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V6 Hatch

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Post Bump For : taylorblue5

I bought this car in April 2012 from: O.m.o.c member s2quattroturbo in the Oldmeldrum area (Scotland)

Replaced the fuel tank and painted rear quarters and a wing (slight off shade)

Ran for a good few months and sold to a lad from Aberdeen ,

Currently still there I believe?

Pops up for sale on Facebook now and again.

Cheers Kev

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Cheers Kevin. It was a solid car and just tatty.

I bought it from Lochgelly in Fife for £640 and loved it, my first Manta.

I replaced the master cylinder seals and also put a new petrol ta med on it that I bought from Spiney Norman on here. I had to braze on a new tap as it was from a car burrowed model if I remember.

I must have spent about £250 on it and drove it everywhere for a few months then sold it to a guy in Falkirk for £1600. He bit my hand off to buy it even though I was at sea, turning up at the house etc so had to sell it without being there.

I was surprised to see it come up for sale and go through about 4 owners in a short space of time tho.

If I had my unit by that time I would have bought it back and turbocharged the cih and made a right ugly fast Manta lol.

Maybe I'll get it back one day.

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