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Here is a list of major things done over the last few years. Managed to get a few days on it over the easter break, a few more will get it ready for an MOT. By the summer i'm hoping to have it all finished, exactly how i've always wanted it.

So, the story so far...

Engine and ancilliaries:

Engine rebored.

Crank re-ground.

Bores honed.

New rings.

New shells.

New water pump.

New starter motor.

Higher output alternator.

New (and slightly improved) oil pressure sender setup.

All associated parts cleaned up and/or repainted.

(Soon to be put on, when I get some stem seals) Big valve, skimmed and ported head.

Kent OP234 camshaft, uprated springs, solid tappets.


Rear axle stripped, cleaned and rebuilt.

New gearbox input shaft bearing.

New gearbox gaskets and oil seals.

New clutch cable.


1/4" oversized bore exhaust system.

Janspeed 4/2/1 manifold, repainted and heatwrapped.

Modified back box.

K&N 57i induction kit.


Spax adjustable shock absorbers.

Lowered 20mm at the rear.

All suspension parts removed and repainted. (Poly bushes planned for the future)


Upgraded to Carlton 2.2 vented discs and calipers.

New rear wheel cylinders.

New brake pipes at the rear.

Braided flexi brake hoses all-round.

New rear drums.

New rear shoes.

New handbrake cable.

Future work:

Uprated oil pump.

Baffled sump.

Oil cooler with thermostat.

Probably a full respray if I can ever afford it.

It's taken much more than this, you all know how it is! This list should give an idea to the extent which i'm tuning it. I'm not going mad because it's going to be my daily driver - I did want it reasonably competent for track days too though.

Heres a few pics of recent work.







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Haha, cheers guys, the comments are much appreciated! I definately want to get it to some events this year, i'll let you Wales guys know on here when it's back on the road. Money permitting it should be in a couple months, so if I manage it i'll see you at the meets. :thumbup

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Of Course Without horse boxes parked at the roadside and a camera poking out of the back . . . . .

. . . . . .they have something in common with a real one though, . . . . .

. . . . both have a horses ar$e in them.

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