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Look what i found.....

jim nolan

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Hi mate

I did my coupe rear tilter this way, bolted through bumper holes and over rear panel to boot lock bolt, i have spun cars that have only had the engine taken out and everything else on it and it held it no prob. The back panel of mine was a good one though so if your worried you could send box section on the inside from the bumper mount holes to the floor and bolted to that too.



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Always hard to know where to start on the cars snowey, i just pick a place and go. it will be a good job though when u get the tin worm out

kev that roller does the Job, I used flat bar inside the boot as well just to be sure lol, one thing for sure its not going to give way

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So doing a bit more today. Hopefully have alot more time to do this now. This car will be at billing this year.........

Decided to look at the arch again. Then realised that the sill will need doing before i can finish the arch.

I hate uncovering other peoples patches.....Not fun

Patch cut out of rear sill closing panel. Do you like the expanding foam someone had put in there. No wonder it has rusted from the inside out.


Rear inner sill


Lower sill reoved


More patches. Here you can see the inner patch, original rusted mess and outer patch having been cut and pulled away.


Starting to clean up the sill mounting face.


The passenger side sill, inner and outer is just made up of patches.....Covering rusting metal underneath.

But what i dont get is the welding is really good but they have patched inside the car and outside. Trapping the rust in between the two pieces.

If they had cut out the rust that was easily to get at then it wouldn't have spread!!!!

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Had an hour to spare today so remoevd some more patches from the inner sills. Hopefully will be able to start welding in fresh steel soon.



Had to cut the section out to be able to repair the floor/inner sill area


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Needed to replace the rear inner sill as it was patched to death. So it's out now...



To repair the inner section of the rear sill i thought it would be easier to remove the lower rear quater..



They had only gone and forgotten to spot weld the section down the door post

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I want to keep it looking as standard as possible.

The only alteration i have decided on is the fitting of an 1800 cavalier SRI engine that i won of ebay for £10.

Oh i may also improve on the brakes as well. As the standard set up was marginal with 90BHP and i will be adding another 12BHP to that.

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