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Work starts on the mk 2 , V6 A series.

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Managed to pick up a damaged door at billing, it had 2 big dents in the main panel but all the edges are in great condition. So after a few hours of heating and bashing I now have a very good serivicable door.



Having found out that my Parts suplier in germany has added front panel repair sections to thier catolag, I deceided that i would relpace the repairs I did 15 years ago with new sections.





On the drivers side I ended up replaceing the light bessel as well.





It's been sat untouched for the last 2 months as I have not had time due to other work and the fact that the next thing that needs doing is to have the under side blasted again, as I messed up with the paint.

It should have been painted onto bare metal and not primmer, and so it has not griped properly .

The problem is the weather is now on the change and I have to get it to and from the blasters with out it geting wet, plus the fact I don't have the £200 needed at the moment.

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She is now fully road legal.:-);-) Just been for a bit of a shake down run and I am now grinning from ear to ear

Well after 9 years of blood, sweat and tears along with the moments of "I can't be arsed", I beleave the A is now ready for an MOT. Its been a long haul, but she does look good. Project images

Really pleased with how this weekend has gone. Things are starting to drop into place, and it feels like the car is comeing together finally. Painted all the odd and sods ready to fit: Proj

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Long time since an update, mainly because nothing has been done to the car.

Starting to think about it again, and have been looking at programable ECUs for the V6. what are your veaws on the different makes. Have read up a bit on Canems and they sound quite good has anyone used them before?

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Well I can't beleive that it has been over 18 months since I have had anything to update on this thread.


As I have had an empty garage over Xmas I put the time to good use and have done a bit more to the A.  I got the under side blasted again back in September, but apart from giving it a coat of etch primmer nothing else had been done. So it is now all seem sealed and ready to be painted again.


I have also fitted the d/s door and wing to check the fittment and gaps, and with a bit of fettaling I have managed to get what I concider to be a good fit.








Bit of filler





Small repair to wing




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Spent the last few days starting to clean and paint the engine ready for a trial fit.


Engine all stripped down.




Starting to build it all back together, Modifyed Cav sump fitted.




Next was to look at how to modify the oil pipes inorder to fit an external oil cooler, Never been too happy with the oil cooler between the heads on the V6 as they have a tendency to fail and can take the cyl. heads out when they do fail.



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Bit more done over the last few days.


Having had a look through my collection of doors the best one had been cut off the doner car as both door pins were sized solid in the hinges. So the first job of the week was to try and remove the door pins.


This is my tried and tested system:


1.  Heat up door hinge with blow torch, get it nice and hot.

2.  leave to cool down.

3.  Block of bottom of hinge with something, the plastic plugs work fine if you still have them.

4.  Pour salfuric acid into hinge pin and leave to soak. If you can't get Salfuric acid, brick cleaner acid will also work but takes longer.

5.  Repeat step 4 when acid has evaporated, and keep repeting for a few days.

6.  Try removing pin with door pin puller.

7.  If pin still will not move, repeat from 1.







After doing the above for 4 days, I now have a good door that I can trill fit to the car.


Door gaps were not bad but after a bit of fetteling there alot better.










Another job sorted was to enlarge the battery box fitted in the boot.







Have also made a start at preping the p/s of the car now I have door fitted.



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Well after 18 months the car is finally back to the stage it was with the underside now all painted again.  I had the underside blasted again to remove all the old paint that did not addhere properaly, then etch primed the whole underside before doing all the seam sealer.




This time round, I have used Upol Raptor after it being recommended by RetroPower. I must say that I am rearly impressed with it. Goes on with ease and gives a real factory look.

It comes in a 4 liter kit which was just enough to do the car but I got a second kit to make sure it has a full cover.








Got a chap comming round at the end of the week, to give me a cash price for doing the body prep ready for paint, so if all goes to plan I hope to have it in top coat by the end of Feb. :) Only problem is I still don't know what colour to paint it.LOL.

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Car is now in the body shop getting preped ready for paint.  :thumbup :thumbup








Also had a bit of bling sorted for it.



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Going to be in body shop for probably another month, hope to have it back by the end of June.

Having a look for a Power Loc LSD and programable ECU at the moment. Also sorting out my 1800 GT for tax at the end of the month so I can at least come to Billing in a Manta for the first time in 8 years.

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Spent another good day over at the body shop, Drivers side and nose cone are almost finished, passenger side just need one more skim.

Then get some primer filler on her and flat it all back.













Also sorted out a 3.27:1 LSD from an X300 Jag, that I've got to go and collect sometime this week. :thumbup :thumbup



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After spending the day over at the body shop, we have finally reached the end of phase 2.

I now have some color on the car.:D:D

Ok it's only the engine bay, inside the bonnet, door shuts, boot shuts and inner boot lid, for the moment, but the rest is now ready to be painted this weekend.


Project images are available to Club Members Only, Click to become an OMOC Member.


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