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Manta metamorphis.


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Well folks, I thought I'd started a thread about this but I haven't !!

First picks are of the shell when I went to pick it up with Mantasrme last week.










Yesterday my mate Sparke (Mark ) and Richard started stripping down my other Manta to put the bits into this one.

Pity I couldn't afford to give it a quick blow over,as it was totally stripped down and would have been the ideal time,but Hey Ho. icon_wink.gif

So now it has all the glass in and the surrounds and looks a lot different.

Also today he managed to get the engine fired up,so that can now be transfered over,bit cheaper as well.My ideas for engine upgrades can hang fire for a while .

Few more pics of a bit of progress.






Keep you all updated of any further progress. :thumbup

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It should be back on the road in a couple of weeks.

I had a choice of gleaming paintwork and leaving it in the garage ,or having it running and on the road whilst looking like a bag of scabs !!!!

Guess which one I opted for ??

Personnaly I think the front as is looks a bit 'orrible !!! Plans for that are to put quarter bumpers on (a la Ford Mexico ),so it changes the front end and cut out the area that has all the holes in then replace it with a plastic grill bit from a Mitzi Shogun or bottom bit of a Fucus, or that kind of thing.

Could you put up a pic of the wheels please and what size they are. Thanks.

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No offence intended,but no doubt will create...................I have a big NO NO about folk who feel they can't put in there PROPER location in the first place. Should be a rule when joining, put post codethat Admion can remove.

Why do folk think it is so 'Cool, or Wonderful' to put shit places instead of proper locations.

Don't you think I would have been much HAPPIER to know someone was on my doorstep that I could have had a chinwag with ???

Are you the one from up Hightown way, have/or had a hatchback one ?????

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Putting quarter bumpers on (if I can find some cheap enough !),and cutting out the front bit with all the holes in and replacing it with plastic grilling from some motor or other, like a Mitsi Shogun.

Also got a 400 style bonnet on 'order' just incase I feel like changing it at a later date.

Interior wise ,we have been toying with the idea of putting a Cavvy/Calibra dash into it,but we'll see what occurs with that,bit more measuring with a proper tape measure I think.

If you are doing nothing tomorrow afternoon you are quite welcome to have a drive out with me (it's other side of Sowerby Bridge ) for an hour or so to have a proper look.

Pm if interested and I'll give you a contact number.

Anyway a couple mor pics.







This also shows what is left .Just got the interior and bit of the wiring, front calipers to remove.

Bonnet,boot,screen scuttle,front bumper,rear bumper,both front wings(absolutely no rust !!),both doors,roof headlining,fuel tank,dash,rear axle,steering column,frontcross member,wheels x5, and other bits.

Want it all to go as one if possible.

I'll post that up later in the forsale bit when I know for definate that those are the bits that will be left.

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Bit more progress today. 2008_0307mantanew0001.jpg

got Bilstiens all round as well




This had to be removed for redoing as it was rot behind !


17's Wolfrace going on it.


Wiring from donor car



You might notice a small brown 'thing' just at the top of the loom.

Turns out it was a little mouse's house that was lodged in an air vent !!!! hmmm.gif So if yours is blowing cold, see if you have got a new pet !!! rolleye.gif


Things are coming along at a nice pace now. joy.gif

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Your working fast, will be nice to see the yellow Manta as a finnished car just to see what it really looks like,the shoots of the shell as you picked it up had me going hmmm,yes,well... But the finnished item will probably show that there are some good ideas put into this Manta.

Your donner Manta, are you scrapping this car? i need a rear panel for a coupe and ideally the rear quarters to stash for future repair of the B coupe that has had a wallop up the 'Rse, be interested in obtaining these panels (and possible other bits) if the shell is going for scrap.

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Yes could be by the end of next week at the latest

Right outside his unit doors was a solution to two of the biggest problems,staring me in the face it was, quite literally !!!!

Two scrapped cars piled on top of each other.Top one,an Escort van with rear quarter bumpers which have the number plate lights built into the ends.

That was stood on top of an Izuzu Trooper,which has a large black plastic grill,which just happens to be the same size as the front bit with all the holes in !!!

So just need to find front quarters,preferably with indicators and job done.

After trying the taken out dash into the pulling to bits Calibra,we discovered that it is larger than the Cavvy/Cali one,so just fit with minor fiddleing.

All that can wait till Phase 2 though when I have some more money,priority is to get it on the road,so don't really care how 'bad' it looks for a year or so,just as long as I can get in it and use the bloody thing.

If you turn up with 50 quid and a trailer you can take whats left,which will be

Complete shell (knacked roof )sunroof model



Full body kit




Rear quarters are OK, but are bubbling a bit at the arch lip.

Oh, no steering wheel as I didn't get one with the yellow peril shell.

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He's plodding along with it whilst trying to do his own work as well.Doesn't help much when his 'assistant' keeps failing to turn up.

Done all the chassis rails,now he's going to try making up some full lenght sills.

Reckon about another two/three weeks.

If I can work out how to use his pics I'll put a few of the ones he took on his phone up.

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Anybody who whishes to ask something about this 'project' , then PLEASE

post up on here !

If I can't answer the question,which willl be 99.99999% of the time , then I'm sure much more informed folk than I will answer it.

If it does start to go TOO FAR OFF TOPIC, then I'll just stick a quizzy bit in and bring it back a bit.

After all..........................................................If nobody ever questioned things that were accepted practices and principles, then we would STILL be living in caves (without rusty cars I may add.) !!!

Please folk add things as I would like LOTS of info for myself.

Incase folk are wondering what I'm going on about, it's that I've had a couple of PM's about it ,thats all.

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When repairing the chassis legs i drill a few 5mm holes right through, once the repairs have been done i fill the legs with waste oil and leave them a few days, then drain.

The holes that were drilled allow the oil to get inbetween the skins to prevent more rusting.

Good to see ur cracking on with it :thumbup

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Thanks for putting up the pictures of the chassis, I will let someone else tell me if I am off topic next time

Does anyone know the make up of the chassis rail above the box section to the top of the swan neck as my car has that section cut out as it was rotten, and I couldn't work out if it's double skinned. I have the pattern part chassis rail to fit but can't work out if there is a strengthening plate below it?

If anyone has any info please pm me or email as I don't want to hijack Shuviteer thread

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