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Crazydaves 1986 Gt/e coupe


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Hi everyone this is my first post my names dave and i stay in fife scotland.[:)] Been browsing the forums with interest for a while now and finally got signed up! Heres some pics of my project to date. A 1986 Opel manta Gt/e coupe in white. Standard barring the wheels an absolutely horrible dtm style exhaust and a much nicer than standard (imo)earlier manta sr steering wheel.Opinions and ideas much appreciated.[:)]

Here she is as bought autumn 2007.



Note the borbet a alloys finished in a disgusting (imo) shade of blue![:D] And massively high rear end! Wheels now sold.





Now for the pics as she is now after being stripped down ready for the rebuild.[:)]

First step got busy with the heat gun and scraper removing the tar from the floor. From past experience with mantas knew what a horrendous water trap this is and knew there would be something lurking![:D]




Have to admit to being pleasantly surprised with this one.[:)] Some rust above front jacking points and chassis legs but this was expected.[:D]Just need to get busy with the rags and white spirit and remove all the tacky browny yellow glue left behind now![:D] Good points are perfect inner sills perfect a post and water bottle tray on drivers side [:0] And minimal rust on passenger side as seen in the pic. Also small hole along front seam of battery tray.

Rear floor with tar removed. Got a good feel inside rear of sills only to find no rust and them brim full of wax![:)] Pleasant surprise as this area has always been an issue on my previous mantas.[:D]


Small hole in spare wheel well but boot floor otherwise fine.[:)]


Boot needs new lock barrel after being forced in the past no probs though as have spare.[:)]


Clearly visible in this kind of blurry pic.[:I] That abortion of an exhaust![:D] Soon to find its way to the bin![^]


Well stripped out ready for rebuild inside.[:)]


Small hole in rear corner of rear arch. Same both sides. Look to have had a light skim of filler when car painted in the past not too bad but need redone properly.[:)]


Engine bay still fitted with the original cih. (For now) Not decided what engine to use yet. Dont want to go down the usual xe route but would like something a little different but still in keeping with the car. Suggestions welcome. [:)]


That gorgeous sr steering wheel. Best wheel for a manta imho. [:)]




And finally got a friend to have a little play with photoshop.[:D] Got the car sitting lower and the back down to match the front along with compomotive mo style 6 spoke alloys. Want to do someting a bit different to the usual 5 spoke options and think a 6 spoke really suits the car.[:)] Opinions welcome.



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Welcome Dave, More and more Jocks on here, superb, and another clean one. Liking the 6 spokes a lot, look better than the minilites on mine.

How many of us gonna meet up at Knockhill 7/8th June???

Cheers Colin.[:o)]

O.M.O.C.6016 in the Scottish Borders


`78 Cavvy 1.9 4-dr(mint),`80 Sporthatch 2.? (rapid), `94 Senny 24v (thirsty)

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Great solid car Dave [:D] Looks like a great start to you resto! I'm with you fella with regard the steering wheel! The Motorlita style one is fapping sexy! [8D]


Mike OMOC #6109

This ere is Opel Country, where on a quiet day you can actually here the Fords rusting



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Thanks for the kind comments everyone.[:)] Vauxsenb dont think manta will be ready by june as really going to town on the resto side of things.[:)] Always up for a trip to knockhill to see some mantas though.[8D] Johnny 5 that is indeed a 400 bonnet you spied in the pic![:)] Dont think this will be going on though as the standard bonnets in great condition and never been too sure about the fit and alignment on the fibreglass ones. Devilfish the mr2 belongs to my mate colin and is a cracker.[8D] Heres a pic.[:)]


Quarter life crisis thats a really nice wheel.[:)] Never seen one of those before. Still prefer the sr one though.[:)]

Pics were taken about 2 and a half weeks ago. Unfortunately a few days after the pics were taken had a slip on the ice and fractured

my wrist. On the mend now but its slowed the progress of the project a touch![:D] Also kept me off work.[:(]But got the plaster off on monday and wrist in a splint so more progress soon and back to work on monday! [:)] Nice to hear from other manta owners in the area. [:)] Do you have regular club meets in fife?

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quote:Originally posted by Devil Fish

(I dabble with mr2's for trackdays see link below my sig)

very nice.

Anyway, good luck with the wrist and resto![:)]


Cheers mate.[:)] Had a play with mr2's myself in the past too but the mantas have always been the car for me.[:)] Just love them.[:)]

Mantmad whereabouts in fife are you? Thats a really nice coupe you have. [:)] Is it an exclusive or a modified Gt/e? Couldnt see the reg in the picture to know what year she is. [:)]

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I've got an early two slot GT/J but its now a 400r I've just got it roadworthy before new year so I've only had it out a cupla times. One of which was the really snowy thursday a few weeks back! Completely sideways all over the backroads at Townhill!

See my project here:


and more pics here:


I'll definately be at knockhill, but we should get a pub meet arranged before that!


Pass me the gun and ask me again....

OMOC 6095

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Thats a really nice car mate you've done a great job with the rebuild.[8D] Pretty familiar with the area you stay in as well nice to know theres another manta owner nearby. Of course you wouldn't have been sideways on the police station roundabout in townhill.[:D] Got to agree too a pub meet sounds like a great idea.[:)]

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quote:Originally posted by CRAZYDAVE


Cheers mate.[:)] Had a play with mr2's myself in the past too but the mantas have always been the car for me.[:)] Just love them.[:)]

Mantmad whereabouts in fife are you? Thats a really nice coupe you have. [:)] Is it an exclusive or a modified Gt/e? Couldnt see the reg in the picture to know what year she is. [:)]


I am in Pittenweem. My Manta is a 1986 model - GTE but fitted with the exclusive rear spoiler and headlights.

David OMOC Member 420

Fife, Scotland



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  • 6 months later...

Right guys been a long time but i have been busy! Heres an update of the progress made so far! Sorry about the pic quality but most of the work was captured on my phone!


Last run with the old cih. Just after a massive burnout with no windows and no interior! I do love a rear wheel drive!


Relieved of the old cih engine.


Also heater box and sound proofing etc


Inner wing o/s


Inner wing n/s surprising lack of rust!


Many a late night was spent working on her. This night was spent stripping all the tar out with the assistance of a heat gun a torch and an extension from my house at 1 am! icon_smile.gif


Being loaded up on onto the transporter to go to the body shop for final stripdown before going off to the shotblasters!


Note the mismatched old gte wheels i had lying around to put on for her trip!


Parting shot as she leaves for her trip to the bodyshop!


Back at crc bodyworks and freshly etch primed after her trip to the shotblasters.


O/s inner floor chassis leg and jacking point


N/s inner floor chassis leg and jacking point. Very happy with the condition of this car in light of what my previous mantas have been like! icon_cool.gif


Front end looking a little scruffy but all the panels she ever needs are sitting waiting for her. icon_cool.gif


Sitting in her fresh coat of etch prime.


Sitting awaiting the marathon rebuild thats to come. icon_cool.gif

Overall really happy with the condition of this car but i'm a fussy sod and shes only going to be built once and properly so.............

List of panels to go on

2 x nos front wings

2 x genuine gm inner wings

2 x full sills

2 x rear arches

1 x roof skin

1 x genuine gm 4 slot nosecone

and a very lucky find a mint genuine gm bonnet which i found by chance on a 47000 mile mk1 cavalier in a local scrapyard!

The original doors and bootlid are mint and will be reused.

In the meantime i have bought this. icon_smile.gif


Its basically a mk3 astra 5 door shopping car fitted with a very early redtop and slightly lowered and stiffened suspension. The beauty of this is that for the price of a red top engine on its own i have a fully running working everyday car which i can use as a test bed for my manta engine. And the best bit was she only cost 400 quid with 6 months mot! I can get the engine all built to the spec i want while still in the astra make sure its all perfectly setup and run in then transfer it to my manta. My mate lawrie was good to me to in that through his friend mike he got the astra a quick run on the rollers at dastek. She made 160.1 bhp and 150 torque and this is a totally standard engine running with no cat and a scorpion exhaust! Was very happy with the figures! so i know i have a sound base for building my engine up for big power. Starting point is a set of suzuki gsx-r 1000 throttle bodies which i picked up for a bargain 100 quid!

Any hint tips and opinions on my project welcome. Hope you all like it! icon_biggrin.gif

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Cheers mate ian meacher the guy thats going to do all the work on her at crc bodyworks was really chuffed with roof skin its a nice clean panel. I actually found that mk1 cavalier in a small scrapyard behind the buck n hynd pub in buckhaven! Its now sadly been crushed but not before i took anything useable away with me! Good scrapyards are getting thin on the ground in fife these days with a lot of the bigger ones about to stop doing spares completely!

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