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1972 Opel Manta 1.9S rebuild


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original post by andrericardo

quote:Dont make that offer twice because I just might accept, as I work for an airline and have free tickets...

And as I love whiskey and never been to Scotland, you never know what might happen...


I work for the "Queens private flying club" (RAF). You are more than welcome to visit and lose your self in the whiskey distilleries up here. Will they let you put your welding gear on the flight [:I][:D]

There is a good whiskey trail up here[:)], I haven't been converted myself yet, not really a big fan, never found one I like yet.[:(]

If you are ever after a specific North Scotland whiskey I can always be on the lookout for you.


robah at btinternet dot com

(Nr, Inverness)

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Why would you think that? This forum is for you to show people your project if you want to and from the replies you've already had it shows people are interested to see what you are doing. [?]

If you feel you no longer want to show your rebuild progress to the world then that is your choice.. [:)]

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as Roy said , i would not say there is no interest , i have watched with admiration at the level of panels you are saving , not to mention the thought of what would happen if we left a bare metal stripped car in the open in Britain[:0]

whatever you do i wish all the best[8D]


based in crewe , cheshire

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Definate interest here.

I'm also deeply envious you can leave bare metal outside for any length of time without it turning to rust. Its that bad here that water is seeping UP through the ground into garage my project is in!

It looks like the bodywork has lots of wee dents (or is it the light?)

Wondering how you are going to tackle them all.


OMOC #5988

hmackay at opel-manta.com


Be the change you want to see in the world - Gandhi, India

Quit whining and shift yer **** - Shug, Edinburgh

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Hi andrericardo,

You're thread is a must watch... as the work you've undertaken is nothing short of astonishing!

Please keep the updates coming as it would be a crime not to be able to see your progress and eventual completion!


Mike OMOC #6109

This ere is Opel Country, where on a quiet day you can actually here the Fords rusting



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