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Had you forgoten about me? Don't worry, I've still been plodding away. I reckon I'm doing a couple of hours about 4 nights a week.

Not really had much to photograph either, the progess had been pretty boring and fiddly stuff.

Main challenge has been to get all the substructure for the wing correct so it all lines up. Remembering I had nothing to work to left on the car this has meant I have had to offer up the wing probably 30 times and clamp it all in place to get a measurement or to weld a fixed point for the arch, sill, boot floor etc. Oh, and its a big cumbersome panel to keep moving around too!

All the back part is finished and etch-primed now



Last two jobs are to repair the inner arch front and I have to put a section in the forward sill

Also have used a part of an old sill to repair the lower front of the wing as it had been plated before. You can see I am going to have to repair the arch too as that part was not as good as I thought. It doesn't matter too much because the wing would have had to come off to do these repairs thoroughly anyway


Once those jobs are done the wing and rear panel I'm hoping will come together pretty quickly and I'll really have something to photograph then

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The slow progress continues slowly. I am at the point where I am preparing, painting and fitting little bits and bobs so that I spend 2 hours in the garage and the car looks exactly the same as before

Car was painted yesterday and after this has the door shuts painted too, it has had one more coat over the bonnet roof and boot to add extra shine and is pretty much all finished. Next job into or

Fitted the rear lights to start clearing my pile of bits (still loads I haven't found yet) Then turned my attention to picking up some more of the black detailing that goes around the windows.

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  • 4 weeks later...

The state of the nearside floor with all the thin and holed parts means it was easier to cut off all of the sill and repair it properly.

I have cut shaped and hammered the new panel to tighten it up as best I can and am trying to fit it like original by laying the rear wing over it.



I will have to repair the inner sill at front, plus this is going to need a jacking point as it is so far gone.


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The first of probably three plates to be let in to the floor. Slow work because I am butt welding here to so the repairplate need to have the same curve and fit the hole exactly!- Reason is that I am trying to keep the floor profile as close as possible so that the outer sill will fit properly.



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Outer sill plug welded on over the last few days and top ground down, need to tidy the plugs on the bottom tomorrow.

Now this is done I have something to attach the bottom front of the rear wing to so I can carry on with that job now!


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I have had a bit of a lull! Not making excuses but gigs, Christmas and a dreadful chest infection (that I still haven't recovered fully from) has meany I havent done much.

Since the last update I have repaired the rear scuttle and the rear screen flange, and a bit more fettling of the wing. It is now just about ready to think about welding the rear wing back on. Pics to follow.....

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Gosh, it has been a long time! Thought I had better update as its been quiet on here but work has been underway...

I've just about cleared up the mother of all chest infections now, but have to were a mask in the garage for fear of agrivating my poor chest. They don't make bugs like thet used to, this one could have killed a batallion- or I'm getting old!

I have reached a bit crossroads with the body welding that I may elaborate on further over the coming weeks....

But!.... I hate to see a project languish so I changed course and decided to do something and get to work on the engine. Many thanks to Darren for coming over the other week to manhandle it out (I mean manhandle!, rope, a bit of wood and a hernia and the thing was on the floor- so were we, and not a steel toe capped boot in sight)

So far I have replaced the water pump, painted rocker cover, engine block, pulleys ancilliaries gaskets etc and fitted and electronic ignition distributor (thanks Paul). Work to do includes new front and rear main oil seals, new fuel pump, clutch and skim the scored flywheel. Apart from fluids that should see it ready to drop in.

As the engine bay will be repainted, I have decided to go a bit "concours" and detail the bay- it's something I have never really been bothered with before, but I thought if I'm doing another resto I may as well go to a different place and stretch myself.

Here are the pics tonight.......



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I'm amazed you can say that. :o

Lets take a look at your ebay purchase history...

Polished Cam cover

Polished and engraved exhaust heat shield

Braided fuel hoses

Ally catch tank

Ally radiator

Adonised radiator infill panel............

If anyone is the bling tart round here I think you need to look a little closer to home! ;)

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The grey colour may not be a bad choice, remember back in the seventies most promotional material, like addverts in magazines, was in black and white.

a car set aside for promotional duties had to photograph well in both colour and more importantly black and white because a majority of the published pictures of it would be in that medium.

My friend Richard Watt owns 'LOU' the MK 1 Cavalier used by Vauxhall in all promotional material when the Cavalier was launched in 1975, this car is painted in signal yellow, a Manta A series colour that was not part of the Cavalier colour range, only available by special order. on the face of it a strange move to piant your promotional launch car in a colour that would not normally be available. but i think this was done because the colour worked well when photographed in black and white, if they just wanted a bright colour to attract attension then there were two other yellows in the normal Cavalier colour range, Jamaica and Pinapple.

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Done something to the GT/J! I fancied a bit of a potter tonight and it has been about three months since I bought the hatch so I've been spending my time on that...

The flywheel has been in the garage slowly surface rusting since I had it skimmed so I cleaned it up and gave it a wipe with waxoyl.

Replaced the front pulley seal and the crank rear main then loctited and torqued up the flywheel.

That's another litlle job done and a few less bits lying around.

I'm starting to get the itch to get stuck back into it!

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What a great project James, excellent workmanship and skill ... just read the whole topic and it's totally inspiring!

Just got Rachel backed into the workshop and started the task of taking her apart piece by piece. :( But seeing what you've achieved, there's no reason she wont live on either!

Pop over in a couple of weeks if you'd like to have another look...

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Fine progress sir, cracking! - keep it green thou :)
Deviating off the topic slightly; onto a carb question specifically, the 2.0s - for which I assume all the UK GT/J RHD (80's ish) models were [...2 litre & varajet II fed..also assuming]. Have you any advice on carb upgrades? - Even if the originally fitted auto choke Varajet II was originally any good.. I've taken it apart so many times to 'fine-tune', a new carb is next on the list. I've heard a Weber 32/36DGV would be the way forwards? Any thoughts?

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I'm afraid I've already started to paint the shuts white so polar it will be The weber is supposed to release a little more power and better mpg. Mine has a weber conversion but I have never driven it so can't give you any practical advice I'm afraid!

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Nice choice!
And even the countless hour's repainting them every few years is a joy. (If doing it on the cheap that is)
For what it's worth, I deflate the tyres a bit to get a good mask depth down the tyre wall rim, sand for hours at 80 grit (both sides - then hammerite the inside of the rim), outer side - prime twice, 180 grit, then prime another twice and a quick 600 sand. Then four coats of silver wheels.
Hammerite the quadrants with matt black, about 3 coats with an arts brush (apparently that's how there done in the factory) and finally clear coat them. (ooo.. and reinflate)
I never had much luck with the stencil kits.
Can't wait to finally see it :thumbup

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