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hello fellow Mantateers


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Hi folks, Firstly i must say ...great site guys (can't wait to get membership so i can have a peep in the members section!). Well im here because just before Christmas i purchased one not so nearly new E plate black gte hatch[:D]. Finally about 17 years of dreamin, admiring and crashing in 'em i have one of my own .....yea baby [8D]. Like 99.9% of manta's it needs some tlc, a bit of welding oh and a 16v motor fitting (which is sitting on the garage floor looking sorry for its self). Anyways that enough dribble for now but anyone in the herts beds bucks area watch out you may well see my hatch whizzling arouind this summer !

cheers guys, Dan

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Hi Dan and welcome mate.And its nice to have another hatch on board.Just a little thing,if you could put a brief address on the bottom of your sig,it works wonders,cheers.

Paul Ansell omoc 5963 (Erdington Birmingham) 10 year manta project - NEARLY DONE!!

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Well not local, but we had the New Year's Bash (our winter 'social') there in 2007. Nice roadworks!

Welcome to the forum, and as the owner of a late Manta, you'll almost certainly need the following link:


They do a load of great rust treatment products....[;)]



OMOC 3348.

Keeper of the OMOC B Series Register.

Please log into this site from the Home page. It helps to keep it as the first Manta site listed on Google.

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