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my sheddy exclusive


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Just a quick update of project shed.Its been a few months since my last up date but seem to be spending loads of hours in the garage but going no where.Not sure what you think but i hope you enjoy the up date.The most rewarding has been watching my friend remove the large dints in the drivers side door,i job he managed with out dollying the inside of the door and just his own home made slide hammer and 30 or so years practice.I still am awstruck with this guys skill.Any how i had to replace the bottom 4" of the door skin on my own, a job tasked to my self as a bit of a challenge by my mate.I have also trile fitted the front wings to see the panel fit of which i am quite pleased,and also painted the floor and repaired the seat frames on both sides as they were well and truly rotten.








Any how hope you enjoy cheers al.

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WOW just read through the hole topic on the exclusive, what a resto project, i was worried that my Manta was a bit rusty but seeing yours has got me excited again to do a bit more welding on mine.

Think you deserve a medal for saving this manta, a big well done

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Thanks for the posts but it all nearly turned sour the other day.There was a small patch on the nearside inner wheel arch that was bugging me and decided that as all the welding was done i would also do this leaving only the sun roof to sort.All was going well until the mig blow of its gas pipe.lucky it did as i had forgot i had left the front carpet in the boot and it was well and truly alight.All i could do was dive in and pull it out,burnt my hands a bit but was not going to let 18 months work go up in flames.

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Well after weeks of seemingly getting no where i decided to get some paint on the roof and rear end before the weather changed for the worse,i figured that all the other parts wings ect i can do separetley.But before that had to get it running again as i had removed the fuel pump assembly.My theory was to take it off and de rust it using the washing soda method as seen on utube.The problem was once it was removed there was not a lot left of it so i had to make a new mounting rail using 3mm steel plate.The method it self is quite streght forward and is amazing how good the results are,i would recomend it to any one.






I also had to replace the rubber mountings of which i replaced with renault ones for £1.50 each from a motor factors.Once that was all replaced she fired up first time and finally saw some paint.This is the first time i have painted with 2 pack and concidering i have managed it in a single garage i am well happy with the results.



Any how hope you enjoy the update.cheers al.

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Hi it,s been a while since my last update and things are slowly coming on now.since the last update i have painted the sills,wings,door posts and doors.




And just after christmas stripped the engine bay and painted that,i could of spent ages cleaning up under the bonnet.Cleaning up the welds and filling but cant see why when it will never be concourse standard




Now i have set upon the front bushes and arms.These i have been cleaning the same way as the fuel pump rail and are getting great results.The only problem i have had as been getting some of the bolts out of the top wish bones and getting some powerflex bushes as they have had a fire at there ware house destroying all there stock.I know i can get other makes but am doing things to a budget.


As you can see this photo was taken 5 min after going in the bath and you can see the rust making its way to the positive terminal.



And these 2 were taken at 24 and 48 hour intervals.As you can see all the rust gone.Any how that,s all for now.Cheers al.

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Well guys after 2 years the shed is no longer a shed just about finished apart from some stone chip and waxioil treatment.Hopefully mot in the next fortnight then on the road for my birthday in april.I must say i have enjoyed the restoration and hopefully it will stay on the roads for a few more years.I was stuck for a while getting clips for the fuel lines but came across some on some bears noses in a sawing shop believe it or not.Any way hope you enjoy the picks.Cheers al.







And lastly thanks for the support on those dark winter days in the garage to all you out there who have been watching the posts.And also matt (manta crazy22)for the 400 bonnet.

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Just nearly beat ten bells out of a polski.Was sat behind a bmw waiting for him to move when he suddenly banged it in to reverse right into me.I was thinking the worst,luckly no visable damage.But the misses had to stop me belting him.I have is insurance details just in case so will have a better look tom.The funny thing is a merc vito reversed into my other car causing a grands worth of damage 10 days ago.

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Hi guys,just had to sorn the car over winter and was thinking of maybe putting her up for sale.Getting a bit bored with having nothing much to do over winter.The only things the car could do with is a set of discs as you can feel them a bit at speed,a spiggot ring for one of the alloys and new windscreen plastic insert.I have an idea of what i would like just wondering what you think it is worth.Cheers al.

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She looks superb i do like the red and the alloys dont half finish it off. i wouldnt think of selling if you have space to keep her, 6 months time and back on the road again im lucky in respect i tax her all year round so any decent days im out and about i even ended up out in the snow back in January.

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