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new guy. new manta rally spec anyone know it?


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wonder if thats the one I see on the M1 motorway the other day, looked like it was coming of the ferry and to a new home [:)]

looking forward to seeing some more pics of it on our local forum [:)]




OMOC N,Ireland Rep



OMOC 5706

Please dont shoot me it,s only an opinion not a demand

Email robbie @ mantamagic.com (without the spaces)

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i'm not 100% sure but i think it might of been built by exellmotorsport, i know it was on there web site. here is the link

http://www.exellmotorsport.co.uk/For%20 ... s%20v2.htm

nice looking car you have there[8D]

cheap manta wanted! 07780 937 045

location: north wales



Life should NOT be a journey to the grave arriving safely but rather to skid in sideways beer in hand, chocolate in the other body thoroughly used up, totally worn out and screaming, "What a Ride!"

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I can help you a bit...

I own f250lgs there is also an f251lgs if you have your original service book you will see that its was first registered to vauxhall in Luton or should be anyway.

I have owned my car since 1990 and soon after I bought it was told that the three cars all were ex vaux/opel show cars doing the big shows of the time like Earls court and so on and the pictures for the exclusives sales sheets and press shots.

I was told they were all the dark colours like the monaco blue like mine and the starmist but maybe that was wrong or your dads has had some paint.I looked into it a bit more and did find out that my car was built in 1985 but wasnt registered until 1988 unfortunatly I never got a reply from Luton about the three cars so cant say if its 100% true.

Anyway your dads car looks very nice what engine is under there.

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