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Guidlines for the posting in the Parts Wanted section


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Hi everybody,

In order to make the section run a little smoother we would like to introduce the following and any help you can give us would be much appreciated.

Title: Can you please put what you want in the title. Obvious really but a few people manage to miss that and we do get the odd title with "Parts Wanted" which is a bit vaque to say the least, unless you're after the best part of a car.

Thread: Enter as much detail as possible. Do you need a part for an A or a B or something else entirely? Is it a coupe or hatch? Berlinetta or GTE? Engine size? Year? Etc. It will make it easier at a glance for people to see what you need instead of getting a torrent of questions from members who may possibly have the part you need.

Enter your location so people know where you are and say whether or not you are prepared to travel for the right part or want it close to home if travel is not possible. Would you be prepared to pay for a courier?

If you manage to track down the part(s) can you then alter the title to "Please Delete" or something similar so we can get rid of it. Any posts not touched or replied to in 2 months will be deleted. Feel free to bump threads if you can't find the part you need, someone may see it at a later date <!-- s:thumbup --><!-- s:) -->

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