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Just joined gonna be working on this


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Can you post up a bigger picture please? This one only took half hour to download [:D][:D]

Nice looking car, will you be doing anything major like a rebuild, engine swap, modifications or just going for the original condition?


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Yeah,welcome to the club but sort out the pic size[:D][:D][:D].

Even on a 19" tft I can only see the half of it[:D].

What spec is it at present? Give us plenty of pics (smaller ones[:D]) as work gets underway, there'll be no end of advice and support.

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Yeah sorry about that didnt see until i relogged had resised it but then uploaded the First one Lol Sorted it just now!

Nope its all good had her up to the garage today and Underside is all solid needs one Small plate welding and thats it basicly the res is cosmetic they have said

2.0 Gte no mods only exshaused has been changed Need some rubber window seals new front head lights normal or quads and a respray and some touch up work she's on raod atm taxed and tested just 28th of last month. Just need to sort out the cosmetic stuff now.

Il give her a polish and get some better pics Gonna keep her fully factory stock as she is now Interior is all mint heaters all work and No tears in the seats

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Started today striping the bits that need to be replaced today with my Very limited Knowledge of actually fixing replacing parts

Thank God for Hayes manuals !

Couple of pics now the front end has now started to come appart hope there a bit better sized this time sorry once again!!



Great Help from every one that have contacted me with parts im looking for Dont worry guys theres alot more to be added to the List

Going to give the whole engine a strip and clean as i dont think its ever been done in 20 years Il see how it goes as ive never done this before Fingers Crossed eh

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Cheers danny just finished taking a few more pics As below


these are 1 of 2 sets of 5 that came with the car the others are the standard silver ones Havent had a chance to give them a good clean yet.

Btw if any one has that top case the one thats rusty Let me know what its called please and if you have one


This is the Passenger side inner wing after a bit of a scrub


and the other side


Any advice on this one would be appreciated is the bonnet savable ?


Ok thanks for looking any comments advice so on Drop me and email Thanks.

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Would the top case? you're refering to be the Rocker cover. (has to oil cap on it)

If so all you need to do is unbolt it, get a wire cup brush to fit on an angle grinder and wire brush it clean. Get down to Halfords and buy a can of Zinc primer and a can of any colour you want the cover to be. Same colour as the car bodywork always looks good. Get a new rocker cover gasket from Partco or a good motor-factors and refit. Job done! Or if you can find an alloy cover from a Vauxhall frontera in a scrap yard it can be polished and has 2.0 INJECTION or 2.2 INJECTION or 2.4 INJECTION cast into it. This is what i've got.


Many Thanks



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Thanks very much Quater life for the info

I know what il be doing this week end That will save me replacing the part Cheers mate

Maybe a stupid question but when i have buffed it all down and primered it then spray it Do i do the inside also or not mate?

Any ideas on the bonnet worth saving or better to replace? The catch is rusted heavily and i think better to replace entire bonnet now than in 6 months to a years time.

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Hi And welcome, The bonnet looks like surface rust parts for these cars are becoming hard to find so make do and mend is more common now than it was.

The main thing is to clean it all off with a good wire brush, treat rhe rust with a Bilthamber type rust killer product and then re-paint

most of the manta is easy to restore if you take your time and take advice from on this site as there are a lot of very well informed and experianced folk using this site who are glad to help.

As for your wheels the black and silver ones were fitted to some late models of exclusive, not usually the black cars though.

The car looks like a decent one, best thing to do is take up the front carpets and look above the jacking points at the floor, this area is prone to grot and although an easy weld up its a pain.


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Oh and when you go to re-fit the front bumper take the brackets out of the chassis legs(4X 13mm bolts) and fit them to the bumper, you will be cursing otherwise and the front bumper will be very hard to get fitted tightly as the captive nuts in the metal brace in behind the plastic of the bumper will turn forever.

use grease on all the bolts as if you plan on keeping the car you will want to get it all apart again one day.[:D]


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And do not paint the inside of the rocker cover. It is all lagged in oil anyway as it is basically part of the inside of the engine (the valve tops and rockers and cam can be seen if you remove this cover.) be warned it is a difficult one to re-fit properly, you can get bad oil leaks from this area if you do not use a new cork gasket which can be obtained through this site via the "ask andy" section a little further up the list of topic sections.


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If you really want to clean the engine bay up i would recommend autoglym motorbike cleaner, it does a mint job of de-greasing and cleaning the engine bay, use hot water and rinse well, you can even use it to get grease off the underside of the bonnet.

take all precautions with electrics as well, take the battery right out of the car and put a plastic bag over the alternator, you dont have to keep the alternator bone dry but dont soak it in water from a hose, cover it up to stop most of it.


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Cheers for all the advice paulmanta i will follow it to the letter

Have already found every one to be really friendly and helpful Thanks alot to every one so far.

As for the advice everything is good because Ive always had Capri's

and 1 1800s black hatch many years ago Ive always driven them never worked on them.

So im pretty much gonna work my way thougt this hayes manual and advice people give me Il add more pics when i pull her out my very small hole in the wall.

Lucky my missus dad pushing 70 is still an active mechanic and will help with some stuff and already have had a couple offers of help too .

As for the Part you highlighted mantamad I dont have a Clue what it even is as in technical terms Im deffo a noob to this and am learning as i go forwards.

Il take a better close up pic of it tommorow and post it for you bro.

Cheers again guys Updates to follow. [}:)]

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Inside whole nose cones is fine its just bubbled on the outside and as ive not got to the buffing sanding and repairing rust parts in my manual yet Ive got another new one ordered just in case the outer part is starting to bubble and crack

And wasnt sure if its just the paint the light fitting edges look very slighly rough so dont wanna take chances and aquired a new still in box one.

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