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Joined today but been watching for a while up here in Dunblane, Scotland (will also of course be signing up to Clan Manta)

For those of you that have been watching the White GTE hatch on ebay, the one thats been listed about four times, I am heading down to collect it tomorrow , probably, unless its not as described in add then ill be hitching a lift home. :hair

Ill post a few pics and add it to the projects as there are likley a few items need fixing, still may be able to haggle bit more off the price.

The guy selling it says he has lots of spares so will get a list and post details later.

Looking forward to meeting you all in the Metal.


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There was a red "A" at the run yesterday that left from Dobbies, Edinburgh heading down the east coast run to Myrton/E.Fortune.

Didn`t see it myself but heard from my mate ,who had my hatch out for a play, that the "A" looked straight and tidy.

There can never be too many "Jock" manta`s, wecome to you Goose. :thumbup

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Chuffed you liked it Iain, the lad driving it built the motor in it for me, clever laddie that one :bow .Understand he saw off the Saab rally car that was allegedly quick.

Off topic, but ,how about an Edinburgh meet sometime for those in and around the area.??? Anybody???

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Aye, ah'd be interested in that, but ah work shifts, and can be difficult to pin down! Missed the sportshatch v's SAAB match for that very reason, had to nip off and work. The laddie driving it, whose name escapes me, was very interesting to chat to, right enough.

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