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MyReplacement Hatch


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ok i have managed to start my project a while a ago a few of you may remeber this


well thanks to ian (mantaman) i now have another manta and here she is once i got her to the work shop




its took a while for me to get around to posting as im fairly new to this web site . so here is a couple of pics as dissasembly starts and as always all seems too good to be true





so with all interior out inner sills all seem good rear of hatch hardly and signs of mr tin worm but the more i took off the worse it seems to have got




so i had to start some where it did seem to be a little overwhelming to begin with but ill have to take it nice and slow and to cheer myself up a bit i bought another manta it was mantaandys blue hatch so i have a little toy to run around for the summer just needs some tlc on the roof :((


so far i have started on nsf wheel arch and battery tray so a few more pics and hopefully i will be able to update this as quickly as i can work


underneath that underseal lurks !! you geussed anyway mr tin worm


that was after i took out the filler and metal gause and battery tray is a similar story but cut it all out and start the welding process it seems




so that is as far as i got ,ive started to fabricate a new battery tray trying to get it to look as near to original as possible seems to take longer making the panels but not as long to weld them in i will keep this up to date as much as i can if you think pictures are to big and you can tell me how to reduce them and to what size i gladly will still getting used to photobucket <!-- s:-? -->icon_confused.gif<!-- s:-? -->

ok i managed to edit all pictures i hope wont make this mistake ever again i hope <!-- s:D -->icon_biggrin.gif<!-- s:D -->

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Tell you what Lackkie.... As soon as I saw the first pics I thought "That looks as though it is going to be a good one"

Annnndd..... Not wrong either, minimal amount of corrosion there on the chassis and inner wings, nothing that a days work shouldn't put right.

Arches look very good on the pics I hope they are in real life too, the scariest bit on the hatch for me would be the petrol tank and straps, coupled with the lower rear valence.

Hope it all goes well lackkie, looks as though you are off to a good start :thumbup

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thanks only bit im dreading is the chasiss rails as i would like to keep them looking as standard as possible so any suggestions will be gladly welcome when the time comes and to your question there is only a small amount of bubbling on one rear arch and i have a spare tank (well ian has it atm ) so will just have to hope rear valance is as good as the rest dont wanna scare myself with too much work just yet lol

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Chassis rails..........

Personally I like to cut out small sections and let the steel in.

For instance the outer skin of the chassis rail is approx 1.5 mm thick, by using a thin cutting disc on the angle grinder (Don't use those awful 3mm thick steel cutting discs they are bloody awful) but by gently cutting with these discs you will see and feel when you are through the first skin.

Generally the 2nd skin (internal structure) of the chassis rail does not suffer the extent of corrosion that the outer skin does.

I like using 2mm mild steel cut to the shape that has just been cut out of the chassis rail and I like to incorporate a fold into it where possible by folding it under the rail to bind it all together well and add strength.

I make my patterns up from the cut outsections (holes in the rail) by using clear plastic paper covers (can't remember for the life of me the correct term but the clear plastic envelope type things that you put A4paper in and then they clip into ring binders)

So once I have a good accurate pattern of the hole (cos I could see through the plastic) I can then cut this pattern out and then mark round it with marker pen onto a sheet of steel.

Simply cut the steel out and fettle it to fit nicely.

The nice thing about doing this is It fits INTO the steel that's there rather than plating over old crap,

Fitting this into the steel will give a superb weld between the mating edges of the steel, with good penetration, and will be dead strong, also if the welding has gone as well as it should have you should be able to smooth over the weld seams with a disc and it would all look original.

Sincere, apologies if you jnow all this already, but thought I'd throw my thoughts in just in case.

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  • 2 weeks later...

ok little update managed to grab a few hours to continue with the battery tray seems to be coming on quite well see what you all think took a bit of time to make panel correct shape so looks fairly original


also bit of paint for protection untill its time for prep and paint


this was old section i cut out and used as template black piece is a lump of filler and rust probally why carpet was soaking


all i need to do on this section is to either salvage or try to make up the rear stop for the battery as the old one is fairly rotten but at least thats one litle hurdle over more soon i hope looks like im on to the washer bottle area next.

also i have managed to work out this picture thing so i just have to sort out if i can resize the first one i posted

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  • 3 years later...

well after a lot of searching i managed to find original post so a bit of an update on how im progressing

only photos i can find of how bad chassis rails are



ive repaired them in sections but cant find the photos also repaired floor sections above jacking points and both wheelarches

front and rear

start of priming still learning im not a painter but we all need to try new things thats what i keep telling myself :D




ive now cleaned all of the underneath of the shell removing all the rubbish underseal and cleaned and primed with etch primer

then i used a rubberised underseal that was overpaintable then painted underside with a chassis syntetic paint in scania grey satin paint just trying my best to stop rusting in future






will try update more as soon as i can find photos and get them uploaded :lol::lol:

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no project back on track im fully paid up memeber of omoc now so will be more to follow heres a few of my last couple of weekend work


a bit of colour going on at long last seems like taken forever





more to follow still uploading to photobucket atm will update shortly


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You're supposed to paint the outside!!! :D

:lol: :lol: :lol:;)

Seriously! I reckon that's the right way to change colour (100%). However black is a very tricky colour. Personally? I'd play it save! with Red or White. :lol:

Watching with interest :thumbup



[edit] ps the first picture :o :o was it hit by a lorry or something!

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Hi Lackkie, i replied to your post in the saying hello section of the forum and never made the connection, glad to see that your still getting the hatch back towards being on the road again. cant remember how long i had before i delivered it to you in Northampton and before i got this hatch it had been stood in Luton a while so it's been off the road for a very long time, nice to know it'll have it's day in the sun again.

Have to speak with you again, my numbers below.

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hi kieth first picture was my old hatch was played with like a toy between two forklifts by a couple of polish where it was being stored at the time

hi ian you will have to pop round or i will pop and see ya soon :thumbup

ok here is a few pics of progress











bit hazey in some pics overspray in the air

i was going to paint car black but im not that brave pics of inside car is still same colour just looks darker just hoping all will be ok in the end as i have had to do it in managable stages as only being a novice :D:D

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thanks for comments guys just hope the finish will be smooth and shiney is all i ask lol i now have doors mounted will try get pics done this week hoping to get boot and bumpers preped and painted if can find time inbetween workin nearly 24/7 :rolleyes:

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ok little update i am hoping to get more done this weekend just hard getting anything done as work is so busy atm extra hours people on holiday usual stuff just not good for getting time to spend on manta :(:(:(

sorry about little rant a few pics cheer myself up a bit

repaired and primed a few pieces





finally in paint took a lot of preping or maybe im just a little slow lol


will update more over weekend if i manage to get anythink done inbetween work


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Well now that is looking superb!

I came over with ian to help deliver the replacement after the forklift incident - great to see this.

Look forward to seeing this once day in the metal.

Hope to see you at Billing next weekend - though I won't be in my Manta - just the Commy B)

Perhaps next year for my coupe now..... time has a funny habit of speeding up just before Billing - creeps up on you and then suddenly it's here again (thank god!) :D

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hi simon popped and had good look round billing on saturday as i was working some nice cars there couldnt stay long as would of been nice to catch up with you and ian

a small update managed to get spoiler painted and had bad day with bonnet looks like it has huge waves in it so pretty p****d off to be honest bonnet and rear bumper are last things to paint then can start proper work and start to reassemble hope to have better day tommorow if not to busy with work

well heres piccies not brilliant just some quick snaps





here is a pic of bonnet not very clear as i was rather dissapointed think was my fault i shot blased the inside today and looks like the bracing of

bonnet was no longer stuck due to rust


if i feel like it i will try get better photo tommorow when i calm down a bit hate it when get set backs i dont get as much time as i would like to

spend on car then to waste half a day just makes me wonder why im doing it sorry for ramble but hard to be positive all time i suppose :(:(:(

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