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Hello from Berkshire

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Just wanted to say hi to everyone and thanks for letting me in your club.

My manta craze starded off when I was only six, my dad came home with a carmine red gte hatch C998 MJM. He had the car for 14 years and always said to myself I will have one of these one day.

Since then ive had 3 mantas, starting off with a red hatch A666 MFC, black coupe E950 CMO (RUST BUCKET), and my present manta which is a black hatch A791 NWC.

I feel I have made a really lucky find with this one, I brought it on 6th July 2007 of the clubs classified ads.

When I brought it, it had only coverd 18,000 miles. Now on 23,000, its never been welded, interior looks like its never been sat in.

Its not perfect tho, as the previous owners must have fitted a roof rack at sum stage and left 2 small dents on roof. couple of scuffes here and there, otherwise good, so saving for a spray job to make it good again.

Ive got dad back into them now, and hes been a got himself a red hatch A52 SVX.

Thanks for taking time to listen to me going on, hope to make friends and get advice from you. Many thanks, Andy.

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Hello you are not wrong about that interior no signs of wear on the side bolsters what so ever.

Looks a really nice car, was it at Billing last year as one of the pictures seems to be of Billing last year?

Also was the red hatch the one for sale recently on ebay does look a nice car.

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hi midasmesh, no didnt take black hatch to billing lat year, i brought it the day before billing and couldnt take it due to a fuel leak, im going this year. Photo was taken at a show in Newbury last November.

Red hatch was brought on ebay, we had been looking at it on there for ages, think it was put on there 3 times, couldnt work out why nobody else was intrested. We took a gamble on it, we never saw it in the flesh, as it was up in scotland. but we were not disapointed. its had a very good respray and underneath is spotless, the interior the only thing letting it down. its got holes in both door cards and shelf, and boot trims are no good. we are hoping to find another with all them things ok and swap them.

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