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Ascona B resurection


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Selected Photos of the Asconas and the Road Rally prepping. Starting as it was before leaving my wife, then after she decided to drive through it with my Discovery

Going ok so far, but lack of time is the problem i have, too much to do, no time to do it.











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Because the original one was solid all except the roof and the fact the front and rear panels are bent meants for now Im keeping it as an emergency replacement shell should I total the 'Good' one on a road rally.

The other one is Al GTJ's old auto, exactly the same car just a couple of years between then. That was destined for breaking and had the front removed to fit on the other but was sold before it was done. I decided the best way to get one done was to sort the Auto and swop all the running gear over, good 2 litre with 5 speed box, vented brakes 1800 axle Etc, making the straight one a fairly quick car. It needs some welding to the sills but the roof is solid even with the dreaded sunroof.

Having the space to work is a definate perk, warm, dry and all tools to hand, beats working on a drive in the cold and wet as I have had to before.

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