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Ian's 8v SEH Coupe

Ian N

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Bringing this back to the new forum after quite a few requests

The project started back in 2003 when i acquired a coupe shell that was relatively solid from a Mr A for a silly price. The engine was a 8v SEH engine and after some thought, it was decided to keep this as the engine since no-one's done a well tuned 8 valve engine in this format.

The spec sheet grew as did the ambition. Unfortunately the wallet hasn't as yet and the car is very slowly being worked on when i have time and money to do so, but being a student dosser.. that proves very hard with a BMW 320i needing maintaining so i can work at the weekends at this place:


If you look in the gallery, that's a Group C Nissan... and yes i am working on that... Kinda a dream come true so you might understand what I'm getting to see and want to make this manta up to!

Anyway, spec is below followed by pictures galore:


Vauxhall SEH Sri130 base engine

Rebalanced bottom end with ARP Rod bolts

Pistons and rods 1.5g end to end

Bill Bylestine Stage 3? head, re-sat valves and pressure checked.

Kent Camshaft? and vernier pully

Weber 45 DCOE Carbs

Ashley 4-1 Steel manifold

Fresh bearings

Fresh oil and water pumps

Fresh gaskets

Mega jolt ecu and coil pack to be brought / Jenvey TBs and AEM management / Turbo conversion on current engine (Ideas...)

Possible swap of manifold and exhaust system to BTB custom if funds allow.


1.8 Manta gearbox

Helix custom clutch (£280! ouch!!!)

Gripper / Quaife LSD?


1986 Manta GTE Coupe

Re welded, new rails and jacking points, stitch welded (hopefully!)

'New' non sunroof skin

6 point Safety Devices cage

Sparco Evo bucket seats

TRS 6 point harnesses

Remote Brake servo


Astra GTE calipers

Goodridge lines

Pagid Pads

VW Polo master cylinder and servo (thanks paulmanta!)

New lines if needed


Bilstein / Gaz / Leda (to be decided)

Powerflex bushes

Possible new top wishbones to allow for camber adjustment

Cleaned and rebuilt parts (Robbie, i'm aiming for the same finish as you!)



Car when i first had it











ROT! icon_confused.gif





That's as far as i've got so far, hoping maybe things will improve to a point where i can actually spend some serious time on the damned thing and really get the shell sorted out underneath before i start looking into getting it to a shop to have the roof sorted.

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Blimey, been a few years since I was logged in here :o

Well, the Manta's been mothballed for the past few years due to work commitments at university, and for the past six months, job hunting. HOWEVER I did manage to get myself a job over at Aston Martin and due to start there soon. Once i've got settled in, I hopefully should be able to continue where i left off with this project.

I know it's been ages, but as always, life / work commitments come first :(

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