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I'm back... and boy does it feel good - Some retro pics


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Just subcribed and thought I would say hello. Where do I start? Well I have had various Opels over the years and have spent a lot of time rebuilding and modding mainly Ascona B's

This was one of my builds from about 15 years ago


45's & Bias braking


Did some work on this factory built 400 IIRC it was Jimmy's car worksascona001.jpg

Lost interest in the car scene for some time but ended up restoring a Nissan 200SX S13 a couple of years ago and my current project is a full on concourse rebuild of this 200SX S14a. Pic was taken before I stripped it


Engine now looks like this - full of stainless cap screw goodness


Link to full rebuild here... it's very comprehensive and a big read. Some of you might find the methods I have used interesting though


I haven't finished the 200SX but the temptation when I saw a low mileage Manta GTE was too much for me I have put a deposit down on it and hopefully it will be with me soon :thumbup I really don't know what I am going to do with it.... could be a quick fettle up or it could be another full on restoration project. One thing is for sure, when I drove it it put a massive grin on my face :thumbup

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Hello Petrol.

Thought I knew your username from somewhere ... SXOC

Must say though, there really does seem to be something about driving a Manta that feels so right.

Lovely Scone's there, and the S14a looks good and that's the before pic

Welcome back to the fold Petrol

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aha, the imfamous petrol - saw the name and wondered if it was, especially having seen your post earlier today on the SXOC

gone for the red hatch then or found the coupe you wanted?

I bought the red hatch. I would rather have a coupe but didn’t think I would find one with such little mileage. Have to say it’s one of the strangest cars I have ever looked at. With only 28K on it everything felt tight and new. The seats and carpet are as new but 20 years of storage in an detached garage have taken its toll. There’s lots of surface rust caused by condensation, sills might need welding and the bottom of the rear ¼’s are corroded through. Inner wings are also shot where it joins the front panel. Exhaust is blowing, fuel pump has been replaced as the fuel in the tank had gone off but it’s screaming. Dash lights, Ign, oil pressure etc don’t work nor does the heater fan. No doubt I will find a lot more when I get it on stands.

Thanks for the warm welcome

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Hello Petrol, thought I recognised the S14a, another one jumped from the SXOC ship I'll leave you to figure out which ex SXOC troublemaker I am

What Manta have you bought then? Obviously a red hatch, was it the mint one that was advertised on Pistonheads (I think?). If it was....Looked like a good buy.

Edit: Musn't speed read

It was the red hatch and it wasnt as great as it first looked.....

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Hi Pete

I've just spent 6 hours reading the 70 pages of the rebuild of your car

I am amazed at the detail you have gone into, i especially liked the inspection mirror on the under can't see can't get at part of the car

I don't think you have spoken to Joe on this site but he is a MASSIVE fan of Bilt hammer stuff too

Come over to the NW pub meet, a man of your expertise is a credit to any club

Pm me your address I'd like to come over

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Howdo Petrol & welcome to this bunch of headers

Mind you from up Belthorn I look down on Blackburn, Darwen, Accy, Preston, Blackpool, everybugger really

Look forward to seeing what you will do to a Manta & hopefully see you around.

Mr Rutts has a job or two to do on my motor & if he reads this he will go into hiding, so you may well get the call aswell... :bow


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