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Opel Commodore Project Underway

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Probably not the case (but thought I'd mention it as I feel for you at this stage, its a royal pain when you are so close to completion and held back by things like this) but it won't need to be running rich by very much to cause the plugs to foul sat idling for 20 mins. If you get it under load sooner than that does it clear up / take longer to foul up?

Obviously a new set of injectors will do no harm at all anyway.

Good luck!! Keep us posted

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Hi All,   Some pics from Holland in 2014 for your interest :                           Did ok in 2014 too - best Commdore A :    

Been a long time since I posted on this thread but thought I'd give you an update. I've been back to Holland again last September to the Big Opels meet, its an excellent show. Whilst I was there I spo

Hmmmmm in my eyes perfection, the way all vxopels should be restored so they will be around for the next generation. Awsome

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:thumbup SHE LIVES !!!!!!! :thumbup

New Injectors from a 914 Porsche from the US have fixed the issue of overfuelling ;)

Th garage who are doing the work told me today that it goes very well when you 'plant your foot' - so we'll have to see. Richard Shrive propriator of RS Cars Ltd of Greenfield is the man who sorted this for me so if you have a real awkward problem they can get to the bottom of it (http://www.richard-shrive-cars.co.uk) and he is very happy with the result. The plugs are now a nice light tan colour - as they should be normally :D They're tidying up the pipework and are putting a fuel filter into the engine bay for me too - which will be easier to replace than going under the back of the car each time :)

Proves that you can't beat a good straight six :P

To be honest, I'm exhausted over this whole thing - but HUGELY releived :thumbup:thumbs:

Fly in the ointment is that the master cylinder has a slight leak, so they'll have to do that also before I finally get to drive it....

Christmas all over again :DB):cool:

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Great news

Thanks a lot :D

Great news Simon, been a long time coming. I can't wait to hear how she was on the road. Good news at last, now have some fun, you deserve it.


Well i did take the afternoon off yesterday and went down to see the car and it sounds lovely. I also had a short drive which was, well shall we say, for a 40 year old car pretty exciting :D

Some smaller stuff now left to do, but I can now say that the car will be at Billing this year - at last B) !

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awesome bud :thumbup

Thanks a lot Steve :thumbup

very nice didnt even know what a commie was till i saw this i like em :thumbup

Thanks a lot :thumbup

Yep they're a beefed up Rekord - same bodyshell.

Two others here in the UK have project Rekords which they are working on. One in Ireland and one up north, so the bug is catching, so watch out ;)

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Simon, that looks great now, the beauty rings really set the wheels off a treat

Thanks a lot Simon - hope you and your family are doing well mate :thumbup

Looking forward to Billing now B)

Looking gorgeous that mate, hope to see it in the flesh one day.


Thank you very much Dave :thumbup , if you're at Billing then that's a Defo :D

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Ok I took the car to our local meet last Friday evening and got the small dodge charger comment a few times. Some didn't even speak when they first saw the car.

Not great pic as camera phone :


My son counted 15 people around my car for around two hours so....... now I KNOW it has been worth it :thumbup though at times it felt like I was never going to get there ;)

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Beautiful car, a credit to all involved!! Enjoy it!!

Got to agree with that comment, another classic car back on the road and especially being of the GM family. :thumbup

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Inspiring stuff.


Wheres my MIG? Great work. Really have to get mine sorted.


HOLY SH*T that's very very nice :thumbupB)

Whereabouts dya live?

Will this be at Billing?

let me know if you need any help - I have info which may be useful for your parts hunting - or is this a custom job in the making?

You must reguster on the dutch forum - the forum manager Bauke is a great guy for helping with stuff you need Rekord and Commodore Forum

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