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Guidlines for the posting in the Parts For Sale section


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Hi everybody,

In order to make this section run smoother and with more transparency the following have been introduced, any help you can give us would be much appreciated.

Title: List the item for sale in the title. Obvious really but a few people manage to miss that and we do get the odd title with "Parts For Sale" which is a bit vaque to say the least.

Post: Enter as much detail as possible. Is it for an A or a B? Is it for a coupe or hatch? Berlinetta or GTE? Engine size? Year? Etc. It will make it easier at a glance for people to see what you are selling instead of getting a torrent of questions from members who may possibly want the parts you have.

Enter your location so people know where you are and say whether or not you are prepared to courier the parts if thats at all possible? Can you meet up somewhere? Are you going to a national show?

Price: When selling an item on the OMOC forum it is a mandatory requirement to provide either a buy it now price or to provide a guide price for the item / items that you are selling.

If the Item you are selling is “Free of Charge” (FOC) to a good home then again you need to state this.

Postage:It is also a requirement to state if postage costs are included or in addition to the sale price.

If the parts you are selling are for collection only then please sate this clearly in the post.

Payment Methods: As the seller you are also responsible for advising any potential buyer of methods of payment you are happy to accept. If the seller is willing to accept PayPal, the seller must clearly state if PayPal fees are an additional costs to the total purchase price or are included.

If the parts you are selling are for collection only then please sate this clearly in the post.

Got a price in mind? If you have no idea what your parts are worth then ask in one of the general sections first to get an idea. If you are prepared to take an offer then say so on the thread.

A picture tells a thousand words. If however you can't get pictures posted for whatever reason drop me a PM and i'll sort it out for you.

If you manage to sell the part(s) you have can you then alter the title to "Please Delete" so it can be removed. Any posts not touched or replied to in 1 month will be deleted. Feel free to bump threads if you can't sell the part, someone may see it at a later date

Above all make sure you are happy with the person you may end up dealing with. The OMOC cannot accept any responsibility for trades between parties.

Can you please put ALL ebay links into the ebay section, this section is not designed to advertise a public auction.

Thanks for looking and good luck with your sales

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