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Work in progress B8 GTE


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Very, Very Very nice! I can only wish mine will ever look that good.

Pete, when you do the 5 stud conversion, are you going to sell those wheels? I would be very interested if you are! What type are they? They look familiar, but I can't place them?

cheers, Ben.

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Thanks for your comments, its been off the road since 2001, when I blew the engine at Brighton Speed Trials, took me 3 years to find an nos sump, which has now been baffled etc aiming to get it past 300bhp this time (252bhp on the old 2 litre with std cam)

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That is a very nice looking Manta, and like hotrodder says i rember seeing it at Billing some years ago now., always remeber drooling over it then.


Midasmesh giving it rear wheel action in the Staffordshire Moorlands.

omoc 5285

Based in Leek near to Alton Towers.

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Hi Pete

Glad to see you still have the old girl and its coming back together.Sounds like your going for big time power this time good luck I do hope it all comes together soon and it can revisit Billing again.

Sadly I wont be buying your wheels this time when you change to 5 stud as I still have your old 5 spoke MIMS on my old slapper..[:)]

Any way all the best m8


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