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Cavalier extraction and repair


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Started off in Telford to collected EDD the 2000 GL on Saturday after digging him out. Been there since 1999. One flat tyre, no brakes locked on no problem getting it out.





Then on sunday after the AGM went over to Hull, 1600 L been sat in a garage untouched since 1994. Back brakes were locked on as the handbrake had been on for 14 years, soon came off though as I winched it out. Seems pretty solid, original and one owner since 1983 when it was 2 years old.






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I replied to a post on here about one and from that was offered another one, sort of had to say yes to them both

So far the bronze one is a runner, took 5 mins, fresh fuel and it fired up, bit rough as you would expect and on 3 cylinders. I havent made any further checks, maybe just plugs (yeah wishful thinking I know)

The blue one isnt so healthy, engine was stuck solid. I managed to free it off by leaving it overnight with penetrating oil in the cylinders then rocking it back and forth in gear untill I got a full rotation. With the plugs still out I poured a bit of oil in the cylinders to try help it turn over. Now turns on the starter fairly quickly but has no compression at all on 2 or 4, maybe stuck valves, has a spark now but ran out of time to get any further, didnt expect it to run easily after 14 years in a garage

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Quick update, the blue 1600 is now a runner too, its not too happy but it runs swopping between 2 and 3 cylinders. The blue one will be getting a rebuild and kept standard, cant be many low spec cars left as they left the factory. Fitted a drivers door window to it, bronze glass so looking for a clear one

The bronze one may be getting a GTE injected engine and 5 speed, left looking as it does, Rat look Cav

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Just how bad does a 1600 CIH have to be before it dies!!! Took the rocker cover off, very very sludged up, rusty rockers and stuck lifters.

Cranking the engine over tapping the 2 stuck lifters down until they worked by spring pressure, had oil coming up round them so decided to give it a go. Plugs back in, battery on, turned the key and it started on all 4 cylinders and idled smoothly. Water pump not leaking and alternater charging

Changed the plugs on the bronze one and that starts and runs on all 4 now, had a good dig underneath them both, blue one is solid just minor repairs to the chassis rails needed, the bronze one needs a bit more but nothing terminal, chassis rails need patching and the back edge of the sills as always.

Not going to get much done soon as I'll be in Basra for 4 months during the summer so these will be parked under cover for a while.

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I have now got them both to a point where I can drive them. The blue 1600 is a good one, sat for 14 years but drives now as if it was used recently, the brakes clutch and everything feel as they should

Edd the Bronze 2 litre is also on the move, running much better than before just by fitting new plugs. The brakes are typical rubbish, even more than normal, you have to lift the brake pedal back up with your foot I changed the water pump as it was soild and will swop the alternator over as it isnt charging.

Hoovered and cleaned both interiors and they are ok, even the GL seats are in good nick, not split as normal.

I know I go on a bit and not many people will be interested as they are Cavs not Mantas but I like to think a few people might be interested

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Proof you can polish a turd You can see the real colour now as it looks red in the others and its copper in real life.

Guess which bit I had T cut


Bit of a difference


Not done the roof yet and it shows



Will be ok as a daily driver, something different and noticeable

Family photo..


Cant forget this but need some better photos, in fact need to finish it!


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Must admit, I'm jealous Mick. Always wanted a Mk1 Cavvy as a family car, but modern under the skin. Modern engine (2.0 ecotec?) 5 speed, decent brakes, suspension, wheels, nice interior with all the toys. But the outside would look as Vauxhall intended.

It's just finding a solid base.

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The Blue 1600 will be going undercover and parked up out of the way for a bit while Im out of the country. EDD the bronze one has a had a water pump and alternator, tracked the slight misfire down to another case of Camshaft made of cheese and worn away. I have an UL head with good cam to fit.

Other than that not much will be happening for a while as Im going on an all expences paid holiday to the desert for 4 months, Little known resort called Basrah, sounds like a sh1thole to me looking at the brochure

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