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My FREE manta ;)


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Excelant someone else with an escort too[8D]

I've got a week off this week so if i get fed up with the escort i might have a tinker with the tickover on the manta. Cheers for the sudgestions[:)]

I have a resto thread for the manta on one of the other forums im on and one of the menbers was at a car show at the weekend and came across this


i reckon looking at the number plates this one and mine must of been on the forcourt together!!!!! Spooky[:P]

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Hi guys not been on for a bit so heres an update on the project

Took the old girl for an mot and on the way realised the gearbox was shot and there was a fair amount of oil being burnt Anyway sailed through the mot but then on the way back it started making a terrable knocking noise. So with a knocking oil burning engine and a knackered gear box it got parked in the shed and left :(:(

Until the other day when i got a call from a mate saying he knew of a couple of manta's up for grabs cheap would i be interested???

Next weekend i picked these two little beauties up







So hopefully one of them will donate an engine and gearbox for now until i can decide what to do with them

They both need a bit of work, inner sills and the white one is really bad around the sun roof but nothing a bit of tlc wont sort.

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They both came from essex and yes the blue one is an Exclusive

They were both on ebay last year but the bloke got fed up with people messing him around (seems like ebays like that now days ) I caught him when he just wanted rid so got a bargin

I'm going to use the engine out of the blue one and put it in my hatch as thats mot'd and then i'm not sure what power plant i will put back in. Maybe after a restoration an xe or maybe a yb just to be differant

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