fear

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sorry couldnt resist here's the translation, hi manta i200 absulute gelier box, ( car) cant wait to see it finished, there is only one car in the world manta, manta

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hi Alex , originaly im from jersey, but lived in wiesbaden for 20 odd years( and heidelberg & Mannheim ) , now am in wales, thinking about importing a manta from germany !! am looking for a project here, heres my email if u fancy a chat shanekirwan@yahoo.co.uk,

ciao for now, shane, by the way that is one hell of a maschine, cant wait to see it finished [^]

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After several weeks of waiting for the new windshield (14 weeks from UK), the projekt continues.



Last week we did the striping. I was very afraid of it, but with professional help it worked out very good.



Anytime during I waited for the windshield, I let the engine run again.

It took me a little longer as the pictures show, but it would be to much to name all the mistakes I made by getting to this point[;)]


No Fear

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