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Well it's rude not to!

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Despite being a GT man primarily i decided last week that i really needed a 'family' orientated Opel. I missed out on a Commodore and having seen this in the Classified's section i decided it would be rude not to.

Several emails to the present owner and pictures offered in addition to those on the For Sale advert and i thought it would be nice to have an 7hr round trip and collected her yesterday.

Service items have been purchased and the old fuel will be drained at the weekend and hopefully she'll burst into life.

Next week i have the paint shop assessing her and hopefully before too long she'll be looking fresh.

As you can see the interior needs a bit of a valet, but with 49k and 1 Family owning from new, i decided this was not to be missed, what you think?



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Is this the one from near London

Is it as solid as it looks

I was trying to find the original post but it's been deleted (as it's been sold!)

That is a nice car

I have grown to like the hatch a lot more. :thumbup

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Rob......well spotted that man.

'Yes' she is the one from London and on the whole as sold as she looks. To give you an idea the nose cone, both inner and outer is free from any marks, the area around the head light cowls are spotless. Chassis rails look excellent as do the A pillers......i think having spent most of her life garaged has definately helped.

I noticed the original post had also gone, don't know why ?

I hope to have her sorted quite quickly, but don't know if she'll be at Billing. The only reason for this is because I'm commited to taking my GT. I have been told to fit a towbar to the Hatch, but i don't know if i want to do that too her.....and before anyone asks......'NO, I'm not putting one on the GT either.'

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Pleased for you Mark.

It looked good when I posted up the pictures for the seller (Still have them on my Photobucket account if you require them).

I like Keith1200 and Johnny5 was tempted with buying it, but like Keith it was too far to travel from present location, and I would have had to have borrowed money to buy it.

It was a risk I couldn't take (wish I did!).

At least it is in good hands. :thumbup

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Cheers for the comments.

I thought it was worth the risk when Katrina posted me a load of extra pictures, if you could PM a method to get the photobucket pics you have that would be good.

I know Johnny5 was thinking on it, but it came to the point of either trying to forget it or to just take the plunge.........hopefully in a couple of months i'll be glad i did, i'm sure i will

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