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Couple of pics of my sick manta


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Hi dude, the hatch looks sweet, I'm glad they're not seen as a poor-mans coupe any more, mine's a hatch and I love it [:D]

Hope the tank goes in ok, its not too hard to do but I reckon another pair of hands would be advisable.

Let me know when u unpack it if anything isn't clear - I marked up all the pipes by scribbling where they go in bits of masking tape! (Some of the pipes would be best replaced but ii lef them there so you could see what's what!)

All the best mate - you've got my number... [;)]


p.s. nice rims, I like the colour too, she looks squeaky clean [:D]

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Cheers for the comments!

Andy, nice one for everything mate, i put a thank you in the car show thread yesterday but it seems to have disappeared??

Everything is sweet with the tank aswel, alot better than i imagined it to be.

Thanks again Andy, you really helped me out! [8D]



Memebership no 6096

Based in Liverpool!

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