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fergal,s opel kadett c


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My god that's in stunning condition!! [:0] Love it [8D]

Just goes to show what's hiding in some peoples garages still!


Mike OMOC #6109

This ere is Opel Country, where on a quiet day you can actually here the Fords rusting



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quote:Originally posted by mantadoc

The square bit of original floor next to the new wheel well on the left (with that "finger" of steel out above it) fits the jack foot, and it stands up with the top against the wheel and the rubber holds it there.


One I prepared earlier [:D]


No warranty implied or given [:D] New shorter posts to minimise global warming by conserving ones and zeros [:D] The uncivilized end of the North West [:(]

Other rust buckets are available such as http://www.chevettes.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=12922


Dann Merino should definitely buy one of these. Well not this one.....

id="quote">id="quote">must do that hate 2 b out driftin[;)] in her and da jack flys off
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