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At last welding done


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Hi again everyone its been a while since my last post. Anyway just finished all the welding work on my 1977 coupe 400 replica . I have repaired both front floor panels started of as big as a tennis ball ended up like the map of great britain ireland and isle of man but got it done . I put a repair section on the drivers side chassis rail well chopped it out and fabricated a new one. I also had to remove both front jacking points they were totaly nackerd so now it has none, for now anyway, also repair section on drivers side sill about a foot long and a patch just above sill on same wheel arch in front of the drivers side back wheel. While i had all wheels off and on axial stands i have schultst the complete underneath of the body and wheel arches to try and keep out the dreaded tin worm . I have fastened the bottom of the fiberglass front wings back on and refited side skirts (had to release these to do floors ) On saturday put wheels on and shoved her out into the sunshine (WHAT RELIEF) it felt like getting out of jail, HA HA. I gave her a wash and T cutted her up and guess what? (AM IN LOVE AGAIN) not bad at all. Next job plate up that nasty webasto sunroof and then paint shop, cant make ny mind up on colour yet but thinking of some sort of rally theme andrews rothmans ac delco etc. Got the chance of a 3ltr 24v gsi carlton for the right money for conversion or a c20xe or i could just leave it be. It is supposed to be bored to a 2.3 with a high lift cam i have mentioned this before and it does rought on a bit down the road. It is fitted with a 4 speed box with a drilled bell housing and a safety devices roll cage i dont know any history of the car other than what i was told by previous owner, he said he got it in a px deal and it had been dry stored for a number of years in a barn and that it had been

rallyed and used an the track it does still have a scruitineers ticket tied to the roll cage inside for an RAC kwik fit windscreen event in 1992 at cadwell park. In the glove box was an entry for a classic car event in pickering. any advice or knowlege about my car would be great any icon_question.gif comments any advice icon_idea.gif on engine mods above. I will try and download some pics below let me know what you think. Kind regards MADMAX PS. Last two pictures are a manta gsi i bought for spares . It will be for sale soon i have changed the doors onto the 400 one up to now and also using interior and dash. Does anyone know if the roof lining off a hatch willfit a coupe icon_question.gif











Think i have now fixed the pics.

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On Photobucket, right click on the bottom link thingy,it comes up 'copied'

Then on your posting right click and scroll to paste and click.Then link then opens in the post direct to the picture.Do them one at a time and leave a line between each one.

See, I am slowly learning how to use one,I'm stumped with any thing else though !!!!1 :thumbup

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